I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

Chapter 27
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Fingers groped under the cap. After pulling hard,a mushroom large enough to be a tablecloth was torn off。

After pinching it,he discovered that regardless of texture and color,it’s the same with the mushrooms that he bought from the supermarket。This is his ability——Jian Hua woodenly stood there,as if the Abandoned World pulled a big joke on him. He was simply dumbfounded。

The mushroom cap in his hand suddenly twisted,gently turning into countless filaments,and falling to the ground like a fountain. The other mushrooms in the corridor also grow more vigorously。

Jian Hua is silent for a long time, and with difficulty, finally said, “I was wondering......can we eat this?”

“I told you,they’re not real mushrooms。” Li Fei helplessly look up at the spectacular scenery on the corridor. The “mycelium” pulls the energy from somewhere. The act of plucking a mushroom is equal to suicide。

“But,if people eat it——” Li Fei also wants to know the answer。

After close pondering,Jian Hua threw away the remaining white filaments,sighing, “I feel like it’s a hunting net. A fisherman will rely on fishing nets to eat. No one will eat the fishing nets.”

It’s strange to blame the net for being too plump and inviting。

Jian Hua’s heart worried. The mushrooms occupy only this building. The mushrooms only appear on the grass from outside the building、the corner、and in the cracks in the pavement. There is no doubt that its area is expanding。

If the entire residential area became an exaggerated mushroom garden,not drawing other people’s attention is strange。

Here is his home after all. Even if it is discovered by the National Secret Services, if any ability holder can see the mushrooms,and if they find people in the neighborhood of question,where would Jian Hua find his quiet days?

“Look,at least you’re home. Do not worry about being attacked by a monster。” Li Fei comforts Jian Hua. He can easily imagine how difficult it is to find a safe place in Abandoned World in the future,and how ability holders have to struggle to survive here。

While living in the depths of a mushroom nest is a bit......

Jian Hua suspected he heard the sound of laughter. Li Fei seems to be looking at something. When he notices that he’s looking, the actor changed his expression. With no trace of laughter on his face,he also calmly told Jian Hua, “Let’s go upstairs first.”


Good acting does not mean that others can’t find it。

Jian Hua’s face became sullen. However, this is his own ability,who can he be angry at?

Stepping on the fifth floor with high and low mushroom umbrella all the way,it was a really wonderful experience。

Li Fei remembers a variety show he participated in several years ago. One of the checkpoints is a challenge on a large water park. There are seven semi-circular balls built over the pool. When Li Fei stepped on it, he found out it was made of rubber,soft as hell,and forms a big pit under his feet that even the calf sunk in。

Now, it was worse than that time, at least the waterpark ball is not offensive。

Fine white soft filaments stuck to Li Fei’s soles,even growing on his trousers. It was as if they could not bear to let go of the prey in front of their eyes,and they instinctively wanted to “keep” Li Fei.

On the other hand,the fierce beast inside him is also uneasy. If it has physical substance,he guessed that it’ll destroy the mushrooms。

Jian Hua climbed to the fifth-floor,surprised that his door has been opened by the growing mushrooms. There are even mushrooms in the lock making him pale with anger。

“Click” The mushroom that opened the spring in the lock shrunk。

The wanton mushroom that grew to plug the entire door frame also shrunk and the security door slammed back again. Listening to the sound,it seems to be not broken。

Li Fei is surprised, “Do these filaments have their own thinking?”

“No,I can control it。” Jian Hua squeezes these words out of his teeth。


Jian Hua tries to change these filaments. However, they are delighted with the mushroom morphology. Even if Jian Hua is the master of the power,these filaments seems to be the type that is severely inert when there is no prey,so barely changed its appearance。

The mushrooms in the corridor disappeared,exposing the mottled paint on the walls,and the old banister。

Jian Hua bows his head. The soles of his feet are more than 20 centimeters from the floor. At first glance, it looks like he’s levitating。

This ability once again refreshed Li Fei’s knowledge, “It can camouflage according to the background color?”

There are still mushrooms,they just can’t see it. The rainforest squid used it when it ambushed the two。

“It’s better than nothing。” Jian Hua is relieved. Even if the mushrooms fill up the area,it will not attract other people’s attention。

He put his foot forward and went home. As a result, he ended up bumping into a mushroom。

The depressed Jian Hua heard light laughter from his ear,so light that it seems like an illusion。

“Sorry,I should have reminded you。” In the eyes of Li Fei,the invisibility means nothing。

With a black face, he pushed the mushroom-filled door. Jian Hua walks into the living room,and gratified to find that there is no mountain of mushrooms growing inside his home. The furnishings are all good,but there are a lot of thin silk threads on the wall。

If you sit in the middle of a pile of mushrooms when you entertain a guest,this picture is too beautiful to imagine。

After Jian Hua and Li Fei came in, the door was closed with difficulty。

——The cannot see the mushrooms outside clearly。

Food and water in the Abandoned World are useless. Jian Hua eliminates the need to wash the dishes. He removed the compressed cookies and glucose from his pocket,but found out that except for the biscuits,the bottle of glucose may have been cracked when the rainforest squid lifted the Ferrari into the sky. The liquid inside leaked until there’s almost nothing left,and was entirely absorbed by his clothes. Jian Hua did not find out because of the blood from his wounds soaking his clothes。

“I still have to eat。” Li Fei took out his stock from his ragged clothes。

Mashed potatoes、fruit puree、and there are also several nutritional liquid supplements。

Their flexible packaging are generally the same as with the toothpaste,after bending and pressing,still no damage。

“Let’s eat mine first。” Li Fei persuaded。

Jian Hua hesitated. He didn’t feel hungry after killing the rainforest squid,but he will not hide this secret and deliberately cheat the other’s food。

He experienced almost starving to death,so in Jian Hua’s view,food is only second to his life。

“I’m not hungry,you eat it。” Once again, he rejected the food handed by Li Fei. Jian Hua excused himself to change clothes,and went into the bedroom。

Opening the wardrobe to pick out two shirts and two trousers,Jian Hua also pulled out new underwear from the wardrobe drawer. He took it out all together,and dropped one set into the couch。

“I have no good quality clothes,you have to put up with it.”

