Immortal Mortal

Chapter 1227: Round, Setting Sun Above the Winding River
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Chapter 1227: Round, Setting Sun Above the Winding River

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

The universe continued to collapse. The void was no longer a place where one could hide. As Mo Wuji’s broken-sun-like halberd light sailed through the air, Quasi-Sage experts were cut down.

These Quasi-Sages’ worlds were opened and all the treasures within them were thrown into his Mortal World.

When he was by himself, it was hard for him to even defend himself. Now that he had so many helpers, the pressure on Mo Wuji had lightened significantly. He could spare some effort the sweep away the items in these worlds.

At this moment, he no longer showed mercy. He wanted to finish this battle as soon as possible, so that he could receive Yan’Er. Because of the arrival of the Sage Nun and the rest, Mo Wuji could easily leave. However, Mo Wuji didn’t dare to do so.

These people had come to help him. If he left, Tian Hen and co. basically wouldn’t be able to cope. Thus, for him to save Yan’Er, he needed to eliminate his opponents first.

Tai Luan, Luo Xu, Fo Ti and Qing Yuan were each blocked by Tian Hen, Huan Ti, Sage Nun and Yuan Zhenyi.

Heng Zuo was more powerful than Tong Ming. Unfortunately, he didn’t use his full power and he put himself in an impasse with Tong Ming. If Mo Wuji’s helpers hadn’t arrived, Heng Zuo would have definitely gone all out until Mo Wuji was eliminated. Now, Mo Wuji’s helpers had arrived and they were all at the level of Sages. He, Heng Zuo, did not wish to form an irreconcilable enmity with Mo Wuji.

After all, he had been forced to come here. He wasn’t like Luo Xu and the rest who were plotting against Mo Wuji, all so that they could steal Mo Wuji’s treasures.

Just as Gu Pingren and Gu Yongxiao wanted to go over and help Mo Wuji, they were blocked by Lei Hongji’s boundless lightning bolts.

When Luo saw tens of Throned Quasi-Sages die under Mo Wuji’s Mortal Halberd, he was enraged. A 30-meter-long sword qi was burst out of his Sword of Fortune and it shot towards Mo Wuji.

This Sword of Fortune Qi looked much smaller than before. However, it contained the condensed might of the entire universe. Compared to his colossal sword qi which was far bigger, the killing intent in this sword qi was much deeper.

He had planned for today. Moreover, in his plan, he did not account for Lei Hongji’s and Tai Shixiao’s help.

Supposedly, their help would have increased his chances of winning. But in reality, there were more people that came to help Mo Wuji. And this wasn’t the most important point. The most important point was that Mo Wuji was far stronger than he had predicted.

"Hong!" Mo Wuji’s halberd light completely broke apart and scattered in millions of broke fragments. However, the power of Luo’s Sword of Fortune Qi only reduced by a small amount; it still continued to rampage on with boundless killing intent.

Luo released a long roar. Like an overlord of the entire universe, Luo held a high and lofty attitude as his majestic sword intent went on to suppress Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji harrumphed coldly. Luo was strong but he was still far from being able to suppress him like this.

His Mortal Halberd conjured another halberd light. At the same time, Mo Wuji pointed out with a finger. Seven World Finger - Returning Mortal.

Luo knew that Mo Wuji’s halberd was impressive. Any treasure that could go head to head against his Sword of Fortune definitely wouldn’t be inferior to the Sword of Fortune.

As Mo Wuji’s halberd light slashed out Luo thought that it was for him. Soon, he saw that this attack wasn’t aimed at him, but at Tai Shixiao.

As long as he could maim Mo Wuji, he didn’t give two shits about Tai Shixiao’s life and death.

"Boom!" Returning Mortal’s seemingly ordinary finger-point clashed against Luo’s majestic Sword of Fortune Qi. The magnificent and vast dao ripples exploded and innumerable dao laws shattered. At this instant, the universe, which was already collapsing, accelerated in its collapse.

Against the dao laws of Returning Mortal, the Sword of Fortune Qi was continuously compressed. From tens of meters, it became a few meters, then it shrunk to a few feet. Ultimately, it was pushed back into the Sword of Fortune. It was like when a person had swam out of the water but a huge hand appeared and shoved him back in.

Luo flushed red. Originally, he wanted to use this supreme Sword of Fortune Qi to suppress Mo Wuji, allowing everyone to see that he, Luo, was the strongest in the entire universe.

But now, his Sword of Fortune Qi had been openly pushed back in. His previous roar and his lofty attitude now seemed like the act of a clown.

This also caused Luo to fully understand that while his powers had grown significantly, Mo Wuji was still stronger than him. Not only was Mo Wuji able to push back his Sword of Fortune Qi, he also diverted his attention to deal with Tai Shixiao.

If he hadn’t invited so many Throned Gods to help him, he would have been courting death if he were to face Mo Wuji alone.

It could be said that Tai Shixiao’s enmity with Mo Wuji was as deep as the ocean. When Luo was hollering for Mo Wuji’s death, Tai Shixiao had already whipped out an immese copper stamp. Just as he brought the copper stamp out, Mo Wuji’s halberd light arrived.

