I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

Chapter 23
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Monster?Li Fei is surprised for a moment. He’s still wondering where this monster came from. Are they creatures from a different space?Or living people?Suddenly, he felt a violent shaking from his feet. Li Fei instinctively reached out to Jian Hua,wanting to pull him to an open place。

Jian Hua’s reaction speed is also very fast. Together, they reached out their hands at almost the same time,then selected the same direction to escape. They missed and only hit the back of their hands。

Not attending to the pain,they grabbed the other’s cuffs,sliding down the cloth,and feeling the other’s temperature from their palms。

Because of the emergency,both of them are instinctively groping. Finally, Jian Hua’s palm is wrapped around Li Fei’s hands. He naturally wanted to have a better position. As a result, his hand has been gripped tightly and cannot move,he can only obey as Li Fei held his hand。

The ground is still shaking。

They only moved one foot when their view also shook。

Li Fei quickly found the situation is not right. He did not hear any screams. The nurse holding a wheelchair is still bowing towards her patient,their figures swaying from left to right,but it’s like they’re not aware of the abnormal earthquake。

“Don’t move!”

“Abandoned World!”

When the two were talking,they stopped at the same time, endured the intense dizziness from the severe shaking,and calmly looking around。

This is the first time they saw the coming of the Abandoned World. Before, they opened the door/went out of the elevator,only to find that the world has changed。

The surroundings are shaking,so they need to hold each other’s hands to maintain balance. Suddenly, the ground cracks and an abyss forms. The surroundings immediately collapses,and Li Fei felt his eyes become black. He found himself still standing in the same place。

Here is the flower garden in front of the inpatient building,full of leaves,and not a building changed because of the “earthquake”. There are no cracks in the ground,and the walking crowd disappeared。

There was a cool breeze, but it was silent。

Jian Hua freed his hand,feeling depressed and reminded, “Let’s first determine how big is the overlap point.”

“Overlap point?” Li Fei is puzzled。

“Abandoned World and the real world overlap. If it happens to be here,potential ability holders will enter the Abandoned World. We need to go upstairs to see Geng Tian.”

If the inpatient building is also included, then the unconscious Geng Tian is apparently in danger since he cannot protect himself。

The two hurried through the lobby of the inpatient building,taking the elevator to the ninth floor of the General Surgery department,and found no one in the ICU. The needle from the hanging bottles are on the bed,and the instrument that measures heart rate and blood pressure has an image that remains the same。

“Is the overlap point so small?” Jian Hua said to himself。

They were not even 50 meters from the inpatient building,the difference is just upstairs and downstairs。

Jian Hua thinks that when he sees Major Zhang, next time,they can throw the past conclusion——the overlap point is not an accurate description,it should be overlap space。Because a point is flat,and this time when they were dragged to the overlap point of the Abandoned World,it does not include the scope of the ninth floor。

Geng Tian is not here,so Li Fei is also relieved。

In an unknown dangerous environment, if they also have to take care of a wounded person,it’ll be really inconvenient。

“Did you estimate how large the large the earthquake is? How long?”

“Half a minute......but I think this doesn’t make any sense. We ‘saw’ the changes,and it may not belong to our world’s time.” Li Fei shook his head. His hands fumbled in his pocket,and then take out a small tube of mashed potatoes and passed it through。

Jian Hua raised his eyebrow,this looks like a star’s diet of nutritious food。

“Sorry,if you went to buy lunch,you might not be involved.”

“We don’t know how big it is.” Jian Hua blankly said. The lunchroom in front of the hospital and the inpatient building are two entirely different directions。

The taste of falling into the Abandoned World with an empty stomach,that’s not worth mentioning。

“You keep these. Since the incident,I always carry some food with me.” Jian Hua rejected the goodwill. Li Fei is the man who created “General Wu”,and his future job,so Jian Hua will not stand by while Li Fei is in distress。

This “you take good care of yourself” look......Li Fei quietly tossed the mashed potato on his pocket。

They walked side by side in the corridor of the empty ward. This depressing environment is full of disinfectant,making Jian Hua tighten his nerves。

“Geng Tian missing is very strange. Originally, my broker drove,but he saw a strange shadow in the fog.” Li Fei recalled,while pressing down the force in his body。

In the Abandoned World,Jian Hua gave him a sense of crisis,magnified by several times。The dormant beast in him excitedly woke up,and greedily looked at Jian Hua。

Jian Hua suddenly turned back,found no abnormalities in the corridor,and his eyes falling on the movie emperor. “Your abilities?”

“It’s ok.” Li Fei looked away. The ability of Jian Hua seems to be a vicious beast that hides in the dark,completely ignoring his provocation,and still lazily sleeping。

This seemingly defenseless gesture is the most tempting。

Li Fei’s Adam’s apple bobbed。

“What kind of strange shadow? Did you see it?”

“No......but after a sudden brake,the car didn’t work.” Li Fei turned his head,trying to sound calm,” Geng Tian got off to see,and disappeared immediately. I did not notice anything strange.”