Li Fei took a glance at it,opening his nutritional tube and said, “You go to the bath first,I’ll just cushion my stomach.”

Jian Hua didn’t push it,and went to the bathroom with his clothes。

The old house has no separate shower room,and was only separated by a thin wooden door. Presumably, because his body has wounds,there was no sound of scrubbing。With this knowledge,the splashing is not considerable. But the Abandoned World is too quiet,so Li Fei can even hear the sound of soap sliding on skin, and also the act of twisting the towel judging by the sound。

Li Fei lowered his eyes,leisurely eating something。

He feels his throat is a little thirsty. But hearing the sound of water also made him thirsty,a conditional reflex。

Jian Hua washed very quickly. After putting on his clothes, he felt very relaxed。

Reality is not like a movie. A life or death fight after a high-speed car chase even made his hair be covered in dust. So what if actors are still handsome and charming behind the screen,even their style will be broken when they look like a beggar。

Changing the old clothes that are stained with blood and throwing it away,Jian Hua walks back to the living room,and casually said, “There’s no hot water. The towel on the far right of the washstand is new,so you can use it.”

“How’s the wound?” Li Fei inquiringly looked at Jian Hua’s back。

Jian Hua shook his head and said:”The medicine’s not working. Sure enough, it was no use. I can only wait for it to heal naturally.”

The location of the wound is not good,so sitting on the sofa will touch it. Jian Hua had to use a rigid sitting posture。

Li Fei closes the door to the bathroom. His calm expression loosened,and his eyes are full of fatigue——Yesterday, he was taken away by the Red Dragon,and almost did not sleep a wink last night. This morning, Geng Tian disappeared. And in the afternoon, he almost got into a squid’s stomach. Even an iron man could not stand it。

Jian Hua’s house is not big,but neither is it small。

More than 70 square meters,and only the bathroom area is somewhat narrow. There’s a washbasin, toilet plus a washing machine inside it. If two people are inside,turning around would be difficult。

But even in this small place,things were neatly arranged. Things like shampoo, shower gel, and a brush are on the edge of the sink. There are no visible stains on the white ceramic,and it can be seen that the mirrors are often rubbed。

From a person’s home,you can see his personality and habits。

Jian Hua is not a neat freak,but someone who just love a quiet and comfortable environment. He was tired of complicated things,and very casual in details——the toothpaste is opened not long ago,and only has sunken traces on the middle。

The several towels hanging on the rack is in style with the overall color of the bathroom. It looks very comfortable and apparently considered at the time of purchase. But Jian Hua did not reach having obsessive-compulsive disorder. Little things like the color of the shampoo bottle and the comb are very casual。

The living room walls are covered with white filaments,so he can’t see the wallpaper. But the fabric of the sofa is the kind that is cheap and comfortable with no pattern. The advantage is that it’s dirt-resistant and washable。

All of the furniture has its use. You don’t see anything that you won’t need,such as vases。

Overall,Jian Hua is not a very complicated person,but to get close to him,it was very difficult。

Imagine a person living alone,and in his own house,you won’t find anything that shows his preference。

(T/N: Nope, it’s in his bedroom...and you won’t be able to see it. At least not yet.)

Although clean, tidy, and looks very comfortable,it’s also very cold。

The neat furniture and nondescript decor make this house have no vitality, as if there’s no one living here。

——Maybe making Jian Hua happy is not difficult,but if you want him to remember you,to treat you as special,to make you a “necessity” in his private life,it would be very troublesome。

So far, Jian Hua’s goodwill or crush is rising towards Li Fei,but he still feels that the future is uncertain。

Li Fei showered. Putting on Jian Hua’s old clothes,he found that it was a bit tight around the waist and armpit,but other areas fit fine。During the filming of 《Crow》, they selected Jian Hua among that large group of stuntmen with a reason。

They are similar in size。

Li Fei’s condition is very good to an exclusive stuntman is very reasonable,that the person must follow the template on his clothes rack,but met with not much compliance。Although the broker’s circle is very large,enduring his dissatisfaction made him call Jian Hua on the phone。

After packing up his things, the two people in the living room lapsed into silence. Jian Hua is the first to find a topic,talking about the most pressing problem, ‘Exactly how long will the Abandoned World last.’

“Last time when you awakened on the Pearl Hotel,the Abandoned World ended。I’m sure that my ability completely awakened when I killed the rainforest squid,however......”

Li Fei frowns,silently calculated their food for several days。

“There is no problem with basic consumption for two days. If we eat only to meet the basic needs of life,it can sustain us for four or five days。” Li Fei makes his expression very easy and calm,” I recommend saving food. If there’s danger,there’s no need to stay and fight, you can just escape with your abilities.”

Jian Hua thought about it,and asked what he wanted after a long time:”Can we eat that squid?”

“This......better not. It’s a creature from a different world,what if I get infected with a cross-species virus after eating?”

Jian Hua shivered,and looked at the white silk walls。

What part of the rainforest squid is he extracting?Blood?Vitality?This baffling feeling of being full will not be the former is it,does the “mycelium” has a function that filters virus?

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