Immortality Cultivation Era

Chapter 797 - A Mount Only
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Chapter 797 A Mount Only

“What is Gao Ge doing? I’m afraid that we cannot hang on for long,” Wen Yihuan says with a sigh.

“I guess he is also in trouble,” Earth Dragon says, “Otherwise, he would have come back.”

Wen Yihuan becomes even more worried.

Maybe because Gao Ge is not here, he is somewhat flustered rather than calm and composed. With a drastic reduction in the number of oil lamps, the situation becomes more and more disadvantageous for them.

Suddenly, they are spirited.

“Did you hear that?”

“Well... What is that?”

The bearded man is confused and whispers, “It must come from the place where Gao Ge is?”

Earth Dragon takes a deep breath and says, “It seems that I was right. Likewise, Gao Ge is also in trouble. We can only strive to help ourselves.”

Wen Yihuan doesn’t speak then. He takes out the compass left by his master and stares at it carefully. In the meanwhile, he squats down and starts to write and draw as if deducing something.

Earth Dragon and the bearded man just wait aside without disturbing him. A moment later, Wen Yihuan suddenly raises his head and the pen directly drops to the ground. He is clearly shocked as if being electroshocked.

“You are right. Gao Ge is in big trouble indeed...”

With a frown, Earth Dragon says impatiently, “Just tell us what you’ve found. Why do you like keeping others guessing?”

Wen Yihuan looks at Earth Dragon and says with a bitter smile, “If my deduction is correct, the rock pillar I asked Gao Ge to destroy is an ornamental column prepared by Wanyan Sheng. It is actually not a big deal but the warlocks he hired were really competent. They had stolen a wisp of soul and put it into the Wangtianhou on the ornamental column forcibly. It is a wisp of soul only but it is definitely not easy to handle.”

“What can we do? We cannot go over there and do him a favor!” Earth Dragon replies with a bitter smile.

His words are full of helplessness.

Currently, they can hardly protect themselves, not to mention go and help Gao Ge.

More terrifyingly, if Gao Ge doesn’t solve the Wangtianhou, they will probably be killed by the corpse bugs before he comes back.

This is pretty sad for them.

Some bugs are posing a threat to their lives.

This is really unacceptable for them!

“If you were with Gao Ge now, would you have any solution to deal with the Wangtianhou?” Earth Dragon suddenly asks.

Hearing the question, Wen Yihuan can only crack a bitter smile resignedly.

“Honestly, I can’t do anything about it.”

Earth Dragon laughs and lets out a sigh of relief.

“In this case, I don’t have anything to worry about then. It is a matter of a fight only.”

Wen Yihuan is dumbfounded to hear that.

It is difficult for him to imagine how Earth Dragon can say that with understatement.

Even if he wants to cheer Wen Yihuan up, he doesn’t have to say so.

However, what Earth Dragon thinks is actually quite simple.

“I was worried that there might be a shortcut to cope with the Wangtianhou but since there is no better way, there won’t be any problem. Somehow I believe that Gao Ge will become an invincible god of war in Huaxia,” Earth Dragon says in high spirits, his eyes glistening.

Wen Yihuan is slightly dazed.

The face of the bearded man aside is etched with surprise.

He used to be a member of the Shadow School. Of course he knows who Earth Dragon is and what position Earth Dragon takes up in the Dragon Court.

Now, since Earth Dragon dares to say so, it is enough to prove Gao Ge’s capability.

Besides, the bearded man can feel that when Earth Dragon said that, he was full of confidence. Earth Dragon is definitely not comforting himself or the other two.

It seems that the bearded man has found the right master!

He has made up his mind.

When he meets Song Yuan next time, he must help the latter to deal with Song Yang completely. After all, Song Yuan is his great benefactor. It is such a big favor for him that Song Yuan asked him to seek refugee with Gao Ge.

Meanwhile, Earth Dragon, Wen Yihuan and the bearded man find in astonishment that the corpse bugs have slowed down approaching them.

“Disturbance! They have been disturbed by the soul of the mythical creature!” Wen Yihuan immediately says.

Greatly spirited, Earth Dragon asks Wen Yihuan and the bearded man to slow down throwing the oil lamps and resist the bugs with their own capabilities.

In this way, they can kind of stall more time.

Although Gao Ge hasn’t known that obstacle that Earth Dragon and the others have encountered, he doesn’t show any mercy for the Wangtianhou in front of him.

After all, exterminating the Ghost Sect is the top priority for Gao Ge. Moreover, he hasn’t known that Meng Jing has got out of the Ghost Sect.

Therefore, all he wants to do now is find a way to enter the Ghost Sect.

He must clear away all the obstacles in his way!

His Flying Star Sword has given off sword chips constantly.

Faced with the strong Wangtianhou, Gao Ge spares no effort to launch attacks. With every sword comes potent sword Qi.

Staring at Gao Ge’s tough and determined facial expression, the Wangtianhou also seems to feel stressed.

Besides, Gao Ge also senses the Wangtianhou has been in a violent rage.

As a mythical creature, faced with Gao Ge’s provocation, it feels that it has been insulted. More irritatingly, an ordinary man can’t be able to fight against it. However, now, it is a wisp of soul only so it has difficulty in giving full play to its ability.

It feels as if being tied with the immortal restraining rope.

Gao Ge takes the opportunity to attack further without allowing the Wangtianhou to fight back. Holding the Flying Star Sword, Gao Ge makes the sword gestures. Instantly, the sword light illuminates brightly in a domineering air.

“Get lost!” Gao Ge shouts and strikes another sword light. Sword Qi surges nonstop and stirs up sand and dust. In the end, it rolls up countless rocks like a dragon that can devour the world.

The Wangtianhou’s raised head is suppressed by the coercion forcibly.

“Mythical creature? Screw you! Even the dragon, Qilin or phoenix is a mount in heaven only! You are merely a Wangtianhou. What do you think you are?” Gao Ge shouts.

He really doesn’t take the Wangtianhou seriously. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so commanding.

Against the coercion, the Wangtianhou howls constantly. Obviously, it is irritated by Gao Ge’s dismissive words. It also starts to emit streaks of red light, which keep rising and changing. In the end, the red light turns into red lotuses and presses down on Gao Ge. Eventually, it explodes and forms flames. Instantly, the flames splash around and heat up the whole tomb quickly. Maybe the corpses buried here will turn into mummies.

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