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Chapter 1020 - The Jig Was Up!
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Chapter 1020 - The Jig Was Up!

~Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!~~

Right before their very eyes, a few others on the third inner formation line, witnessed those on the 2nd line lose their body parts like magic.

Illusion! Illusion!

This was definitely an illusion, right?

Seeing this scene, they shook their heads in disbelief and prayed again for more blessings.

If they finally won this war, they would give up half their wealth to Dragmus as offerings.

At the same time, some believed that this move was done by some of the secret and rare beasts aboard the Baymardian sh.i.p.s.

It seemed like the stories were true.

For Dragmus and their own safety, they must win this war!


Back on the first formation line, chaos reigned supreme there!

One of the dragias, who had just managed to evade the raining bullets, tripped over a dead body amidst the fog of smoke and fell with a loud bang hitting his chin.

But how could he feel pain now?

He was just about to rise again when he suddenly froze.

His body then trembled vigorously.

He touched his c.h.e.s.t and felt it moist.

Blood! Blood had blossomed out of his c.h.e.s.t, dying his already red shirt.


He spat out a large mouthful of blood in disbelief and unwillingness before falling to his knees again, twitching hard.

1 second later, he was dead!

The smoke began to disperse fast, revealing Yara’s silhouette a few steps back.

She did several hand gestures, indicating that they should all proceed carefully towards onwards.

Presently, Yara’s battleship was positioned perpendicular to the dragia ship she descended onto.

The Battleship was anchored sideways (vertically), while the enemy ship she was on was positioned straight on with its head facing them (horizontally.)

The Baymardian sh.i.p.s slanted so that their sides faced the heads of 3 or 4 enemy sh.i.p.s at the same time.

So the marines from a single battleship ship all scattered below onto these 3~4 sh.i.p.s at once.

That said, Yara and a few others had landed onto the high post/deck at the front of the ship used by the Captains and crew members for observations.

If this were an 18th-century ship when the sailing wheels got invented, the ship steering wheel would be here.

Of course, in this 10th era, such a complex mechanism that involved pulleys, and ropes attached to the paddles that could control an entire ship, wasn’t even thought of yet.


Yara quickly tapped the dead body to make sure it was dead, before hurriedly dropping to the floor and crawling towards the edge of the post with railings and stairs headed downwards towards the main deck.

Through the gaps on the railings, she made several shots at those still alive, before rushing down the stairs with her Company vigilantly.

Standing on the main deck, just behind her, was the post she had descended from.

And from here, she could see several doors underneath the post at deck-level.

These 2 doors were definitely stairways or storage rooms.

And just ahead of her, at the extreme end of the ship, was another post standing on 2 floors up the main deck.

Just from a single glance, it was easy to see that the first/deck-level floor should have stairways leading up or down below.

And above this deck level were probably luxurious cabins where the captains of these sh.i.p.s sleep.

The post she stood on earlier was 2 floors up the main deck level.

Why? Because the Captains and co-captains rooms took up the entire floor.

Yara did several hand signals, and the marines quickly dispersed out into different directions.

With the 2nd group of tactical teams shooting at those within the 2nd formation line, they didn’t need to worry about sneak attacks from those in the nearby enemy sh.i.p.s.


Meanwhile, a few dragias hiding and peeping through the small creaks in the doors trembled anxiously when they thought of their predicaments.

They were currently trapped in a room on deck-level that had a stairway at one end of it.

Thos was the floor they typically stored their cleaning supplies and trash in.

One had to pass through this small tight room to get to the stairway at the back and descend to the lower decks.

But now, the stair doorway had been bolted by their so-called dragia brothers on the other side.

They wasted no time in abandoning them, shutting the door right on their faces.

Some had already given up and were now seated calmly waiting for death, while others continuously banged on the door in fright.

~Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!~

"Open up now! Dragmus will never forgive you all for what you’re doing!"

"Let us in! Let us in!"

"Brothers! Let’s run up on the food and forcefully pry it open."

"No! It’s no use! Those bastards had probably placed all 3 wooden planks across the door from top to bottom."

"Then, then, then, then... What do we do?

"What do we do now?"

"Of course we fight! We give these people a piece of our minds!"

"Yes! We don’t go down without a fight!"



Listening to the faint sounds of their battle cry, Yara raised her hand, causing her team to freeze.

From there, she spoke into her arm shield.

"TC-01 to RC-01. The cake is still in the oven. I repeat! The cake is still in the oven!"

"Copy that TC-01. Over."

Ruby, who was aboard one of the battlesh.i.p.s, answered promptly and continued staying on standby with her units.

The tactical teams had already begun clearing the place.

And soon, it was time for them to swoop in and transport the slaves out, as well as gather any who chose to surrender.

As for the dead, treasures or info left behind, they’ll remain on the sh.i.p.s.

After the battle, the Coast guards, A.KA the cleaners, would haul everything back towards headquarters.

Now all she was waiting for was Yara’s signal.

Yara stood by the side of the door, raised her fingers in the air and began the countdown.

3... 2... 1...


"Help me! Help me! They forced me into joining this temple. I’m innocent!"


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