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Chapter 884 - Too Late For Regrets
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Chapter 884 - Too Late For Regrets

With his opponent dead, Joffrey quickly glanced around the scene and fought his way towards his next target.

And who could that person be?

Well, it was no other than Eldora.

Yes, Eldora, the pest.

At least, that’s how he thought of her.

During his battle with Duke Bulkington, he almost died several times by her arrows.

She and her small group of minions had been shooting at him several times.

If not for the fact that the battleground was so chaotic, he would’ve died by now.

Once, he ducked from avoiding his opponent’s attack, and an arrow whistled through the air and shot the person behind him.

Another time, someone was thrown in the air by another, and that person took the arrow for him.

In this crowded place, it wasn’t a good idea for them to use archers.

Yes, the archers could go up the stairs and shoot.

But, this was a battlefield, so the place was filled with thousands and thousands of people.

There was no safe spot for archers to shoot without risking an enemy attack from their surroundings.

That’s why only a handful of Eldora’s people were archers, while a few others created shields to fight around them up the stairs.

For now, Eldora was safe in that little bubble of hers, but Joffrey was about to break it.

Who asked her to be so annoying?


Eldora gazed at her incoming step-brother in panic.

Seeing his murderous eyes made her shower with fear and anger.

Why didn’t he just like he should’ve?

Joffrey smiled cruelly and placed his dagger away before fiercely clearing the path towards her with his sword.

Eldora held her now with trembling hands and quickly took an arrow, preparing to make her move.


She missed.


The faster Joffrey advanced, the more nervous she became, so much so that she started attempting to shoot as fast as she could.

Someone from earth who saw what she was doing would like that she was the failed version of Orlando Bloom in Lord Of The Rings.

Because of her shaky hands, fear and anxiety, she practically missed all her shots.

And the tension in the room didn’t make things better one bit.

One has to know that even know she was used to killing people, she did so in the comfort of her private estate.

She had never been to battle and felt very intimidated at it all.

Here, no one cared about her identity, as the enemies sneakily tried to cut her clean.

If not for those guarding her, she would’ve already died a hundred times over.

She didn’t know anything about techniques or even how to block attacks and protect herself.

She honestly thought it would be easy since she has personally killed people before.

But who would’ve known that the truth would be so different than what she imagined?

Her men also took shots at Joffrey, but it yielded no crowds because Joffrey used those around him to block the shots.


"Give me more arrows!"

"Princess, we are almost out."

"What did you say?!!!"

Eldora grew pale from fright.

Her lips quivered, and her body shook heavily.

She turned to see her cruel half-brother waving at her and almost fainted.


It was a mistake to get involved now!

She should’ve just moved assassins to fight for her.

She thought she was formidable because of the number of people she has killed over the years.

But now, she knew it was nothing compared to what her brothers had done.


The men struggled to hold her limping body in confusion.

Why would the princess go real because of such news?

They still had men and swords with them, so what’s there to be worried about?

As Deifer men, they were always battle-ready.

He the thing was, they forgot that she was a Deifer woman and not a man.

She had an entirely different education that didn’t prepare her for today.

Eldora quickly got up and held the person beside her tightly.

"Fall back.

Tell everyone to fall back."


"I said Fall back!

Now get me out of here!"

Eldora was ready to fly out of the building if need be.

She now envied her sister Tatiana who fooled her mother out of the palace earlier on.


She should’ve sent assassins while chilling in her estate rather than staying.

Of course, she wasn’t giving up on the crown

She just wanted to live today to fight for it another time.

But how could it be that easy?

Just fighting their way down the stairs again and out of the building was another hassle on its own.

Not to talk about leaving the palace.

And with her murderous brother behind her, it was tough to tell whether she would be able to escape or not.


Eldora and her men tried to move away as fast as possible, but those around them continued attacking them brutally.

And before they knew it, Joffrey had caught up to them.

Some of Eldora’s shields were busy with other opponents, while 2 decided to engage with Joffrey instead.

"Yes, kill him, kill him, kill him!"

Eldora started screaming madly while standing against the wall.

The men were at her front, battling to protect her.

And she began to cheer from for them fearfully.

It’s 2 against 1, so her brother should lose, right?

She felt very confident after analyzing things.

But soon, her smile cracked when she saw her brother send a father into one’s heart while stabbing the other with his sword.


A bunch of useless fools!

He pitched her only remaining arrow in her hand and hid it behind her back in fear.

"My dear darling sister, earlier on, didn’t I tell you that the battleground is no place for a woman?

Well, since you’re so bent on seeking death, then why don’t I assist you by granting your wish?"

Joffrey quickly made his move.

And even though Eldora tried to block it, she fell fatally underneath the attack.

But, before going out, she left a little gift for this brother of hers.

Joffrey looked at his chest and started laughing angrily.


Who would’ve known that a woman would take him down?

In his chest was an arrow that Eldora used to stab his heart.

He slumped by the side of the wall and watched Eldora’s struggling body tried to survive.

In fact, he also found himself in the same predicament as well.

He felt very cold and frail.

Eldora was the first to go, and within the next seconds, he too was dead.


Again, in another part of the room, Duke Osias had killed Bonivier too.

Now, there were just 3 players in the game, Ulrich, Winston and Duke Osias.

Who will win?

Who will be on top?

All 3 stared at each other in determination.

There was only room for one person in this empire.

The rest had to die!

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