Jian Hua seriously speculates on the signs that would bring the Abandoned World。

The shaking of the elevator and the shattered bathroom bulb are very similar。

“Sounds like the Abandoned World is not stable. It crashed into our original world,and in that moment of coincidence,it can affect the things in our original world......”

Jian Hua said half and suddenly stopped. His body became tense,and slowly took a step back。

Li Fei immediately looked with his eyes. On the nurse’s desk beside the elevator,squatted a black ball. It was hairy and very small。If you don’t pay attention,it’ll be really easy to ignore。

With this “reminder”,Li Fei quickly looked around。

At the garbage bin on the corridor, at the green leaves on the potted soil,there are also mottled traces trying to camouflage in the corner......

Unwittingly,these things have actually surrounded them。

Didn’t they just pass by here?Li Fei tried to remember,but he found that his attention has been focused on Jian Hua. Even the difference in their abilities is also inciting him. How would he know when these things appeared?

Jian Hua has an ugly look on his face。

He can detect signs of movement of living things in the Abandoned World. This hospital did not have anything in it. Because of his suspicion about Geng Tian, and the fact that his ability did not detect him,Jian Hua went upstairs to see it,discovering that Geng Tian did not enter the Abandoned World at all. This made him became more convinced that the hospital is safe!

What’s the result?

If he did not find something flashed on the nurse’s desk,like the black ball slipping from the smooth surface, he would not have seen it at all。

These hairballs seemed to have sniffed out that they “have been exposed” from the tense atmosphere. Their elliptical bodies simultaneously twirled, making their curled up body stretch。

It revealed four claws, and fuzzy eyes giving out a faint greenish tint。

They were only the size of a fist when curled up,but after the stretch, it is probably the size of an adult’s hand. What’s frightening is their sharp claws flashing in the hospital’s fluorescent lights。

Jian Hua remembers Geng Tian’s wounds。

Glancing at Li Fei,the two of them tacitly agreed to retreat。

The hairball bounced on the ground. It looked like it’s walking,its tiny green pupils revealing a cold light which is more prominent in the dark。

At the ward, at the stairway......an increasing number of black hairballs rushed toward them。

One of them suddenly jumped,fast enough to leave an afterimage——Jian Hua kicked the garbage bin,blocking it。

“Si Si *hissing*!” The plastic bag inside the garbage bin was ripped off by one of the hairball’s little paws. The garbage bin rolled two times,crushing the hairball below。

Through this gap,Jian Hua and Li Fei retreated to the original ICU,shutting the door with a “bang”。

The sound of claws scratching outside the door immediately came。

Li Fei did not relax his vigilance. He looked around the room,making sure there are no more monsters like that hairball。

There is no window in the room,so they don’t have to worry about it. Jian Hua just wanted to say something when his keen ears twitched,immediately following the sound to the ceiling。


The black hairballs crawled inside the ventilation ducts,their claws digging at the gap to exit。

A flame blows,the heat wave made the little hairball monsters to let out shrill screams. It rolled down the vents. The scratching sounds outside the door also stopped。

Jian Hua looked up at the flame floating in the vents,suddenly envying Li Fei’s ability。

Li Fei’s fingers moved in random,and the flame immediately disappeared. “Fortunately,they are afraid of fire.”

“Hairy creatures are generally afraid of fire.” Jian Hua answered with a sentence。


Jian Hua also felt his slip of the tongue. He was able to calmly talk with Li Fei,but when Li Fei stared at him with those eyes,he is a bit uncomfortable。

Looking for traces of his favorite character in the movie actor is something he can’t help but do as a fan。

Li Fei is a gentle and elegant man. The charm of his laughter can make people faint. Because of this significant difference from General Wu,it makes Jian Hua see and feel nothing。But once Li Fei smiled or look serious,when his eyes become sharp,Jian Hua’s resistance is not good enough。

That meeting at the coffee shop made Jian Hua make a bold confession. Li Fei giving him the magazine showed that he’s seen the truth。Now, the two people did not mention this matter,as if having a tacit understanding。

Under these circumstances,Jian Hua can feel himself again blatantly seeing General Wu through Li Fei. It was very rude,so he tried to restrain himself from doing that。

“How long can your flame last?”

“An hour is not a problem.”

“Very good,let’s get out of here!” Jian Hua acted decisively, “According to your opinion,Geng Tian is alone when he went missing,so people who enter the Abandoned World at different times can meet? If they can’t,then what are they doing in front of my house?”

Li Fei did not say anything,only answered with action。

He opened the door,wantonly bringing out a wall made of fire. The flame advanced rapidly. Like a red tide, the whole corridor is flushed. Many hairball monsters screamed,but they did not escape very far,before they were completely engulfed by the flame。

Jian Hua looked at the corridor’s ceiling, wall, and floor which are entirely colored in gray and black

The fluorescent lights stuck for a few seconds,before falling into pieces with a bam。

Jian Hua’s eyelids twitched,and sincerely said, “Geng Tian may have to become a white-collared worker after this. Because at the Abandoned World,he had to depend on you for his life insurance. It’s a plus and a minus. I don’t know who’s the bodyguard.”

Li Fei put his hands down,with an elegant and gentle smile, “Rest assured,I won’t charge you.”

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