Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 481: World Of Origin
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Chapter 481: World Of Origin

It was a spiritual world—one that came from within the flame.

Ou Yangming experienced something similar in the past when he was inside the cottage in the Ni family’s secret realm. Nonetheless, the secret realm that was set up had many loopholes and would turn into an undefended world if a cultivator with great mental power entered. As such, it could then be accessed by anyone.

The young fellow guessed that perhaps it had been such a long time, hence the formation map left behind by the Ni family’s seniors became less effective.

As compared to the Ni family’s formation map, the spiritual world that Ou Yangming entered at the moment was entirely different.

Even with remarkable mental power, Ou Yangming could not sense any weak points in the spiritual world at all as though he entered a real universe. It made him alert, and he vaguely realized that the little bird’s mental power was probably greater than his.

He stared at the gigantic multicolored bird and asked curiously, “Little fella, is it... You?”

Although he was almost certain that the little bird would grow up to be like that, there was too huge of a disparity between the two.

Ou Yangming even felt like bowing down when he sensed the aura released by the big multicolored bird, but the Military Fire in his sea of consciousness boiled as though it was affected by the aura and underwent a change. The fire released a formidable aura as well, thus the young fellow completely calmed down.

His eyelids twitched. ‘Could this Military Fire’s source be unusually noble, so much so that it’s superior to the big multicolored bird?’

The big multicolored bird scoffed and responded unhappily, “You’re the little fella.”

Ou Yangming could not help but laugh. The bird sounded displeased, but it helped him confirm its identity.

He looked around to scan the nearly-perfect spiritual world and could not help but sigh. Even though it knew the Simulated Spiritual Fist, he could not create such a mighty spiritual world even if he gave his all.

The big multicolored bird could tell that Ou Yangming was marveling at its spiritual world. It was the best form of respect as it meant more than a thousand words.

“Hehe, what do you think? What do you think?” The big multicolored big blinked its large, bright eyes at Ou Yangming and asked.

Seeing as it was waiting for his compliments, Ou Yangming could not help but laugh. “Lil’ Red, your spiritual world is incredibly powerful. I concede defeat.”

Ou Yangming was not one to admit defeat easily, but he was sincerely in admiration after he saw the spiritual world. Suppressions in terms of strength were sometimes more effective than verbal explanations.

The big multicolored bird was proud. “Hey, your rune is quite interesting, but I’ve never seen it in my bloodline memory. Where did you learn it from?”

“I learned it from the Insects,” Ou Yangming answered with a faint smile.

“The Insects? That’s impossible. How could the Insects have such a forceful ability?” The big multicolored bird remarked without any hesitation. It was shocked and in disbelief.

After all, the Insects were the synonym of food to the Phoenixes. If the Insects were different in any way, they would only be different because of their sizes and tastiness.

The Thunderbolt-resistant Rune shown by Ou Yangming had not even been studied by the powerhouses from the Phoenixes, let alone the tiny insects.

“You’re lying to me. You came up with it yourself, right?” The big multicolored bird blinked and asked.

Ou Yangming could not help but laugh. “Lil’ Red, you really think quite highly of me!”

“Hmph, you possess my race’s bloodline inheritance, so even the most shocking thing you do is considered normal. As for the tiny Insects, they’re definitely not that capable,” the big multicolored bird explained without any hesitation.

“Lil’ Red, you underestimate the Insects.” Ou Yangming sighed and shook his head. “The Insects have powerhouses that have direct access to Heaven too. The other end of Hell’s Passage lies the Ghost-clawed Venerable One.”

“The Ghost-clawed Venerable One?” The big multicolored bird was stunned. “What’s that? I don’t know.”

Though a Venerable One was indeed the greatest being in the universe, the little bird did not attach much importance to it at all.

Ou Yangming looked at it in bewilderment. “You actually don’t know?”

He figured that the little bird was not a living being from this realm, but a powerhouse that descended from the upper realm like Multi-armed King Kong and the others. Given that a Ghost-clawed Venerable One was extremely strong, the little bird would have heard of it before.

Who knew, the big multicolored big lifted its head and questioned, “Why should I know?”

Ou Yangming was startled for some time, and he smiled bitterly as he thought, ‘Was I mistaken?’ Nevertheless, he did not know while the Ghost-claws Venerable One might be renowned among the Insects, it was just tougher food for the little red bird to chew. Once the little bird grew bigger, it could naturally devour the food, so it never paid attention to any Venerable One from the Insects.

