Imperial Phoenix Rules

Chapter 154: Jun Mohuang’s Huge Crisis
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Chapter 154: Jun Mohuang’s Huge Crisis

Jun Mohuang paused. It turned out that all the Jade Spirit Cores in Green Spirit Island belonged to this little furball.

That made sense. The Earth Spirit was condensed from the essence of the earth elements in the world. It wasn’t difficult to provide the spiritual auras for the growth of this many Jade Spirit Cores.

“As long as Little Tu acknowledges you as its Master, there will be more of these Heaven-Level Jade Spirit Cores in the future. Little Tu can also help you grow other precious medicinal materials and speed up the growth of the medicinal materials.”

Little Tu sensed that she stopped moving and must have been tempted.

It had to continue to seduce her.

“It seems that you are indeed an extraordinary treasure.”

Jun Mohuang rubbed her chin and narrowed her eyes as if she was thinking about it.

The Earth Spirit couldn’t help but feel proud. “Of course, of course. Little Tu is definitely much more powerful than your beast pet. Just accept me.”

The Earth Spirit persevered and tried to convince Jun Mohuang.

“Okay, how can I reach a deal with you?”

In the end, after Jun Mohuang plucked all the fruits on the first nine trees, she couldn’t resist the temptation and asked.

“As long as you go to the coral reef in the sea where the aura of the entire island converges, and come to a deal with someone there, the island will be yours.”

The Earth Spirit couldn’t conceal its excitement at the sight of her taking the bait.

After being imprisoned at the bottom of the sea for so many years, it could finally be free!

Jun Mohuang looked down and saw a small coral reef in the sea. There was only room for two to three people.

There was a coral reef in the sea. This was very normal.

But what if this coral reef did not exist at all? One who was unaccountably solicitous was hiding evil intentions.

Since the entire island’s Jade Spirit Cores grew with the spiritual energy of the Earth Spirit, why would it care about these Heaven-Level Jade Spirit Cores?

Since it cared, why didn’t it pick the Jade Spirit Cores and hide them immediately? It chose to wait a few days before someone appeared to declare its sovereignty.

Jun Mohuang had long suspected the Earth Spirit. In the beginning, she thought that it only wanted to cause some destruction and did not take it to heart.

But the coral reef that suddenly appeared made her 100% certain that it was a trap.

The bait was the Heaven-Level Jade Spirit Core. The switch for the release of spiritual energy on the entire Green Spirit Island was the coral reef that suddenly appeared.

The danger of a trap was proportional to the quality of the bait.

This trap was extremely dangerous.

Jun Mohuang analyzed the information in her head and it took less than half a second.

Her lips curled into a sneer. She grabbed the Earth Spirit, tapped the water with her toes, and flew to the shore as quickly as possible.

She did not even care about the five Heaven-Level Jade Spirit Cores on the last tree.

As she flew towards the shore, she signaled to Feng Yunqi and Jun Jianlin to retreat quickly.


Jun Jianlin was the first to react. He immediately wheeled himself back.

“What happened?”

Feng Yunqi was still in a daze, but he followed Jun Jianlin’s instructions and wheeled him back quickly.

Jun Jianlin replied, “It’s dangerous.”

Feng Yunqi’s eyes turned cold as he sped up.

Both of them were smart and trusted Jun Mohuang completely.

It would be stupid to stop and ask her what was going on.

Jun Mohuang heaved a sigh of relief when she saw them retreat.

Sensing the escape of its prey, there was a loud splashing sound.

A huge tentacle emerged from the coral reef and smashed towards Jun Mohuang with countless drops of water.

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