Immortal Mortal

Chapter 7: The Chief Drug Refiner
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Chapter 7: The Chief Drug Refiner

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

“Owner Lu, the fact that you hired me, does that mean you need me to help Dan Han Drug Refinery research on a new drug?” Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief and made a decision to gamble on it. The amount of gold coins he needed was way too much, not even tens or hundreds of it is enough to solve the problem.

Lu Jiujun hesitated, “I do not exactly need you to develop a whole new drug. The reason why Dan Han Drug Refinery is failed is that we spent too much resource trying to develop a new drug. The development of the new drugs failed and was unable to be produced in time hence our competitor took the opportunity. Maybe you can start with our original creations as a base, saving a lot of time and effort.”

What Lu Jiujun mentioned was not wrong at all. After Mo Tiancheng went missing, Dan Han Drug Refinery was left with excess profits. As Lu Jiujun was never a person who would settle for mediocrity, he immediately hired a few famous drug refiners to start developing a new drug. The pity is that after Mo Tiancheng plundered away most of Dan Han Drug Refinery’s profits, the amount left were not enough to develop a new drug. In the end, all the effort came to naught, the new drug was not developed and Dan Han Drug Refinery fell.

Many believed that it was due to the crazy prodigal Lu Jiujun who made Dan Han Drug Refinery fail. However, only Lu Jiujun himself knows that even if he did not insist on developing a new drug, Dan Han Drug Refinery will sooner or later close down as well.

What Mo Wuji was concerned about was not Dan Han Drug Refinery as its products have already lost its competitive advantage over the past few years. Cheng Lin Pill Workshop’s drug had the same efficacy and its pricing was a lot more competitive. What he was doing was just putting on a fight.

“If I am the sole researcher for developing this new drug, I want 70% of the profits from the earnings of this drug.” Mo Wuji asked directly after realising that he needed a huge amount of gold coins. He was not even intending to start with the drug that Dan Han Drug Refinery was previously developing.

“Impossible. You do not even possess any qualifications and you dare ask for 70% of the profits, what logic is this? Even if I were to randomly hire a drug refiner outside, I would only need to pay 200-300 gold coins a month.” Lu Jiujun stood up and said in a slightly angry manner.

Mo Wuji was not taken aback at all, he had been through way too many of these negotiations in his past life that a sentence like this would not frighten him. “Owner Lu, are you sure you will be able to develop a new drug with a pharmacist who is paid 200-300 gold coins? Next, even if he manages to develop the new drug successfully, he just needs to quit and switch to another refinery with this drug, are you sure you still can profit? Okay, even if you signed a contract with him, if the development takes a long time, will you have enough coins to pay his monthly fee? I am different, before the new drug is developed, I will only receive 10 gold coins per month from you.”

Mo Wuji noticed that Lu Jiujun did not have much excess gold coins to hire a proper drug refiner hence wanted to try his luck with this deal.

“In addition to the splitting of profits of the new drug, you still want me to pay you 10 gold coins per month?” Lu Jiujun realised that his words were getting softer.

“That’s for sure, Owner Lu, the fact that you found me already proves your wisdom. Since this is the case, and you understand the current situation I’m in, you should know that I cannot possibly try and develop a new drug on an empty stomach. Moreover, even if I failed to develop a new drug, your losses will not be that significant. However if you were to spend a few hundreds of gold coins to hire a drug refiner, if he fails to develop the drug, haha, I am afraid you and I would be neighbours then...” Mo Wuji said while laughing.

Lu Jiujun felt angered at the sight of Mo Wuji’s smile, and he swore he would rush to kick whoever said that this person was crazy and autistic because he was clearly not.

“No, I’ll at most give you 50%.” Lu Jiujun hesitated for a while before answering very clearly.

What Mo Wuji said made perfect sense as even if he fails to develop a new drug, the most Lu Jiujun loses was tens of gold coins, however, if a proper drug refiner fails, he would possibly lose up to a few thousand gold coins. At that point, Lu Jiujun might really end up being neighbours with this fallen prince.

Mo Wuji scratched his chin and says, “50% is fine but not 50% of the profits now. I want 50% of Dan Han Drug Refinery’s shares, if you are agreeable, we will sign the contract now. If you’re not, I will go and take the drug refiner test and get the certificate. Don’t tell me without a graduation certificate I cannot take the test, I have nothing but ways to do it. Once I get the certificate, hehe...”

