Immortal Taoist Lord: My Cultivation Have No Limits

Chapter 92 - 92: 087 Yu Family (seeking first subscription)_4
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Chapter 92: 087 Yu Family (seeking first subscription)_4

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However, the Su Family originally had disputes with the Bai Family, even the Huang Family, and the Jiang Family.

What the Su Family can do now isn’t to consider and hesitate, but to enhance their strength and foundation to the fullest extent.

For the family to thrive, the resource fields of the Bai family are enormously crucial to the Su Family.

Why can the Yu Family maintains so many cultivators, family members, and beast tamers?

Because the Yu Family controls countless resources, has a robust foundation, and ample resources to support.

It’s not easy for a cultivator family to flourish; they have to overcome countless hurdles and difficulties at every step.

Just like the previous contention between the Su Family and the Lin Family, how many times did the Lin Family try to make a move against the Su Family for the first-order Spirit Vein in Cang Mountain? Because of that first-order Spirit Vein, the Su Family has now become a Foundation Establishment cultivator family.

The Lin Family, however, only left a vague impression in the river of time of the Su Family, and ultimately faded away into nothingness.

Now, if the Su Family wants to develop further, they must have a new source of resources.

Additionally, the Su Family must also find a way to cultivate a primary enterprise that can create great profits for the family.

If you count all the major cultivator families in the Yunjian Sect region, the Yu Family, the Huang Family, and the Jiang Family all have one thing in common, that is, they all have a unique capacity that other families in the same region cannot replace.

For instance, the beast taming technique of the Yu Family.

The formations technique of the Huang Family.

The puppetry technique of the Jiang Family.

In the back garden of the Su Family, Su Yu, Su Bin, Su Peng, Su Yun, Su Rui’an, and others sit around a stove, have tea, and chitchat about the future plans of the Su Family.

After listening to Su Yu’s analysis, Su Bin, Su Peng, Su Yun, and others contemplated deeply while a few young people like Su Rui’an had shining eyes as they lokked at Su Yu, the third ancestor, with a hint of awe and reverence.

If they were previously somewhat confused about their future, now they seem to have found their direction and goal.

Su Peng looked at Su Yu thoughtfully and said, “So, you mean our Su Family should develop into an alchemist family?”

Su Yu nodded and replied, “That’s right, it’s best to become an alchemist family and form alliances with various cultivator factions; we should try to avoid getting involved in disputes and conflicts between factions as much as possible.”

“In this way, once our Su Family has a good network of relationships with various cultivator factions, we will have the possibility of passing down the family business for a thousand years.”

“If we rely solely on spirit mines or medicinal fields, or spirit fields, the family won’t last long.”

This is Su Yu’s Epiphany on the future development of the family after his visit to the Yu Family.

The Su Family has a foundation in alchemy and even has a pill tower in Yunshan Market.

If they really decide to focus on being alchemists for hundreds, or even thousands, of years, it is indeed possible for them to become a major alchemist family in the DaYue prefecture.

Of course.

The premise is what Su Yu has repeatedly emphasized, to avoid conflicts and disputes as much as possible.

One can only develop and last long if they stay quiet.

You can only secure a future if you lay low and let things develop naturally.

Su Yu turned to Su Rui’an and asked, “Rui’an, do you want to continue practicing Alchemy? If you do, you can follow me when I leave.”

Upon hearing this, Su Peng’s face changed, looking at Su Yu with a mix of anger and helplessness.

This is his selected heir to the family chief position.

You’re trying to abduct him now?

Su Rui’an was elated and almost couldn’t help agreeing immediately.

Su Bin, Su Yun, and others were stupefied and smiled silently. This matter will have to be discussed. Of course, after hearing Su Yu’s thought on developing towards an alchemist family, they were all tempted.

After all, with Su Yu, a genius second-tier alchemist, they indeed have the foundation to grow into an alchemist family.

However, as for who should follow Su Yu to learn Alchemy, this needs to be deliberated.

Time passed slowly.

While staying with the Cang Mountain Family, Su Yu spent his days practicing and advising Yu Qianqing and other family alchemists, including Su Rui’an, on alchemy.

Whether he was advising one person or a few more, it didn’t consume much energy from Su Yu.

A month later.

Under the pressure of Su Yu’s Divine Sense, Yu Qianqing’s Divine Sense finally underwent a transformation.

Therefore, three days later, Yu Qianqing tried to refine her first second-tier lower-grade elixir.

Half a month later, Yu Qianqing finally managed to refine her first furnace of second-tier lower-grade elixir, barely advancing to a second-tier lower-grade Alchemist.

Su Yu waited in the family for the Puppet Beast materials he had collected to be forged, and only then planned to proceed to the Greater Moon Black Market. At the same time, his puppet arrived quietly at the Eight Demon Ridge, or to be precise, its temporary market.

Su Yu had long heard of the Eight Demon Ridge, which was a dangerous place in Yunjian Sect where demon beasts gathered.

Before, Su Yu would always avoid the Eight Demon Ridge, and would never approach it if he could.

But this time.

Firstly, Su Yu wanted to deal with the old ancestor of the Bai Family in the third tier of the Foundation Establishment Realm and thoroughly eliminate the latent threat of the Bai Family.

Secondly, it was only his puppet avatar that came here, so the dangers were within its capacity to withstand.

Lastly, he wanted to see if there were light-shadow stones and materials of eight-armed mantis demon beasts in the ruins of the Golden Jade Fairy Gate within the Eight Demon Ridge, to prepare for the collection of the second-grade top puppet beast, the Eight-Armed Mantis.

Upon arriving at the outskirts of the Eight Demon Ridge, a temporary cultivator’s market had formed here a few years ago, established and controlled by the powerful cultivators of the Greater Moon Palace.

He paid an entry fee of a lower-grade Spirit Stone, and with a market token in hand, Su Yu crossed the formation and entered the market.

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