Imperial Phoenix Rules

Chapter 153: Earth Spirit
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Chapter 153: Earth Spirit

The Gold-Swallowing Beast replied, “How could that be? This little thing is the Earth Spirit.”

Jun Mohuang snorted. “Why not? Xiao Jin looks just like it. At first, Xiao Jin lied to me that it was the Golden Spirit, but it turned out to be your son.”

“Master, there was a mistake when I gave birth to Xiao Jin. I placed its soul into the Golden Spirit. After that, I was trapped and couldn’t raise it. Hence, I placed it in the Gold-Swallowing treasure book and handed it to the Jun Family. I hoped that someone with the pure bloodline of the Gold-Swallowing Beast can wake it up and raise it.”

The Gold-Swallowing Beast was a little helpless. It knew that Jun Mohuang was still holding a grudge against Xiao Jin for lying to her. They hadn’t brought it along this time.

“I’ll deal with you and your son in the future.”

Jun Mohuang was still doubtful of the Gold-Swallowing Beast’s words. This beast had once dominated Cangyuan Continent, and it definitely had other motives for recognizing her as its Master.

“Master, if you like, you can catch it. This kind of spiritual being that was transformed from elements has no combat abilities when it’s young.”

The Gold-Swallowing Beast felt a little awkward and said after a few seconds.


While Jun Mohuang was communicating with the Gold-Swallowing Beast, she continued picking the Jade Spirit Cores.

The tree was too big and the five Jade Spirit Cores were too scattered.

Jun Mohuang couldn’t sweep them clean all at once, so she had to pick them one by one.

“Hey, bad guy, this is a fruit from Little Tu. You’re not allowed to pick it!”

The Earth Spirit was so anxious that the hairs on its body stood up when it saw her quickly picking the second one.

Its round body slammed into Jun Mohuang for the third time.

“Your fruit. Do you have evidence?”

As Jun Mohuang dodged, she raised her hand and plucked the third Heaven-Level Jade Spirit Core.

“...If I say it’s mine, then it’s mine. Bad guy, let go of my fruit!”

The Earth Spirit’s eyes turned red with anger when it saw another Jade Spirit Core fall into her hands.

“No, so what if it’s yours? I like snatching others’ things, especially when they’re cute little ones like you. Look at these angry eyes that are tearing up. They’re so cute.”

Jun Mohuang looked at its red eyes and smiled evilly.

“Wow... You bad guy... Boohoo...”

The Earth Spirit had probably never seen a human being so righteous about snatching someone else’s things. Tears flowed from its eyes like a river.

“Little imp, continue crying. I’ll get going first. Bye.”

While the Earth Spirit was crying from anger, Jun Mohuang picked up the remaining two Heaven-Level Jade Spirit Cores and went to the next tree.

Watching her leave, the Earth Spirit slowly stopped crying. A trace of struggle flashed across its clean, big eyes.

She was the first human to see and talk to it in so many years. It was a pity to let her die here.

It was pure by nature and could not bear to kill.

But at the thought of the cold darkness at the bottom of the sea and the eternal imprisonment, and the fact that this woman was also a big baddie...

Forget it. It was upholding justice for the Heavens by killing a baddie.

The Earth Spirit stopped crying and saw that Jun Mohuang was already on the second tree.

It hurriedly disappeared and appeared before her in the next moment, looking at her pitifully.

“Can you not pick the fruits of Little Tu? As long as you don’t, Little Tu will immediately recognize you as its Master.”

“I have enough pets. I don’t need you.”

Jun Mohuang remained unmoved and continued picking the Jade Spirit Fruit.

“Little Tu is very powerful. The trees on these islands rely on the spiritual auras of Little Tu to grow.”

The Earth Spirit was rejected for the first time and continued persevering.

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