“Alright, let’s drop this.” Ou Yangming paused for a while before he asked, “Why did you make me enter your spiritual world?”

The big multicolored bird’s eyes light up right away. “Your Thunderbolt-resistant Equipment is quite good, so let’s try it!”

“Try it?” Ou Yangming found it strange. “Try what?”

“Of course, its thunderbolt-resistant effect.” As soon as the big multicolored big looked up, the sky in the spiritual world was covered with dense, dark clouds, and a threatening aura was released.

At the same time, fine electric lights the length of arms gathered amidst the thunderbolts. They were faintly visible, and they slowly assembled at the center.

Ou Yangming widened his eyes as he realized what was going on. He exclaimed, “You’re asking me to resist thunderbolts?”

“Yes.” The big multicolored big nodded. “Don’t worry; you won’t die if I’m here.”

“Why don’t you resist them then!” Ou Yangming glared at it and suggested after some time, “I’ll smith some pieces of equipment for you, so you can try them instead!”

“I must use my bloodline memory to release the thunderbolts. If I can control them throughout the whole process, I’m afraid an accident might happen.” The big multicolored bird twitched its beak. It blinked and tempted the young fellow. “You resist the thunderbolts, okay? I’ll reward you.”

Ou Yangming was just about to reject the bird, but he was moved. “How are you going to reward me?”

“I’ll give you precious collections!” The big multicolored bird said, “They’re good items that can’t be found in this world.”

‘This bird is indeed from the upper realm.” Ou Yangming’s eyes glowed.

He knew the little bird might not be acting reliably, but its true strength was profound and unpredictable. If they were to fight, not to mention himself, even Multi-armed King Kong might not defeat it.

The items must be really good to be regarded as precious collections by the bird.

If Ou Yangming missed this opportunity, he would not stumble upon another one.

He asked after a moment of hesitation, “Your Heavenly Thunderbolts are exceptionally powerful. How am I going to resist them without any equipment?”

The big multicolored bird was thrilled. “When you blocked the Heavenly Thunderbolt for me that day, did you utilize the power from your pieces of equipment?”

“That’s right.”

“Alright, alright.” The big multicolored bird jumped and said, “This is my spiritual world, where your mental conception can resonate with mine. You can imagine the pieces of equipment and smith them here, and I assure you that they’ll be as effective as they will be in the real world.”

Ou Yangming looked at the bird dubiously, but his heart was filled with surging waves.

The so-called spiritual world could only be formed with a precondition—anything that was agglomerated must have been seen before in the real world, and one must at least have a certain understanding of them.

An illusory item that was never seen before could not be simulated vividly at all.

Despite that, Lil’ Red boasted that anything OU Yangming imagined would have the same effect as they would in the real world.

This surpassed the Simulated Spiritual Fist’s limit.

Seeing as Ou Yangming was hesitant, the big multicolored bird noted, “My spiritual world was inherited from my bloodline and is connected with the world’s origin power, so it won’t disappoint you for sure.”

Ou Yangming took a deep breath and thought, ‘One’s mental power can be connected with the origin power? Why does that sound unreliable?’

Having said that, Ou Yangming could not help but believe the proud bird.

He looked down and began to think about the pieces of equipment. He had smithed them himself, thus he knew every detail clearly. Once the young fellow started thinking, a peculiar light emerged from his body.

Ou Yangming’s eyelids twitched because he sensed that his mental conception was indeed linked to this world. Before he was expelled by the spiritual world’s master, he could indeed do as he wished.

Needless to say, he would be asking for trouble if he wanted to defeat the big multicolored bird here.

The light on Ou Yangming’s body eventually faded away. He was equipped with every piece of equipment including a cloak, a pair of boots, and a small round shield in his hand.

Once everything was gathered as a suit, he could at least unload 90% of thunderbolt powers.

The big multicolored bird’s eyes shone brightly as it seemed to be very curious. Followed by its shriek, the dark clouds in the sky burst, and a massive thunderbolt struck Ou Yangming directly.

Ou Yangming looked up and raised his shield to face the thunderbolt.

He was uncertain if the big multicolored big could fully control the thunderbolt, and he wondered if his suit could weaken the thunderbolt power as it would in the real world.


A flash of lightning appeared as forceful energy descended from the sky and instantly enveloped Ou Yangming.

However, Ou Yangming was at ease inside the thunderbolt. Sure enough, the peculiar spiritual world had unpredictable abilities as the thunderbolt power was weakened by more than 90%.

The big multicolored bird’s eyes gleamed. It lifted its head again and cried loudly.

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