Immortal In The Magic World

Chapter 483 - 483 Change of Attitudes, Everyone’s Reaction
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483 Change of Attitudes, Everyone’s Reaction

Bright red blood fell to the ground like rubies.

It corroded the ground, forming holes. Then, it rose into the air and turned into a large amount of gray fog that swept in all directions like a storm.

Everyone felt their bodies tremble, but even so, they could not hide the shock in their hearts.

“A half-step fifth circle died just like that? That’s Soran!”

“How is this possible? How could Lord Soran die? This is absolutely impossible!”

“He won? So fast? This must be a joke. Was this Lord Eli?”

Both the Bloodline Tower and the Warlocks of the Heart of the Abyss were extremely shocked. Their impression of Eli’s past was rapidly overturned, rebuilt, overturned, and rebuilt!

Initially, everyone had been very dissatisfied with the fact that Eli had been bullied for the past few decades. They were not very optimistic about this war.

Everyone guessed that Eli might have the strength of a fourth-circle warlock.

But what they did not expect was that when Eli faced Soran, who was a half-step fifth circle warlock, he could easily deal with him, who was not considered weak!

At this moment, their impression of him was refreshed!

“Hiss, has the lord’s strength already reached such a level?”

Vivika’s eyes flickered as she bit her lips and looked at Eli with admiration. She knew that this was just a clone of Eli.

Even his clone was like this?

What about the main body?

“Soran is dead?” Luo Ye’s eyes were filled with excitement.

Especially when he saw Soran’s body, he felt extremely happy. Although he only killed one of his teachers, it also made him feel a sense of revenge!

Of course, he was also extremely grateful to Eli.

Without Eli, it was almost impossible to rely on him to take revenge.

Of course, the death of the celestials was like an embellishment. Although it was equally shocking, it was much less shocking than the death of Soran!

When they heard Eli’s order to ” continue attacking “, they realized that the war was not over yet.

The shouts rang out once more, and the killing began once again.

They had lost their top fighting strength, so how could they be a match for the Bloodline Tower? In less than half an hour, the battlefield was almost over. The enemies were either dead or captured. The flag of the Bloodline Tower was also planted in Soumo City.

Eli did not leave either.

In the following period of time, this clone would follow the army!


Time passed!

During the war, the news quickly spread.

Charm Mansion!

In a room.

” Eh, Eli actually made a move and easily suppressed a half-step fifth-circle warlock. I knew that Eli wasn’t an impulsive person. He definitely had confidence.

“However, there’s more than one half-step fifth circle warlock in the Heart of the Abyss. If we attack together…” Liliana’s eyes lit up when she saw the message, but then she started to worry.

After a few minutes, her brows relaxed. “Hmph, he made his own decision. Let him manage it himself.”

Liliana curled her lips and took off her clothes. She stepped on the wooden board and walked to the bath. The hot water was just right.

However, a few minutes later, she came out and walked out. She put on her clothes and muttered, “Forget it. I should help him contact the other factions. At least I can’t let him be disturbed.

“If he doesn’t compensate me properly, I’ll be angry!”

Golden Cicada Merchant Association.

Jin Ji’s eyes were emotionless, making it impossible for the Warlock to figure out his intentions.

“Lord Jin Ji, the Heart of the Abyss is very sincere. We only hope that you can cut off the Bloodline Tower’s economic channels to the outside world.

“But as long as you do it, you will obtain the friendship of the Heart of the Abyss. Moreover, we can also cooperate with you in the future!” The Warlock was wearing a dark purple Warlock robe, which belonged to the Heart of the Abyss.

“I’m sorry, I can’t agree. The Golden Cicada Merchant Association is neutral.” Jin Ji shook his head and apologized.

“I may not know about the bottom level, but you should know how great the gap between our high-end combat power is. In the recent battlefield, we sent Lord Soran. I believe the news of our victory will reach Lord Jin Ji’s ears soon.” The Warlock raised his head, a confident smile on his face.

Pa, pa, pa!

At this moment, there was a knock on the door. The two of them turned around.

The door opened, and Conilla walked in. He reported to Jin Ji, “Sir, the war in Soumo City has ended. The Bloodline Tower has won a great victory, and the Heart of the Abyss, Soran, has fallen.”

Jin Ji’s eyes lit up when he heard the report. He then looked at the Warlock with a helpless expression.

Hearing this, the Warlock’s eyes flashed with disbelief. He could not imagine it for a long time, but it was meaningless for the two to lie to him because he would know as soon as he left this place.

Could it be true?

The Warlock was confused.

A few seconds later, he lowered his proud head and frowned. “I’m sorry, sir. I may need to leave for a while.”

“It’s alright.” Jin Ji waved his hand magnanimously, but his expression did not change.

After the Warlock had left, Ginger finally revealed a carefree smile and said to Conilla, “It feels so good to see the Heart of the Abyss suffer!

“Give Bloodline Tower another five million in secret resources. I want to see how long this battlefield can last and how far it can go. Let me add fuel to the fire.


Jin Ji laughed loudly, completely forgetting about his neutral stance!


The Hamis family!

In a tower, a figure suddenly stood up from a chair.

He was wearing a white Warlock robe and a monocle. He looked very old, but his eyes looked very powerful, like a giant eagle.

He was Azak Hamis, the current head of the Hamis family.

As the only top-tier faction close to the Western Regions, they had been paying attention to this war for a long time. They had already predicted the victory of the Heart of the Abyss and planned a retreat for the Western Regions.

But this time, with the appearance of Eli, the situation changed.

“He easily killed Soran, who is half-step fifth circle? Eli’s strength is even stronger than we expected!” Azak was a little shocked. Their assessment of Eli was that he had just entered the half-step fifth circle, but now it seemed that they might have made a mistake.

He should be an experienced half-step fifth-circle warlock!

“It’s very shocking!” Azak shook his head, but he wasn’t panicking.

So what if he was a veteran expert?

The Heart of the Abyss did not have just one or two half-step fifth-circle warlocks. There were at least three more on the surface. Moreover, this was definitely not all. There were still hidden ones. Moreover, Nero was also a peak half-step fifth-circle warlock.

On paper, his combat power still crushed Eli.

“However, at least we can consume more of the Heart of the Abyss. I originally planned to intervene in the near future, but it seems that I can wait a little longer.” Azak smiled.

The plan seemed to be more stable!

He was very happy!

“I’m afraid Nero is already furious.”

Azak laughed unkindly.

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