I'm the King Of Technology

Chapter 1763 A Cowardly Death?
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Chapter 1763 A Cowardly Death?

Everyone in the room stared at the back view of the devilishly handsome man, knowing that although they couldn't see his face, they knew him too well to know he was furious! Staring out his window, the man's lips raised slightly with an evil glint in his eyes. "Dead?..." Sebastian slowly turned around, facing the group of calm men, and Rudolf, his best friend, who was eating an apple while lying down on a stylish red, long, artistic-style couch. Dead. That word buzzed in their ears, as some still found it unbelievable that the Ghost, who was the number 2 assassin in Dafaren, Veinitta, would die in the hands of a lowlife like Death. How does this make any sense? How does it add up? Clenching the second note in his possession, Sebastien slowly threw it into the massive fireplace, watching it burn with a strange flicker in his eyes. Thack!-Thack!-Thack!~ The echoing sounds of the flames consuming the firewood and all in its path, were all everyone could hear in this knee-deep silence. Dammit! Everyone knew Ghost's death wasn't natural. Rudolf tilted his head, taking another bite of his apple. "They cheated." Rudolf pushed, swiftly chewing the juicy apple chunks in his mouth. "They had to have cheated for them to win against our man! Don't forget that we were the ones who challenged Death. The location for the battle had our men swarmed in and hidden in the dark, ready for action." 'What's more, we gave Ghost cheat sheets that told of every move and technique death was bound to make during the fight.' Rudolf inwardly added, not voicing this part out to the men. That matter was to remain a scepter between him, Sebastian, Ghost, and the decision-makers in the TOEP. They made all plans to ensure their victory was flawless. So how can it be normal for them to lose? Impossible! The only way it is possible is if Death cheated as well. .

While still lying down, Sebastien threw the finished stalk of the apple into the fire with precision. How shameless! "I don't think he went there intending to honor the battle." Hm-hm.

Many nodded, agreeing with Rudolf. Who knowsโ€ฆ Maybe rather than coming alone, he came with an entire army that swept across the place, that also killed off the TOEP scouts hiding in the shadows. Didn't you hear what the reports said? No bodies or survivors were found. But they did find that the place was still thick with the aura of the dead. Although they didn't see obvious evidence, they knew the dead TOEP men must've been gathered and burned out there till they turned to piles of ashes. Winter was here. The battlefield was completely covered with heaps and heaps of snow just after a few days, not to mention weeks. The snow buried everything in its part, erasing evidence of footsteps and other aspects too. But the one thing it can't erase was the man-made evidence left on the trees and nearby bushes. They also cleared off several heals of snow from the grounds. And even though the evidence was near-destroyed by now, they could still conclude that their dead men must've been piled up and burned together. Who were they? TOEP men who have unfathomable tracking skills and abilities. They analyzed all information they could find to reach this conclusion. No one thought Death fought against Ghost. To them, Death must have come in with thousands and thousands of men, surrounding their men in all directions. In short, it was an ambush! He didn't fight Ghost at all but decided not to honor the battle at the last minute, sneakily staying on his horse while commanding his men to charge in and eliminate their men. Coward! Many gnashed their teeth, finding Ghost's death to be unfair and unjust. The bastard dared not honor a fight between assassins? Damn that Pyno bastard! Just who do they think they are to pull such a cowardly act on Ghost? .

Many were fuming. ๐’ป๐“‡๐˜ฆ๐˜ฆ๐˜ธ๐˜ฆ๐˜ฃ๐˜ฏ๐‘œ๐“‹๐˜ฆ๐‘™.๐’ธ๐‘œ๐“‚

Don't forget that Ghost, just like Death, was the boss of many of the men underneath Sebastien. These men also work in his guild back in Dafaren, fearing and respecting him too. Ghost was their boss, and their boss worked for Sebastien, so their allegiance was also with Sebastien. Luckily, all of them now work for the big, big, big, boss, the TOEP, and were now registered as men under Sebastien's regime. If it was normal, the death of Ghost would have left his men scattering in all directions, some still choosing to work for Sebastien, others choosing to work alone, some going to work for others they felt were more powerful, and a select few choosing to retire. That would have been the order of things.

