Immortality Cultivation Era

Chapter 913 - The Complicated Conflict
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Chapter 913 The Complicated Conflict

As to the question raised by Shao Shuai, Xie Jue gives a simple answer.

“It doesn’t matter. They will come to beg our favor sooner or later. Since they want to avoid us, let them be,” Xie Jue says composedly with the authority of the master of a family.

Shao Shuai gives Xie Jue a thumbs-up sign.

“Indeed. You have a lot worth my learning.”

Xie Jue laughs, “Each new generation excels the last one. The future of the blessed spots is in the young’s hands.”

They start to compliment each other.

Shao Shuai sits for a while and drinks two pots of tea before leaving.

After Shao Shuai leaves, Xie Jue lets out a sigh.

“Shao Shuai aims quite big!”

“Oh?” Gao Ge says with a smile, “Why do you say that?”

“Actually, to be honest, Shao Shuai has aimed at becoming the young master of the Shao Family for a long time. He has also been accumulating his force in secret. He intends to be a wow and make a success one day.”

Gao Ge nods.

Gao Ge doesn’t know much about the Shao Family but Shao Shuai has mentioned similar things to him.

According to Shao Shuai, if the trip to the sea of herbs goes smoothly, it won’t be difficult for Shao Shuai to become the young master of the Shao Family.

“Yet, Sovereign Gao, I must give you one more piece of advice. If possible, don’t be too close to Shao Shuai, at least not in the sea of herbs.”

What Xie Jue said makes Gao Ge knit his eyebrows in confusion.

Xie Jue hesitates for a while and shakes his head.

“Never mind. Enough is enough. I won’t talk further.”

If it were another man, Gao Ge would have given him a kick.

He had better either keep silent or finish talking.

It’s so annoying to stop in the middle of talking.

However, Xie Jue is the Xie Family’s master and Xie Zhuolian’s grandpa anyway. Gao Ge still respects him a lot. Therefore, since Xie Jue is unwilling to continue talking, Gao Ge can’t continue asking then.

He just starts guessing what Xie Jue is implying...

In another suite.

Xie Tong and Xie Zhuang are sitting in the room.

“Zhuang, why is Xie Zhuolian so lucky? How can she be acquainted with Gao Ge?”

“It must be due to what happened in Qiu City,” Xie Zhuang says composedly.

They are brothers so they don’t have to talk with scruples.

“Humph. Xie Zhuolian is really lucky. In the Xie Family, our great-grandpa attaches importance to her. Now, she has been involved with Gao Ge. If she really gains any lucky chance in the sea of herbs this time, I’m afraid that our position in the Xie Family will be shaky.”

It’s like the see-saw. If Xie Zhuolian’s position in the Xie Family goes up, of course, it will pose a threat to them.

This is indisputable.

All the big families will be faced with various problems. So is the Xie Family.

With a frown, Xie Zhuang says, “Actually, well said. Great-grandpa attaches too much importance to Xie Zhuolian. Besides, I heard...”

“What?” Xie Tong gets anxious.

“I heard that Great-grandpa wants to let Xie Zhuolian learn Metaphysical Seven Needles.”

“What? Metaphysical Seven Needles?” Upon hearing Xie Zhuang’s words, Xie Tong is greatly astonished.

Metaphysical Seven Needles is very important in the Xie Family. It is also an exclusive secret skill of Xie Fangyou. If one practices it to the highest level, one can use it to bring the dead back to life.

Of course, even Xie Fangyou has achieved that level.

Besides, there is a particularity about Metaphysical Seven Needles.

That is, only the master of the Xie Family can learn it!

Even the current young master of the Xie Family as well as Xie Zhuolian’s uncle hasn’t acquired Metaphysical Seven Needles.

Xie Zhuolian...

Why can she?

Besides, if Xie Zhuolian really acquires the Xie Family’s Metaphysical Seven Needles, will it indicate that Xie Zhuolian will be the future master?

“Is Great-grandpa too old to think straight?” Xie Tong suddenly becomes emotional, “In our generation, you are the most talented and capable. On what ground can she learn Metaphysical Seven Needles?”

“Watch your mouth.” Xie Zhuang becomes grim and waves his hand, “You’d better keep these words between us. If others hear you, do you know what consequence will be incurred?”

Xie Tong is also taken aback.

If anyone finds him speak ill of their great-grandpa, he will be probably expelled from the Xie Family.

“Zhuang, we can’t just wait and do nothing!” Xie Tong says in a low voice.

“I know,” Xie Zhuang says sternly, “So, I came here too.”

Xie Tong is a bit confused at first but very quickly, he figures out why. There is a glint of surprise in his eyes.

“Zhuang, you mean you want to...”

“Shut up!” Xie Zhuang suddenly widens his eyes, “I didn’t say that.”

Xie Tong is not worried but excited.

“Okay. I understand but I’m just worried that we may not find a chance.”

“Chances are saved for those who are prepared...” Xie Zhuang talks with fierce eyes but his tone is still composed.

“Zhuang, do you have any plan?” Xie Tong asks.

Xie Zhuang smiles meaningfully and gives no reply with a confident look...

Currently, of course Xie Zhuolian didn’t expect that a big net had hung over her and that she had become the target of the net.

She is sitting on the chair and reading a book in her hand. This book was given to her by her great-grandpa when she came here. It is about a collection of herb illustrations. According to her great-grandpa, the herbs illustrated in the book are very rare. If she can find one and take it back, the Xie Family will regard her with special respect.

Actually, Xie Zhuolian doesn’t care about whether the Xie Family will treat her with special respect.

She comes to find the herbs illustrated in the book for a simple aim.

She just thinks that if she can please her great-grandpa by finding these herbs,

it will be quite worth it.

As she reads the book, she suddenly thinks of what happened in the Star Sect and feels agitated.

Somehow, she flushes.

Although she tries her best to collect herself, she just can’t get the image off her mind.

In the end, she unfolds the book harshly and then smacks her lips.

“Big deal. I don’t like you anyway!”

After saying that, she rubs her hair.

“No, no, what am I thinking about... He treats me as a friend. So do I. Besides, Xia Lu and Meng Jing are both nice people...”

Gao Ge who is still drinking tea doesn’t know that he has become the complicated conflict in a girl’s heart.

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