Immortal Mortal

Chapter 4: A Rice Bowl Filled With Gratitude
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Chapter 4: A Rice Bowl Filled With Gratitude

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

A change of fate was enough to make one sad, but Mo Wuji did not care. Even if he became a fallen prince, Mo Wuji did not put it to heart. The only thing that made him lost and unwilling was that he is a mortal, a mortal with mortal roots.

On Earth, everyone was the same. No one was afraid that they cannot cultivate, and he could excel in other areas. However, in this new world, being unable to cultivate signified a completely lost opportunity.

Even if he was determined to be without spiritual roots, without personally testing for it, he will not give up. Harbouring such worrying thoughts, Mo Wuji did not know when he actually fell asleep.

Mo Wuji was aroused awake by the fragrant smell of rice, and when he opened his eyes, the sun was already out. As he sat up, he saw a big bowl of rice on the old and broken square table. There was even a dish of pickles and half a cucumber.

"Master, you’re awake. Quickly wash up and eat." Without waiting for Mo Wuji to speak, Yan’Er, who was constantly concerned for him, cried out with joy.

"You did not sleep last night?" Mo Wuji looked at Yan’Er’s pale face, dark circles and tired eyes, and knew that Yan’Er did not sleep the whole night.

"Yesterday, I went to help Aunt Lu set up her stall, and business was very good." Even though Yan’Er was very tired, Mo Wuji could still feel her happiness.

Mo Wuji understood the reason for her happiness. As business was good, Aunt Lu gave her more pay.

Mo Wuji came down from his wooden bed, reached out and touched Yan’Er’s messy hair, not speaking for a long time.

He was certain that this was not the first time Yan’Er worked overnight to feed him. She had long been accustomed to it. This Mo Xinghe must have been a pig. Not only did he stay silent and depended on a young girl, he even spent all his time dreaming about being a king. After returning from work, Yan’Er even had to spend money to buy candy to accompany him to play his king game.

"Master, you did not eat much yesterday, quickly wash up and eat," Yan’Er felt that after the young master woke up, there was a lot of change in him, which made her happy.

"You go ahead first; I’ll wash up right away," Mo Wuji felt both pitiful and touched. In both his lives, no one has ever treated him like this. His past lover had a cold personality. Even though she was nice to him, she had never moved him like Yan’Er. In the end, she even plotted against him.

Yan’Er hurriedly said, "I just ate, young master you..."

Yan’Er did not continue talking as she saw the young master walk towards her wooden bed, slowly bending down and picking up a half-eaten black bun by the pillow side.

Mo Wuji did not speak; he held the hard, black bun and started to panic. Previously when Yan’Er said that she had ate; he saw some black crumbs by the side of her mouth.

He slowly brought the bread to his nose and smelt a hint of rancidness and staleness. There was a stark contrast between this black bun, which gives off a sour taste, and the bowl of fresh, white rice. No wonder why this growing young girl already has a head of dirty, yellow hair.

Maybe the rancid smell incited Mo Wuji’s nose; his nose turned sour and his eyes felt itchy.

"Master, you can’t eat that..." Yan’Er thought that Mo Wuji was going to eat the black bun, and quickly called out.

Mo Wuji gently grabbed Yan’Er’s hands, hands which were rougher than his, and slowly said, "Yan’Er, from now on, whenever I eat, you will eat too. You will never be hungry. Today, don’t go out and help out with the stall. Remember the words of big brother: I will support you now.”

This rice bowl filled with gratitude, will never be forgotten.

"Master ...” Yan’Er called out with fear. She was worried about how the young master was acting today.

Mo Wuji did not dare to continue talking. He patted Yan’Er’s hands, went outside to wipe the tear stains at the corner of his eyes, and rushed to wash up.


After breakfast, Mo Wuji went out. Even though he forced Yan’Er to share his breakfast, and forced her to rest before leaving, he still felt bad. He wanted to find a job as soon as possible, so that Yan’Er could live an easier life.


In the entire Cheng Yu State, Rao Zhou City is the largest and most prosperous city. Walking in the bustling streets, Mo Wuji felt the rhythm of life in Rao Zhou City, and it is not slower than those on Earth.

Rao Zhou Association is where Mo Wuji came to find work. This is where everybody would go to find work or employment.

Walking into the association, Mo Wuji saw many recruitment windows. Some are long-term job opportunities in some large workshops, and some are temporary job opportunities. In addition, there were many recruit posters, as well as various types of information. In Earth terms, this would be called a multi-functional talent market.

The association is enormous. Even though there were more than 1000 people wandering inside, it still felt spacious.

Mo Wuji circled around the association for a while, and could see the two jobs which were highly sought after. One was planting medicinal herbs, the other was mineral exploration.

Mo Wuji shook his head. Even though this world could be considered a world of science and technology, there was no variety in the advanced home appliances. As such, people do not value electronic experts. The pay of a mechanic is one-third that of a medicinal herb planter, and one-fifth that of a mineral explorer.

Mo Wuji did not mind. On Earth, he was a biology expert and he was proficient in botany. Finding a job here, was simply too easy.

After some simple comparisons, Mo Wuji soon found many suitable jobs.


Rao Zhou pharmaceutical field was hiring a herb grafter, with a monthly pay of 30 silver coins. They were also hiring people proficient in herbs to engage in garden work for 10 silver coins per month. On the other hand, Copper Hill Mining Square was hiring a prospector to appraise their minerals for 50 silver coins per month.

As a top biologist, Mo Wuji was confident in appraising minerals and determining their composition. Now, he was looking for a job, and did not care about the job suitability or the workshop state. To him, the one with the highest pay is the best as he would not be working in that job for long.

That would be the prospector job. Mo Wuji walked toward the Copper Hill Mining Square booth, and just as he was about to stand at the back of the queue, a nearby window suddenly posted a new job. "Cheng Ling Pill Workshop, urgently hiring several assistant refiners, monthly pay of 10 gold coins..."

Mo Wuji immediately stopped walking. He knew the currency here are gold, silver and copper coins. 1 gold coin can be exchanged for 100 silver coins, and that is the equivalent of 10000 copper coins. A monthly pay of 10 gold coins simply outbeats all the rest by miles. Not doing this job, is simply not giving face to his previous expertise as a first-class biologist.

Isn’t refining medicine simply pharmacy? On Earth, due to the increased resistance towards virus, the rich gradually gave up on Western medicine. On the contrary, due to the variety of Chinese medicine, and that Chinese medicine contains natural plant extracts, it was more popular. As a top biologist and pharmaceutical master, he knew many companies’ Chinese medicine formulas. Every time he appeared, it was as a mentor. Each time, did he not get a pay of at least 1 million?

Mo Wuji walked to the water tower, towards where the Cheng Ling Pill Workshop recruitment window was and sat down. Giving a gentle smile to give himself the aura of an expert, he said "I want to apply for your company’s... uh, for the high paying job."

The recruitment officer was a middle-aged woman who looked smart and capable. She saw Mo Wuji sitting in front of the window without taking anything out. Feeling slightly puzzled, she asked, "May I ask which job you are applying for?"

"I would like to apply for the drug refining assistant job which was just posted..."

Mo Wuji did not complete his sentence before feeling something was wrong. The moment he said that sentence, there was an obvious silence around him. At that moment, almost all eyes were on him.

The middle-aged woman looked at Mo Wuji with a face of shock, before recovering her composure, and said in a respectful tone, "May I see your qualification certificates....."

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