But now that they have signed over their lives to the TOEP, there was no getting out. You can'tโ€ฆ you just can't, unless in death. So even if they don't work with Sebastien, they would still get reshuffled like chess pieces and might end up working for a boss they detested instead. Can you imagine them working for a boss beneath them? What if they get assigned to work with some newbie Pyno man because they say he or she has 'potential?'

Blugh~ The thought alone is jarring. They've been in the TOEP long enough to know that those who lose their leaders, would become 'passables,' people they send to work with certain newbie bosses for a while until those newbie bosses get the hang of it and can now stand on their own 2 feet without their help. Sometimes, it was good since the passable might come from higher places, but other times, it was incredibly insulting for people like them who rose and fell from what they considered their top. There were so many factors that came into place if they chose to leave Sbeatsien's faction. It can lead to a happy ending or a sad pitiful one for them. That's why the devil they knew was better than the angel they didn't know. With those simple thoughts, a majority would still choose to stay in Sebastien's regime. Still, the shock of hearing that their leader was dead was enough to leave them in a state of doubt, fury and disbelief for a long, long time. Do you know just how strong their leader, Ghost, is? In Dafaren and even within the entire Veinitta, people were afraid to mention his name, coming up with all sorts of spooky legends about him. His killings were legendary and his wicked mind and strength were also crazily sharp and brutal. It's not easy to book him for a job. You must first be worthy of his assassin status since he doesn't take jobs from just anyone. Additionally, the case, A.K.A, the target, must be worth it as well. Do you think he would accept a case to kill a mere daughter of a lowly Baron? Who do you think you're talking to? His targets must be equally worthy of having to die by his hands. The royals, dukes, and even some hidden organization leaders go to him when they want a for sure complete and flawless job. They say when he, Ghost, comes for you, there will be no escaping your fate. Because like a ghost, he will always be there, even if you can't see him. That is their bossโ€ฆ The deadly Ghost. And now that he chose to fight upfront, these Pyno bastards killed him in cold blood because they were too scared to face him in true combat. .

Many clenched their fists, feeling a pot of emotions boiling within their hearts. So what does this mean? It simply states that their leader was seen as so strong that these Pyno bastards dared not face him honestly. (*โ– *)

"_" [Death]

If Death knew their thoughts, he would raise his swords to hack them to death. Who was cheating whom? Who was afraid of whom?

Unlike what they thought, he came for that battle just like invented and even fought with Ghost. So what do you mean by saying he was too chicken to fight? Does he look so shameless not to honor assassin-combat? He, Death, went there, truly abating to see the fighting difference between Ghost and himself. Indeed, Ghost was truly formidable. But the thing Death could never accept was that Ghost was a cheater! Well, he cheated first by mastering a list of Death's skills that he used to counterattack every move. In other words, he was not organic. It was like a cheat sheet for a multiple-choice examination. There was no thinking on his part, making the battle boring for Death, even though Death was the one getting beaten, at the time. But that's not all.

After the Baymardians took action, do you know how many TOEP men they killed and captured alive? Death laughed when recalling how Ghost said both of them should go to the battlefield alone. Is this the 'alone' he was talking about? Tsk. If Death were here, he would f**king tell these bastards the real truth about their boss and how the battle actually went down. Did you think he just sat in the background and allowed his men to wage war against these TOEPs when he arrived on the battlefield? What do they take him for?


Everyone in the room was furious, wanting to avenge Ghost's death. Sebastien on the other hand, stood silent, watching over the fireplace with a grim look in his eyes. "Boysโ€ฆ Since they don't fight fair, then why should we too? For now, we no longer attack my dear distant cousin, William." "For now, we watchโ€ฆ we watch them like prey, understanding their every move. And when the time is rightโ€ฆ" Bam! William slammed his fists on the wall. "We destroy them all!" But while laying in wait, it was time he went to Baymard, to see what the fuss on it was all about. More importantly, he wanted to see her againโ€ฆ She, the most breathtaking woman he has ever laid eyes on. She was everything he wanted in a woman. Sebastian lowered his gaze, revealing a devilish smile that didn't reach his eyes. 'Lucy, Queen of Baymardโ€ฆ You will soon be mine.'

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