Lu Jiujun sighed and knew Mo Wuji hit his weak spot. Even if he did not find Mo Wuji, no one will believe him if he were to find other pharmacist and offer 80% of the profits to him.

“Alright, I agree. Prince Mo, you have to make sure you put your heart and mind in this because the future of my Dan Han Drug Refinery is now dependent on you. From today onwards, you will be the Chief Drug Refiner of Dan Han Drug Refinery.” Lu Jiujun no longer wanted to bargain. After Dan Han Drug Refinery’s new drug was developed, the sale of the new drug will be Dan Han Drug Refinery entire profit. So Dan Han Drug Refinery workshop’s share and the new drug’s share would be the same, the new drug’s share might even be much more.

Mo Wuji patted the shoulder of Lu Jiujun, “Brother, you are a smart guy, watch how I’ll bring you good fortune and revive Dan Han Drug Refinery. Old Lu, lend me 10 gold coins first, I’m short of rice at home.”

Lu Jiujun’s mouth twitched a few times but still took out a small pouch and gave it Mo Wuji saying, “Brother Mo, we are going to be one family very soon, there’s no need to be so polite. If you don’t have enough gold coins, you can always get your monthly salary prepaid. I’ll go back and prepare, you just have to come down to my workshop tomorrow to sign the contract.”

Mo Wuji received the pouch and felt that there were exactly 10 gold coins in the pouch. He was elated just as he saw everyone in the association staring at Yan’Er who looked worried. Yan’Er was probably worried about him, that’s why she came to the association again.

“Fine fine fine, I will be there at Dan Han Drug Refinery tomorrow...” Mo Wuji was already out of the tea room while waving his hands exclaiming, “Girl...”

After the first meeting’s confusion and concerns and the tug of war between Mo Wuji and Lu Jiujun, Mo Wuji had finally restored his original composure.

“Young Master...” Yan’Er saw Mo Wuji and hurried over.

“Come on, let’s go home and buy something nice to eat on our way,” Mo Wuji pulled Yan’Er, said goodbye to Lu Jiujun and left the association.

Honestly, the half a bowl of rice in the morning did not fill his stomach at all. With the gold coins he had now, it would be letting his stomach down if he did not go and have a feast.

“Cheng Ling Spirit Opening Tower?” Just as Mo Wuji left the association, he stopped in his tracks as he saw a light gold coloured tall tower opposite the street with a few huge words saying Cheng Ling Spirit Opening Tower.

When he first came to look for a job, he only saw Rao Zhou Association and did not notice the Cheng Ling spirit opening tower behind him.

Yan’Er saw Mo Wuji stopped at the sight of Cheng Ling Spirit Opening Tower, sighed and said “Young Master that is where you open your spirit, Young Master went there before.”

Yan’Er was subtly reminding him that he has mortal roots. Mo Wuji understood Yan’Er’s intention but still said, “Yan’Er, eating can wait, let us go visit the spirit opening tower first.”

To Mo Wuji, the most important thing was that he would be able to obtain spiritual roots and then cultivate. The tug of war argument with Lu Jiujun was also for the sole purpose of being able to cultivate. If not, given his ability, he would easily be able to earn money for a living.”



Yan’Er let out a cry before being pulled by Mo Wuji over to the tower on the other side of the street.


“Hold it there, this is the place where people measure and open their spirit, those not involved are not allowed in there,” Mo Wuji and Yan’Er were stopped just as they were about to enter the tower’s door.

“Young Master, to open your spirit, you have to first register then pay the required gold coins to be granted the permission to enter. If anyone is caught cheating, the punishment will be very severe...” Yan’Er was worried Mo Wuji might do something stupid hence whispered softly at his ear.

Mo Wuji nodded as he understood the importance of not messing around here as it involves his life. He came just to find out what are the procedures needed to open a spirit and how much gold coins was required.

“Huh?” Someone said before Mo Wuji said anything.

“Little girl are you here to open your spirit?” Someone with a rather hoarse voice asked.

Mo Wuji and Yan’Er only just realised that there were a couple beside them. The man has a fluttering white beard and looked different from everyone else. The woman has a beautiful face, and had a noble aura around her making people around her to dared not stare. The one who spoke was the man.

Yan’Er subconsciously took a step back and shook her head.

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