Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 1095 - Absorb Thunderbolts
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Chapter 1095: Absorb Thunderbolts

The world suddenly fell into silence. Even the rumbling thunder pool quieted down. Lightning arcs flickered on Ou Yangming’s body. His muscles were like dragons, full of explosive power.

“Woosh, woosh!” He took a step forward, crossed his long spear, and struck forward. Without using any skill, this move was purely using power. After the 20 breaths of confrontation, the Qi momentums of him and Long Chen had intertwined together. Even if they wanted to retreat, it would be impossible. Under the traction of the air, once either of them decided to retreat, they would be faced with continuous blows and might even be defeated.

Long Chen gritted his teeth and uttered in a ruthless cold voice: “Do you think I’m afraid of you?”

The spiritual power in his Dantian Lake boiled completely. Hundreds of cyclones were rotating at the same time. Using his mental power as a bridge, he transformed the spiritual power into physical power, where they converted into each other. At this moment, every cell in his body seemed to have become an independent entity, capable of evolving all living things in the world. They had endless mysteries, and black flames were coming out of every pore.

At the same time, Long Chen raised a slender finger. His finger was as white as an onion. It did not look like a man’s, but rather like the finger of a graceful girl. Nonetheless, few people knew that the finger was covered in blood and plenty of innocent souls. It was simply the most terrifying thing in the world.

The finger was raised in front of his forehead, and it was suddenly pressed down at the center of his eyebrows. The action was gentle, but it carried a strange and inexplicable sense of beauty.

This movement was not fast but no matter how hard one tried, one would not be able to see it clearly. It was as if that finger had broken through the boundaries of time and distance and reached an unimaginable magical realm, making one feel intimidated.

In the blink of an eye, 2 drops of blood essence flew out from the center of Long Chen’s eyebrows and merged with his spiritual power into his flesh and blood.

A power that could destroy all things burst out from Long Chen’s body. This was an ultimate physical power.

Even the single blade in his hand was filled with a black and red blood mist.

A single blade versus a long spear!

“Boom!” The entire space shook after the collision. Especially where the single blade and long spear collided, the space cracked open, revealing a darkness that made one’s heart palpitate. Many small cyclones condensed out of thin air and devoured all the thunderbolts within 333 meters.

The power of this attack was terrifying.

Ou Yangming’s Qi and blood in his body were upside down. Every cell and every inch of his skin began to shake violently, but he did not take a single step back. The red light in his eyes intensified.

Long Chen was even more seriously injured. His Qi and blood were retrograde, and all of his internal organs were shifted. He took more than 10 steps back, and every step he took was accompanied by a hurricane. Wherever his feet landed, web-like cracks appeared in the space, densely interweaving with each other. From afar, it looked like more than 10 indescribably huge spider webs were intertwined together, forming an irregular curve.

This indescribable scene was simply shocking.

Big Yellow forcefully exhaled the turbid air in his chest and said in astonishment, “How did Lil’ Ming’s physical strength become so strong?”

Lil’ Red did not look away. A battle of this level was a great fortune for him. After all, this was a life or death battle for a Ruler. Moreover, Long Chen was much stronger than ordinary Rulers. He was only slightly weaker than Rulers who had comprehended laws. As for Ou Yangming, he was only a top-grade Venerable One but whether it was his comprehension of laws or his strength, he was not inferior to Long Chen.

Otherwise, Ou Yangming could not have forced Long Xiao to self-explode without having the chance to send a message.

“Hey, I’m asking you a question.” Big Yellow was somewhat displeased. The horns on his forehead flickered with a dim light, expressing his indignation.

Lil’ Red glanced at him casually. He did not intend to argue with Big Yellow. He pondered for a moment and replied, “Do you still remember what happened before Lil’ Ming broke through the sky?”

“What happened?” Big Yellow tilted his head and blinked.

Lil’ Red rolled his eyes and snorted. “He got the inheritance of the Upper Tribulations. I don’t understand what that means, but it must be related to this.”

Indeed, that was the truth, but Lil’ Red did not know that it was not just getting that inheritance. Instead, Ou Yangming had combined the bloodlines of the Dragons, the Phoenixes, and the Upper Tribulations. The Dragons and the Phoenixes had dominated the Great Wide World for 10,000 years. The Bloodline Powers were noble and tyrannical. Needless to say, the Upper Tribulations had been indestructible since ancient times. They used the blood essence of their entire race to condense the Upper Tribulations’ Coffin, which was indestructible.

The fusion of the 3 bloodlines had created a monster like Ou Yangming.

A thoughtful look appeared in Big Yellow’s eyes. He clenched his together and said internally, ‘Power...’

At this moment, he yearned for power. He hoped that he could fight alongside Ou Yangming instead of watching from the side. This did not mean that he was not strong. It was just that the opponents that the young fellow had met were all Rulers, thus the big yellow dog’s cultivation base at the moment was indeed not enough.

Long Chen used all his strength to stabilize his body and waved the single saber in his hand. His mind was already filled with anxious emotions.

The physical body of the human powerhouse in front of him had once again refreshed his imagination. He could only use the word “abnormal” to describe it.

Now that their Qi momentums had fused together, it would be even harder to escape than ascend to the heavens. There was no other way except to face each other head-on.

