Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 880 - : High School Leaving Exam
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Chapter 880: High School Leaving Exam

No one could say that Yun Xi wasn’t speaking nicely, as she had phrased her words in the most civilized manner possible.

It is a form of art to be able to insult someone without any vulgarities or swear words.

Chinese is an extensive and profound language. With Yun Xi being so frank, it would have been impossible that Liang Xinyi didn’t understand what she meant.

“Shut your foul mouth!”

Liang Xinyi’s face had turned white, but she hadn’t answered Yun Xi as she had probably already thought of doing exactly what Yun Xi had just said. Instead, the person who spoke up was Chen Lixue, who couldn’t take listening to Yun Xi any longer.

Yun Xi already knew what was going through Liang Xinyi’s mind when she saw the downcast look on her face.

For Liang Xinyi to try and use her birth mother as a bargaining chip for her own glory and wealth, her courage and actions were certainly commendable.

Well, if Liang Xinyi could be so cruel to herself, there was nothing else she wouldn’t do.

As long as they could achieve their goals, stand at the top of society, and grab onto glory and wealth, everything else probably meant nothing to them.

Still acting completely dignified and graceful, like the noble and reserved Young Madame of the Yun family that she was, Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and smiled at Chen Lixue, who was fuming mad.

And just the opposite of Yun Xi, Chen Lixue didn’t look good at all with a flustered, exasperated expression on her red face.

“Of course, an apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Liang Xiuqin is shameless, and you are even more despicable than she is. Just wait, I will definitely make sure Yuanfeng divorces her. I am the mistress of the Yun family, so the Director’s wife should have been me.”

Having no fear of her, Yun Xi smiled calmly. “Sure, I’ll wait. Don’t disappoint me, Aunt!”

Turning away, Yun Xi tidied herself and pulled her jacket closer. It looked like it was about to rain, and there was a bone-piercing cold as the gloomy wind had picked up.

“Liang Xinyi, it’s less than a year to the Socialite Ball. If you want to attend, or if you want to climb up the social ladder, then you need to work harder. I will be looking forward to your success.”

Liang Xinyi looked up quickly when she heard what Yun Xi had said. Then, with a surprised look on her face, she stammered, “ did you know that I wanted to go to the ball?”

Liang Xinyi had only told Han Zhongteng and her mother about this. So how did Yun Xi find out?

“That’s not important. But I can tell you this clearly. Don’t waste your time on my father. He is much more selfish than you think. Also, as long as I am around, I will not let the divorce happen. If you want a backer, then you need to...”

She glanced at Chen Lixue and Liang Xinyi and smiled in an amused manner as she said, “It depends on what you and your mother are able to accomplish and how far both of you are willing to go.”

Since she had already passed on the news that she wanted to tell them, Yun Xi laughed softly and left without saying another word.

Liang Xinyi and Chen Lixue were already too far gone on their route to destruction.

Yun Xi’s reminder would speed up their destructive process. Once they had decided to embark on this journey, there would be no room for regret.

And now, Chen Lixue had divorced Liang Weimin, and their only way out had also become a dead end.


As the high school leaving examinations drew near, all the seniors were tense and excited because these results would determine where and if you got into university.

The numbers on the countdown calendar at the back of the classroom had gone from three digits to a single-digit number. As the number became smaller, it was a reminder to everyone that a war was about to begin.

Mu Feichi hadn’t been around for almost two months, since he was busy with the military. Yun Xi would receive calls from him occasionally, and they would talk about things that had happened recently.

The moves she had planned in her game had all started to coalesce. She was growing up, and there were many things that she wanted to do.

At times like this, the more she wanted, the more she knew she had to remain calm.

It would be the big day of the high school leaving exam soon. Yun Xi was clear about her own strengths and abilities, and she knew that it wouldn’t be difficult for her to get into Jingdu University. It was just an obstacle she needed to cross.

And, the struggle to get into Jingdu Univerity would be the final battleground between Qiao Ximin, Liang Xinyi, and herself.

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