Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 39
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Chapter 39: Repair the Extreme Fire Fragment!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

After he spoke, Dugu Xin revealed a malicious smile.

Because the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm was close to the Jiuxiao Sect, training once every one hundred years had become normal. Therefore, there was a clear rule in the sect.

Opportunities and dangers coexisted in the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm. Hence, the disciples of the Jiuxiao Sect could only enter the realm when they reached the aurous core cultivation stage.

Dugu Xin felt he could use the rule to exclude the Bixiao Peak disciple from entering the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm!

“Since we’ve reached a decision, let’s go back and make some preparations. Once It’s time to invest resources, we shall arm the disciples. This time, our Jiuxiao Sect must obtain a great opportunity in the Sacred Dragon Secret Realm!”

After Dugu Xin spoke, everyone left.


The space in the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm had already begun to fluctuate. It wouldn’t be long before the mystic realm was revealed.

Within a radius of ten thousand miles around the mystic realm, the other sects were also making their preparations.

All the factions had one goal in mind: to send their disciples into the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm to obtain an opportunity!


In the bamboo house on Bixiao Peak, Qian Yi was lying lazily on her bamboo bed.

In order to restore the broken iron piece, Qian Yi had used an extensive amount of spiritual energy, and she was already a little tired.

Of course, for a powerhouse like Qian Yi, such a loss of spiritual energy could be quickly replenished, and there was no need for her to lie down and rest.

However, Qian Yi was already used to lazing around.

Moreover, under Lin An’s care, Qian Yi’s lazy habits had worsened.

At that moment, she was invisibly relying on Lin An’s care.

Nevertheless, Lin An was happy to take care of Qian Yi.

Putting aside the fact that she was his master, the more important thing was that Lin An had already discovered that taking care of Qian Yi could increase his success rate!

As he looked at Qian Yi, a string of characters appeared in Lin An’s eyes.

“Qian Yi is still a virgin. The host’s success rate of sleeping with her is currently 35%”

Lin An had unexpectedly developed feelings for Qian Yi.

Their previous hug had really made him feel more comfortable, and the thought of sleeping with Qian Yi had just crossed his mind.

He quickly brushed the thought aside and picked up the brand-new shard. The shard was as bright as gold, and it looked vastly different from the black metal. At that moment, it emitted a dazzling golden light.

“Master, are you sure that this Golden Shard is a key?”

Qian Yi’s eyes were still lethargic. She lifted her neck slightly and said nonchalantly, “That’s right. Although the contents aren’t complete, I can already see some information.

There’s a very high chance that the cauldrons of God and extreme fire are inside the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm. This shard is one of the keys. Disciple, grasp it well when the time comes! Once you enter the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm, you will have all the answers.”

“Alright. I will definitely not disappoint you, Master!” Lin An smiled and said firmly.

Lin An was confident because he had already used the success rate system.

Therefore, if there were any treasures inside the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm, he would definitely be the first to identify them.

At the same time, the success rate system would guide his path to obtaining the treasures.

Lin An was not worried about the journey.

In fact, he felt that he did not have to prepare for anything!

“It’s good to be confident! However, the operation of the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm this time also depends on luck! Many mighty figures have entered the realm in the past, but when it comes to opportunities, it really depends on fate! Disciple, don’t take the results too seriously!

When you understand the true meaning of the words ‘gain and loss’, ‘opportunity and fate’, it means that you have grown!”

Qian Yi had long known that there was a divine hall in the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm, so she was even more certain about the difficulty of obtaining opportunities.

However, she still had her own understanding of the concept of gain and loss. Otherwise, she would not have stayed in the Nine Cloud Sect for a thousand years.

Qian Yi had never intended to force her way into the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm. She also had no intention of nurturing disciples and then using them to seize the divine cauldron.

That completely depended on fate.

Qian Yi had never tried to imitate the other elders.

Her beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, which gave her a charming expression.

‘Gain and loss? Opportunity and fate?’

It didn’t matter. Lin An had a chance of success, so he naturally didn’t have to worry.

He looked at Qian Yi and said leisurely, “Master, in my opinion, meeting you was also fate! I can’t lose you.”

Hearing this, Qian Yi smiled charmingly. “You brat! You’re so glib-tongued. Be careful, or else I will punish you!”

“Master, I’m serious!” Lin An said with a little sarcasm before he continued, “The Jiuxiao Sect has a rule stating that disciples who are not at the golden core stage cannot enter the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm. What do you think about this?”

Qian Yi naturally knew about the rules of the Jiuxiao Sect.

During the conversation between Dugu Xin and the other elders, Qian Yi had roughly guessed the subject of their discussion.

She knew that any choice would affect Lin An’s future, so she also wanted to see how he would deal with the situation.

Lin An was also a little confused. It was the first time he heard about the rule. Although he had improved his skills, he was yet to break through to the golden core stage.

After all, he was cultivating the ‘No Beginning Scripture!’

However, without the golden core stage, he didn’t have the qualifications to enter the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm.

How would he deal with the new challenge?


After thinking for a moment, Lin An smiled slightly. “I will openly enter the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm and then swagger out!”

“Oh? Why?” Qian Yi asked in surprise.

“Humans set the rules. Only the strong can set the rules, and only the strong can break them. I don’t think there is an existence stronger than you in the Jiuxiao Sect, so why should I care about the opinions of others! I’m your only disciple!”

“Okay, you can leave now!”

Qian Yi was really impressed by Lin An. Even his personality had an invisible domineering aura. The answer he had given was exactly how Qian Yi felt about doing things.

Only the strong were qualified to mention the rules!

The Jiuxiao Sect was just so-so!

Qian Yi was delighted, and she casually waved her hand to indicate that Lin An could leave.

“Okay! If you have any more orders, feel free to call me!”

After saying this, Lin An left.

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