Long Chen let out a long howl. All the thunderbolts within 50 kilometers reversed, the space shattered, and life forces were extinguished. His body expanded without a limit, and he turned into a 3-kilometers long black dragon that coiled up.

His body was covered with the most mysterious black color, suppressing the light from the thunder pool.

When Long Chen swung his sharp claws forward, the space within 3 kilometers in front of him seemed to have been slashed by a sharp bone knife, leaving fine and dense marks. It shattered inch by inch, crushing toward Ou Yangming.

At this point, the two of them were enraged.

Blood flashed in Ou Yangming’s eyes. He gripped his long spear tightly and shouted coldly, “Since I’ve slaughtered a dragon, what’s the harm in killing another one!”

He was over 2 meters tall, and his figure was slender. Compared to this 3-kilometers-long giant dragon, he was indescribably small. It was like a piece of crushed stone compared to a 3-kilometers-tall mountain. Nevertheless, his aura was not weak at all. In fact, it was even a few times stronger. His aura was as majestic as the sea and was unfathomable.

Not only did he not retreat, but he also took the initiative to attack. His long spear smashed toward the dragon’s claws.

“Boom...” The two collided, and the Blood Spear Dragon Slayer started to shake slightly.

Ou Yangming’s body also trembled a little. The Qi and blood in his body surged, and his pupils shrank. He thought to himself, ‘The Dragons’ physical bodies are indeed powerful!’ He grinned and forcefully swallowed the blood in his throat.

Long Chen felt a powerful force slam into his body. His 3-kilometers-tall body was directly blown away. The scales that were as hard as refined iron were covered with wounds and shattered into pieces.

The dragon powerhouse was panicking. There was only one thought left in his mind. ‘This... Is he really a human? This kind of physical strength is too abnormal.’

He originally thought that after he transformed into his true form, he would be able to crush the Venerable One completely.

This was also his greatest trump card for daring to engage in close combat and link his Qi momentum. Now, he realized in despair that the physical strength of this human powerhouse in front of him had exceeded his imagination. The young fellow did not look like a human at all. Instead, he looked like... A ferocious beast from ancient times. No, the Ancient Shamans.

Once, twice...

As time passed, Ou Yangming borrowed the power of the poisonous pill’s world to beat Long Chen until he was forced to retreat.

Each attack made the powerhouse standing at the top of the pyramid of the Great Wide World suffer unspeakably.

Long CHen’s dragon scales were covered with dense marks as if they could crumble at any time.

The blood dripping from the sky dyed half of the thunder pool red.

He was forced into a desperate situation!

Big Yellow narrowed his eyes and glanced at Lil’ Red. He chuckled and said, “If this continues, it won’t be long before this dragon powerhouse is killed here.”

Lil’ Red flapped his wings and took a deep breath. He replied, “That’s right. I didn’t expect Lil’ Ming to already have this kind of strength less than a year after he arrived in the Great Wide World. His progress is too fast.” His eyes flickered with a bright light, and he was eager to try. He had made up his mind that he would not let Ou Yangming widen the gap between them. Otherwise, when would he be able to realize the great wish in his heart?

‘Snatch... Pfft, borrow!’

Ou Yangming’s right foot lightly stepped on the Yin position while his left foot lightly stepped on the Yang position. His Qi momentum was firmly wrapped around Long Chen, making it difficult for him to escape.

All of a sudden, an aura of destruction appeared in his mind.

This aura of destruction was very faint, but it made all the hair on Ou Yangming’s body stand up as if he was sitting on pins and needles. Every pore on his body was emitting cold air. He thought to himself, ‘Could it be that he wants to die together with me?’ As soon as this thought arose, he suppressed it. He had once forced Long Xiao to self-explode, but he did not feel this kind of fear.

After thinking for a moment, he swung his white sleeve backward and slapped Big Yellow and Lil’ Red about 33 kilometers away.

The 2 beasts were too weak, and the scale of victory was already tilted in his direction. As long as he added another straw, it would be enough to crush Long Chen. At this time, if he let the dragon powerhouse take advantage of this loophole, his gains would not make up for his losses.

Just as Ou Yangming was pondering, a sudden change occurred. Long Chen grinned, and his eyes seemed to contain a blood-red world. His voice seemed to come from the underworld, and it was bone-chilling. “Even if I die, I want you to die with me!” He had fought with the young fellow twice so at this point, he knew that it would be impossible for him to escape unscathed.

Before his voice was gone, Long Chen opened his mouth that could swallow mountains and suck seas. He took a deep breath, and the entire thunder pool shook at the same time.

It was as if a mysterious force had been frozen in the air. In an instant, it turned into a vortex that could swallow all things. From the outside to the inside, it became more solid. In a domineering manner, it sucked in all the thunderbolts within 33 kilometers. Every inch of his skin was flashing with lightning, giving him a holy feeling.

Sparks appeared in Long Chen’s eyes. The spiritual Qi in his Dantian Lake was boiling. Wisps of the Qi surged outward layer by layer.

The Dantian Lake in his body seemed to have turned into a huge furnace. Spiritual Qi kept collapsing and contracting.

At the same time, his spiritual power and even his soul were burning.

The skeleton that covered his whole body was burning like an black branch.

It blended with every inch of his flesh and blood like an ink painting. His body was like a huge furnace that wanted to burn everything.

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