Immortal Mortal

Chapter 28: At Your Doorstep
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Chapter 28: At Your Doorstep

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor:

Peng Maohua’s heart sank when he realised that he had to stay back with little miss as the chief guard of the Han Residence.

Meanwhile, Mo Wuji took out two of the Two-leaved Fire Grass and said, "It looks like we don’t have to extend our stay here at the Thunder Fog Forest. I was fortunate enough to find two of these."

"This really is the Two-leaved Fire Grass..." Han Ning took a step forward, and before Mo Wuji could react, she grabbed both of the Two-leaved Fire Grass from his hands.

Mo Wuji subconsciously took a step back as he was amazed at how powerful this woman was.

This was indeed the stage of channel opening.

"Mo Wuji, it does not matter where you found the Two-leaved Fire Grass. You have made a huge contribution. To reward you, I will bring you along for this trip to the Royal Capital. If you have any more requests, please let me know," Han Ning was so excited she said everything in one breath.

"Thank you little miss," Mo Wuji hurried to thank Han Ning. His sole purpose of entering the Han Residence was to go to the Royal Capital. He would not let this opportunity go to waste.

Han Ning shook his hand, "I should be the one thanking you for helping me find the Two-leaved Fire Grass. I’ve heard from my father that you have enough money for yourself. If you have any other requests other than going to the Royal Capital, I will do my best to fulfil it."

Mo Wuji nodded his head. If he did not manage to open his meridian successfully, he would have asked Han Ning to find him a more renowned place in the Royal Capital to test for his spiritual roots.

He was desperate to know if he possessed a spiritual root after this incident.

Even though Peng Maohua was envious of Mo Wuji’s luck in finding the Two-leaved Fire Grass and being able to please the little miss, he was still grateful for Mo Wuji. If not for him, they would have needed to stay in the Thunder Fog Forest to continue searching for it. That would be asking for more trouble.

Thanks to the Two-leaved Fire Grass, Han Ning’s mood changed drastically. She waved her hand and said, "Let us head back now. I was still planning to stay here for over a month. Who would have expected us to find it just after one night."

Mo Wuji sighed when he saw how Han Ning was only concerned about finding the Two-leaved Fire Grass and not about the deceased guards. Their lives were worth much less than the Two-leaved Fire Grass. If he were to die here, Han Ning would not have bothered much either.

He looked over to Ding Bu’Er and realised that if it was not for Ding Bu’Er’s request to look for him, Han Ning probably would not have went to look for him.

"Congratulations, Wuji," Ding Bu’Er congratulated Mo Wuji with a lot of envy.

Mo Wuji shook his hand and said to Han Ning," Little miss, I heard from others that you are at Channel Opening Stage Level Five?”

Han Ning replied, “Do you think Channel Opening Stage Level Five is easy to achieve? I am only at level one. Currently, only my speed is slightly faster. My abilities are still weaker than many cultivators out there. There will only be a drastic change in strength and ability after Channel Opening Stage Level Four.”

Mo Wuji glared at the embarrassed Ding Bu’Er.

Mo Wuji became even more eager to cultivate after he witnessed Han Ning’s speed despite being only at level one. He clenched his fist and said to Han Ning, "When I visit the Royal Capital, can I bring Ding Bu’Er along too?"

"All right, we will do as you say. Let’s go," Han Ning agreed without any hesitation. She then got on her red horse and started moving off.

"Thank you so much Wuji," Ding Bu’Er was surprised as he never expected Mo Wuji to mention to Han Ning to bring him along. This was indeed a golden opportunity. As for the time that he bragged about Han Ning in front of Mo Wuji previously, he had completely forgotten about it.

Mo Wuji patted Ding Bu’Er’s shoulder and said, "Let’s go back, I still owe you a lot too. Also, please don’t brag in front of me in future."

"Roger that!" Ding Bu’Er felt elated as he followed behind Mo Wuji as they headed back.


Mo Wuji did not know why Han Ning wanted the Two-leaved Fire Grass so badly and he was not interested in knowing why. What he knew was that he was given even more attention when he returned. Even his place of accommodation changed to one with a small courtyard. His job was to guard the yard but there was really nothing to do.

The only pity was that he did not know how to cultivate. If he could practice cultivation here, it would have been perfect.

It was very safe to stay in the Han Residence. As he sat down in his yard, Mo Wuji held two green coloured glass bottles. He needed the solution inside the glass bottles if he wanted to open up more meridians in the future.

"Ding dong..." The bell from the entrance rang followed by Han Chengan’s voice, "Wuji, can I have a word with you?"

Mo Wuji hurried to put away the two bottles and went over to open the door. Mo Wuji could not understand why the owner of the Han Residence, Han Chengan, would come over personally to find him.

"Duke Han, if you wanted to find me you could have just called for me. You need not make the trip all the way here," Mo Wuji said as he opened the door.

Han Chengan smiled as he entered Mo Wuji’s house and found a chair to sit on.

Mo Wuji made a cup of tea for Han Chengan as he was still very grateful for him. If not for this Old Duke, he would have never had the chance to come here. Who knows if the same person who tried to poison him will do it again if he had not moved into Han Residence?

Han Chengan smiled and nodded, "Wuji, do you know why I did not pay much attention to you after I arranged for you to move in?"

Mo Wuji said respectfully, "Bringing me into the Han Residence is your greatest care for me."


Han Chengan sighed, "The last time I saved your life in the Royal hall and now you’ve repaid me by helping Ning’Er. I am indeed grateful to you."

Mo Wuji gave Han Chengan a puzzled look. Han Chengan only gave him a job previously, since when did he save his life?

Han Chengan continued as though he could read Mo Wuji’s mind, "Before you were summoned to the hall, the Lord did not want to see you. He ordered the guards to kill you. I stopped him as I was quite close with your grandfather, Mo Tiancheng, coupled with the fact that I wanted to see if your move was intentional or as you mentioned: for the commoners."

Mo Wuji knew what Han Chengan meant by ’your move’. Han Chengan was referring to his release of the penicillin formula. He would have never imagined that the Lord had such dangerous thoughts before he had entered the hall.

Han Chengan did not take Mo Wuji’s reaction to heart and continued, "I advised the Lord against killing you because it would harm his reputation, especially after you contributed so much to the commoners. This is also true because you worked hard for it. In addition, I had some thoughts about sparing your life, if not I wouldn’t have brought you into the Han Residence."

Mo Wuji’s back kept letting out cold sweat as he was fearful. If Han Chengan had not stepped out to plead for him previously, he would have been sentenced to death by the despicable Lord. Wouldn’t it have been an innocent death? He did not care about whether the despicable Lord’s reputation was harmed. He only cared about his own life.

"Thank you Old Duke, for saving my life," Mo Wuji stood up and bowed to Han Chengan.

Han Chengan quickly grabbed onto Mo Wuji and laughed," If you had not gotten Ning’Er’s attention, you would be like any other guard here. I would not have stepped out to ask Ning’Er to bring you to the Royal Capital. However, not only did you catch her attention, you even helped her solve her big problem. This shows that a capable man will always stand out and i was right about you."

"Old Duke, you are too kind with your compliments." All Mo Wuji desperately wanted was to leave Cheng Yu State. Who knows when the despicable Lord might change his mind and kill him? This despicable Lord was part of the reason why the Mo Clan lost the throne back then.

Han Chengan’s face suddenly turned solemn and he said to Mo Wuji, "Wuji, I am actually here to ask for your help."

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