I'm the King Of Technology

Chapter 1185 - A New And Improved Barrack
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Chapter 1185 - A New And Improved Barrack

Landon drove across the busy barracks, watching and listening to the sounds of several units jogging and singing some military songs

"Sound off!"

"1, 2"

"Sound off!"

"3, 4..."

Both men and women jogged hard in different units and directions, all in formation to the steady marching beat.

Landon glanced at them through his open roof jeep with his sunglasses on and would nod from time to time if some people bogged close to his vehicle.

He didn't want to distract them or ruin the mood, so there was no overuse of words.

More so, the soldiers also seemed to know this, as they only greeted him sternly and moved on.

So don't think that their actions would get unnoticed.

Landon looked at the scene and smiled proudly when he thought about the many changes implemented within the barracks over the years.

And just November last year, the 4-year ongoing expansion project had been finally put to rest.

Now, all barracks, be it Baymardian or those for international soldiers, were all expanded greatly.

Expansion wasn't an issue to them because, as Landon had said, the one thing Baymard had in excess was land.

So Landon had been planning for the long haul of when all empires would be U.N members.

That's right.

The Caronian, Arcadinian, Deifer, Yodan, and Teriquen barracks had greatly been expanded too.


So he planned that the most populated continent would have one barrack to themselves, while the other continents would pair together in groups of 2 and share each barrack left.

And Landon wasn't going to base this by landmass because that just wouldn't work.

Take, for example, Pyno.

Pyno was the biggest continent in the world. In fact, just the empire of Arcadina alone was bigger in landmass to some continents here.

But that didn't mean that there were more people in population.

Phyno was the most spacious continent that didn't feel choking to many.

It can be said that the number of dangerous beings in Pyno was greater than anywhere else in this world.

It was no wonder that Pyno took time to develop.

With their massive landmass, they were too focused on fighting these creatures for survival. At the same time, many other continents had long since taken care of their pest problems and concentrated on development.

So yeah. Even till now, they were still struggling to survive with several creatures lurking around.

That said... though Pyno had more land mass than any other continent, their population wasn't as high as some of the top continents like Morgany, Lampe, and Veinitta.

Every single one of these continents was way higher in population than Pyno.

At the same time, places like Zohl and Romain, had roughly the same population as Pyno.

So to Landon, he felt like he could pair continents based on their landmass.

No! For the barracks situation, only the most populated continent would have a single barrack all to themselves.

And if they needed more space, they would expand and might even build yet another barrack there.

There was room for expansion within each barrack.

And, around each barrack was also a vast open forest and regions for forest simulation training, missions, and whatnot.

Thus, the future was looking bright.



Landon drove through the scene, passing by several wooden signs along the way that reassured him or anyone of whether they were going the right track or not.

Landon drove by the open space for a bit before turning left and going through a road with several trees on both sides that provided a good shade for passerbys.

He drove for 5 whole minutes before crossing over a short stone bridge over a stream and now found himself within Sector Y.

In the barracks, their sectors were labeled and started from the last alphabet letter.

So the entry region was still sector Z, which branches into 4 other sectors, and so on.

As of now, Landon was in sector Y, one of the 4 branched sectors. And just behind sector Y was yet another sector again.


Landon parked his car, jumped out from the vehicle's open-top, and took off his cool dark sunglasses.

And as expected, there were still several Generals and others, in full attire, who had been waiting for his arrival.

And the moment he jumped out of his vehicle, they gave a military salute, stomping their legs hard and placing their right hand on their heads.

"Your majesty!"

"Your majesty!"


Landon looked at them and nodded seriously too, giving them the respect they deserved: "At ease. Now, tell me... Is everyone prepared?"

One of the generals bobbed his head while walking alongside Landon: "Your majesty. The soldiers are all prepared. Additionally, the selected Marines and Navy officials had also arrived not too long ago."

Yes! From their upcoming mission, it was a joint effort of the Marines, Soldiers, and Navy!

As for air force teams, they were in all 3 armed force groups here.

That is, until Battle planes and choppers get made, there wouldn't be any specific people for the Air Forces.

For now, everyone learned how to pilot the hot air balloons, thinking that this was the height of air travel, not knowing that solon, their has would drop at the wonders of what air travel was really about.

Landon listened to those beside him while calmly placing his shades in his br??st pocket.

"Good. Then let's begin briefing!"

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