"Ka!" The halberd light slammed against the copper stamp. The dao laws on this copper stamp, which had not been properly activated, broke apart. The copper stamp had become an ordinary magic treasure and it was sent flying.

Mo Wuji’s halberd light did not show any signs of stopping. It sailed through Tai Shixiao’s domain and landed on Tai Shixiao’s body.

Tai Shixiao was far weaker than Lei Hongji. At the very best, he was on the same level as Tai Luan and the other Sages. Compared to Mo Wuji, wasn’t Tai Shixiao multiple times weaker?

Thus, against Mo Wuji’s halberd, Tai Shixiao had no means of resistance.

Mo Wuji’s vicious halberd light surged forth. Tai Shixiao only needed a single glance to know that he was far weaker than Mo Wuji. He did not hesitate as he tried to escape. However, just as he was about to do so, he felt a similarly powerful domain wrap around him.

"You are actually backstabbing me!" Tai Shixiao looked at Luo with intense unwillingness. At almost the same instant that he said those words, the Mortal Halberd light had cleaved him in half.

Luo directly grabbed a Dao Law of the Universe from Tai Shixiao’s corpse. With a flash, he instantly disappeared.

By now, he had a clear understanding of the situation. Mo Wuji’s allies had arrived, and among the people that arrived, none of them was weaker than Sages. If he continued to stay here, he definitely wouldn’t be able to eliminate Mo Wuji. Now that the Cataclysm had arrived and the universe had started to collapse, Mo Wuji would ultimately face death.

He would rather fuse with this third Dao Law of the Universe and pick up the leftovers. He believed that if he fused with this third Dao Law, he would definitely be able to survive this World-Ending Cataclysm.

Mo Wuji saw Luo flee after stealing his spoils of war. However, he could only let that go. He reached out and broke open Tai Shixiao’s world, emptying away the remaining treasures into his own Mortal World.

"Boom!" Just as one of Lei Hongji’s lightning bolt slammed against Gu Pingren, he saw Mo Wuji killing Tai Shixiao and Luo running away after extracting the Dao Law of the Universe.

At this point, how could Lei Hongji still care about dealing with Gu Pingren and Gu Yongxiao? He did not hesitate as he tried to escape.

Just as he activated his escape technique, the surrounding space began to shake violently.

"Mo Wuji, you despicable..." Initially, Lei Hongji thought that this was due to the universe’s collapse. However, he soon realised that this was the act of Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji had already planted countless void runes in this space and this was the self-explosion of those void runes.

Mo Wuji laughed coldly. These void runes had been prepared for Luo. Since Luo had escaped, then he would use it on Lei Hongji. As the void runes exploded, Mo Wuji did not simply leave it as that. His Mortal Halberd conjured a strikingly beautiful sun which descended on Lei Hongji.

In reality, Lei Hongji wasn’t worried. Even with the self-destruction of Mo Wuji’s void runes and even if Mo Wuji were to use this time to attack, Lei Hongji was confident that he could escape.

The Thunder Hammer was lifted. Bioundless lightning-type dao laws entered the Thunder Hammer. At the same time, all of Lei Hongji’s elemental energy and spiritual will seemed to be sucked out.

The Thunder Hammer turned into a vehement lightning bolt. It felt as though the Lightning Calamity had arrived as it shot towards Mo Wuji.

Roars of thunder reveberated through the air. At this moment, this entire universe seemed to have become a world of lightning and he, Lei Hongji, was the ruler of this world.

Lightning Sacred Art - Great Art of Thunderclap!


For Lei Hongji, he had encountered innumerable dangers before finally arriving at where he was today. Wasn’t he able to get through all of those dangers? Mo Wuji was indeed stronger than him. However, that still wasn’t enough to kill him.

His Great Art of Thunderclap caused rolling waves of lightning. Even Sages could wait to die or use their full-power to try and protect himself. After all, in this world of lightning, the entire space was filled with the Laws of Lightning.

However, Lei Hongji also knew that Mo Wuji wasn’t an average Sage. His Great Art of Thunderclap could kill an average Sage but it definitely couldn’t kill Mo Wuji.

To him, he would ultimately get rid of Mo Wuji. There was no hurry for him to get rid of Mo Wuji now. He could come back after he transcends the Sage Stage.

Concentrated and terrifying lightning bolts exploded throughout the air. Even Luo Xu and the others who were battling were shocked still. This was Lei Hongji’s true power? If this terrifying might of the Laws of Lightning came crashing down on them, they could only wait to die or furiously try to protect themselves.

For cultivators, lightning-type sacred arts had always been the most terrifying type of sacred arts, what more the pinnacle of lightning-type sacred arts, the Great Art of Thunderclap?

Immediately, Luo Xu and co. were excited. It didn’t matter that Luo had run away. If this attack could get rid of Mo Wuji, then they would win this battle.

Soon, everyone was flabbergasted. As the terrifying Laws of Lightning of the Great Art of Thunderclap came towards him, Mo Wuji did not try to defend against it. That beautiful white sun continued on its trajectory towards Lei Hongji.

The grand desert was lonely and hazy. Above the winding river, there was a round, setting sun.

Halberd Dao Sacred Art - Setting Sun!

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