I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

Chapter 32
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“Johnson Brown is an American from the Southern State, code name Hurican. Transliterated from Hulakan, meaning, hurricane. Hulakan is the god of thunderstorms and whirlwinds from Mayan myths.”

Zhang YaoJin paused, and seriously said, “I think you already understand, he has a dual-system S-level ability as the protagonist.”

The protagonist? According to the professional version of a script, this is the “son of destiny”.

Sure enough, different from the ordinary people, even the abilities given is double.

The damage brought to Jian Hua is also doubled——why does the other person’s ability sound so cool? He doesn’t want to compare, but he just wants an ability that he can openly show. Is this desire too extravagant?

“Dual-system ability, does it mean double the power of an ordinary ability holder?” Li Fei’s focus of concern is at that point.

“That’s not it.” Zhang YaoJin answered quickly. Apparently, he also studied this issue. “It’s just that his ability has two manifestations.”

Jian Hua’s heart moved. If it’s like that, is it possible to get rid of the mushrooms?

“Hurricane Jennifer landed in Southern State four days ago.” Zhang YaoJin emphasizes, “Johnson Brown should have awakened his ability at that time.”

“You mean?”

The numbers on the energy detector’s screen that was on the table is rising again. Li Fei quickly glanced at it. He had seen this thing before in the Haicheng Military District. What the Red Dragon people told Li Fei about this thing is that the energy in his body has exceeded it, that’s why he cannot pass through security checks.

——It will actually produce changes with mood fluctuations.

Li Fei is silent, returning to his original point, “The Hurricane awakened his abilities, so that’s why his starting point is higher than others?”

He had little interest in this American. But what is the relationship between the villain and the protagonist? What the ending would be, how could Li Fei, who read scripts like this, not know?

“Insiders think so too. In the last two decades, Category 4 Hurricane Jennifer is the strongest Hurricane formed over the Atlantic Ocean. It destroyed two seaside towns......Our meteorological satellite also photographed something on the evening of November 7th at the city of Pedrone 60 kilometers from the hurrican’s landing site. There was an unsual thunderstorm phenomenon.”

Zhang YaoJin pondered his next words, implicitly saying, “The released energy is roughly equivalent to a new type of nuclear missile. Even after hitting the buildings on the ground, the underground fortifications would also suffer damage.”


Jian Hua’s expression is hard to describe in words.

Even though he was late to enter the story, he can immediately see that Johnson Brown, this enemy of his, quickly kill him. This terrible power is enough to make people uneasy.

Could it be because he’s the protagonist?

“The author of this book......is also an American.” Li Fei raised his eyebrows, his tone confident.

There is no suspense.

The awakening of abilities worldwide, and the appearance of these monsters who would break up into a fight and destroy public facilities. This kind of beautiful setting, you can pick up a bunch of them from Hollywood’s hero movies.

Of course, the protagonist is an American, and the villain is Chinese. The protagonist has a double-system S-level ability. In turn, Jian Hua only has a bunch of mushrooms......the gap is so obvious, what else is there to say?

Major Zhang took out a lighter and ordered for a cigarette with a wave of his hand.

——Since you have guessed it, you don’t have to mention it.

When he found himself a character from a book, he was already cranky. But knowing that this book is a famous story written by an American, Zhang YaoJin burst out into foul language.

Relatively speaking, Jian Hua and Li Fei’s reaction is calm.

“Now that you’re talking, what cruel things did I do? Will I be......” Jian Hua mouth twitched, “the ultimate villain in a typical American hero movie?”

Li Fei corrected him, “Not a movie, it’s a novel.”

“Is there a difference?” Jian Hua snappily said.

“If this is a book, you only need to think whether the life you’ve experienced is real or not.” The actor held his arm as if it’s consoling him and said, “If this world is a movie, then you have to doubt if the face you have is your own.”


Spoken from an actor’s professional perspective.

But isn’t this point a little biased?

If Jian Hua substituted him, imagining General Wu’s agonizing face over a problem, he felt like he’s inferior. The eyes he used to look at Li Fei became strange.

Li Fei who shot his own foot, “......”

Zhang YaoJin wanting to smoke is in fact, quite justified. Who wants to hold their face, and think that it could belong to a drag racer, an alcoholic, a drug addict, or a Hollywood playboy that changes girlfriends the way he changes clothes? There are also many foreigners who have black hair and black eyes who can also play the villain.

Major Zhang’s subordinates are the only relaxed people in the room. Their advantage is that they weren’t named in the book. Except for a life without trouble, they have no problem with their life experiences or their face.

Jian Hua throws aside his entanglement with General Wu. The smell of smoke in the booth makes him anxious, his tone involuntarily questioning, “Am I a mad scientist, or the mastermind of a machine that controls human minds? If you give me a gun right now, I would not even know how to change the magazine. Isn’t it absurd that the book wrote me as the villain? Did I commit a crime?”

Li Fei is also very curious. He can’t see Jian Hua as the villainous BOSS in an American heroic fiction. It’s not that Jian Hua’s ability is not up to par, but his character is cold, cautious and suspicious. Jian Hua, who is unwilling to do anything he doesn’t want to do, would he fight someone with a dual-system ability holder. Will they have a battle of wits?

This thing, even if you give Jian Hua food, he also would not necessarily do it.

“Oh, this ah!” Zhang YaoJin put out his cigarette, and lightly said, “The book says you want to control the world.”


He might as well destroy the human race!

Jian Hua’s face looks like he wants to shred the author.

The young man behind Zhang YaoJin smirked. The people from the Red Dragon were nervous before they came because according to the information they’ve gathered, Jian Hua’s image is severely demonized——he is cruel, dark and twisted, extremely vengeful, won’t believe in others, and completely anti-human and anti-social.

Even when Major Zhang returned from Jian Hua’s home and said that the information may be wrong, most of the Red Dragon still have doubts.

But really seeing Jian Hua, and as the conversation continues, the young men feel that the gloomy image from the data is beginning to blur. Yes ah, like Jian Hua said, how could a normal person have the potential to become the villain in a bloody hero movie?

Typically, they are mentally twisted, someone with destructive desires. After obtaining a power, the first thought that comes to their mind is not hiding. They can’t wait to experiment with this force, and indulged in this power that they can’t be pulled from it.

Looking at Li Fei and Jian Hua, there is no such situation.

——Whether it is the “original storyline”, or now.

Li Fei suddenly smiled, breaking the rigid atmosphere, “I think this is a good thing. Look, we can tell the difference between ourselves and the book. You are still you, not a patient with a delusional disorder.”

Am I still me?

Jian Hua’s expression relaxed. He nodded towards Li Fei, no longer looking angry.

In the booth, the other two people looked at Li Fei. The analysis of the Red Dragon of the actor Li Fei’s personality will probably have to be updated again.

Li Fei seemingly folded his hands casually, and elegantly smiled, “As for the American hero who awakened in the hurricane, we can give it to Major Zhang to worry about. As for me, I need to talk to Jian Hua about the movie that we will film at the North immediately.”

“You!” Zhang YaoJin is stumped for words.

“But?” Jian Hua is also surprised. Wouldn’t they fail the security check?

Li Fei points to the energy detector on the table, “I found an interesting thing just now.”

When Jian Hua is angry, the numbers don’t seem to change. Even Li Fei himself, if he wants to control his mood swings, the value can decline.

The young man quickly pulled up the instrument’s fluctuation chart in the past hour, then his face changed.

Jian Hua’s ability has hidden attributes. Not surprisingly, it’s undetectable. How come there’s a time when the energy levels in the booth are close to normal? Li Fei has been sitting there and has never left ah!

Zhang YaoJin thoughtfully looked at the chart, “S-level ability holders, after being familiar with their own strength, will their repression and control of the energy increase?”

It was not discussed in detail in the book, not to mention that there are only five S-level ability holders in the original storyline. Zhang YaoJin himself is not one of those so he can’t verify.

Li Fei answered with an irrelevant thing, “I will not escape the disaster, but it is not welcome. If the Red Dragon can provide effective measures to prevent the destruction caused by monsters from affecting our world, then we are happy to accept.”

He said that while taking a quick look at Jian Hua. He found himself making a decision on behalf of Jian Hua, and Jian Hua did not seem to object it, so his heart became more assured.

“But other than joining the National Secret Services, dealing with the hero who will save the world is not included. For everyone in this world, their only desire is to ‘just be themselves’.”

Zhang YaoJin looked at the determined Li Fei, and also Jian Hua.

Eventually, he sighed. Determining whether these two people are good or bad, he couldn’t be bothered.

“The Red Dragon will temporarily take care of Geng Tian. The ability holders who can enter the Abandoned World will now encounter monsters, so we’ve arranged a safe and secure sanctuary. He can’t come back in a short time, so I suggest you hire another bodyguard.” Zhang YaoJin thought about it again and said, “The real purpose of our transferring Geng Tian is to keep the ability holders away from society and prevent them from affecting our world. I hope that when you encounter another giant monster like the man-eating squid, quickly deal with it but take it to an open space! After the Red Dragon finished analyzing it, a copy of the data about the Abandoned World’s monsters will be given to you.”

After saying those words, they frankly looked at each other. Li Fei did not refuse.

The young man pushed the wheelchair. When Zhang YaoJin was just about to leave the booth, he suddenly thought of something, turning back to say, “Right, it’s still very early for Johnson Brown to find you. He is only 14 years old this year after all.”


The author has something to say:

I discovered that at yesterday’s update, many people don’t understand the concept of Category 4 Hurricanes......

And that why did the original book characters not find Johnson to hold his thigh......

Typhoon HaiKui is the strongest typhoon that landed in our country (China) since 1950. It took 14 days before it landed, maximum wind power is 50.9 meters per second. This intensity is enough to become a Category 3 Hurricane, Category 3!! And it still barely reached the threshold for Category 3!!

A windspeed of over 50 meters per second is Category 3! Ok, what is the concept of Category 4? It should have a wind speed of 59 to 69 meters per second!!!

Greather than or equal to 70 meters per second is Category 5 Hurricane!! There have been five cases in the history of United States! Category 5 Hurricanes!!! How many people died, look at the documentaries (really), it was literally hell on earth, a city is completely gone.

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