I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

Chapter 22
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When you attach importance to a problem, and you found that someone treats the matter more seriously than you do, you will recognize that person from the bottom of your heart——the favorability that Lu Zhao has not even come close to for more than twenty years, Li Fei accidentally touched.

Li Fei will not expose Jian Hua in front of Major Zhang.

Li Fei didn’t do anything. But when Jian Hua vaguely misunderstood, he immediately clarified the point, as if in this matter, he has no other choice.

In the future, he may have to depend on the movie emperor to eat. Jian Hua consciously gave up the right to speak, and followed Li Fei to the inpatient department on the first floor, through the atrium, and on a tree-lined trail around the hospital. Nearby is a flower garden where the patients, accompanied by family members, can amble slowly.

“I just called you, it’s my cell phone number.” Li Fei suddenly said.

Jian Hua is wondering what is the relationship between the Abandoned World, abilities, and monsters when he suddenly heard such a sentence. However, he gave a little reaction.

The sunlight shone casting shade on his face. His thin lips reveal a slightly warm color, and the shadow of the nose made a long, narrow arc. His eyes woke up from contemplation, and the light at that moment is particularly moving.

Jian Hua, in the entertainment circle where there are many handsome and beautiful, is not particularly good-looking. He has neither the aggressive beauty nor the handsomeness that makes people want to scream. If he is a competent actor, his looks will become a bonus. But if he is an idol star, his appearance can only be counted at eighty points, better than some, but worse than others.

But being a star, the public support is excellent, but the foundation is terrible on the whole, Li Fei has seen too many.

Even if he doesn’t close his eyes, in Li Fei’s opinion, Jian Hua is different from most people.

Jian Hua does not have too much emotional change, the whole person is calm and quiet, but not without assertiveness. He has definite ideas and has a view of things that others find difficult to change.

A good impression can only be made if you have no idea who the other person will be.

Li Fei, of course, considered whether the coffee shop is a familiar enough environment that can make him relax. But Jian Hua has an unknown power in his body. It caught his attention to the hidden dangers and made him curious about the mystery. Not to mention, the Jian Hua in his eyes is distinctive and is the only one that doesn’t look like a shadow of nothingness, interfering with his senses and judgments.

He wanted to see Jian Hua again, in fact with a “have gone back to calm for a few days, this time has to use rational judgment” mood.

At the press conference, Li Fei is just giving lip service, a third of it is an exaggeration.

But now, Li Fei felt all of them hitting his head like massive stones.

——every word is so appropriate.

Unfortunately, up to now, they’re strangers with a shared secret.

Jian Hua naturally took out his cellphone, making a note of the number.

Looking at the Li Fei, this two bland words, the actor’s mood is unspeakable, he couldn’t help but stop him:”You write the names directly? If you lose your phone, it’ll be bad. ”

In the entertainment circle, looking for excuses to see other people’s cellphone is not unusual. This has led to many stars play some small tricks, so that even when sweetly chatting with people, others can’t read the screen.

Without renaming, of course, it’s a very formal working relationship.

Li Fei exaggerated, but Jian Hua said nothing at all:”Nicknames are also not good. A nickname should be worth mentioning and will reveal your view of that person. It’s not very reliable, is it? ”


To have a crush on someone who gave no loopholes, made him suffocate.

Jian Hua folded his phone away, inserted into his bag, and leisurely strolled around the garden trail:”What’s the ability of Geng Tian? ”

“He did not say. Geng Tian once removed the latch from the door. He may have telekinesis, but——” Li Fei lightly snapped his fingers, a few leaves that fell at his foot, as if blown by the wind, floated and gently floated down at a distance.

Telekinesis is just the basic.

It seems to be the power of every ability holder. Jian Hua remembered the cabinet moved by Old Cheng.

“How much can you do. ”

“I know the weight of an object and the distance.” Li Fei looked at the drifting leaves, he smiled, “I’m more concerned about how subtle it can be. ”

As they spoke, they passed a random bike locked on the roadside. Li Fei slows down. It looks like he just looked at the car, but five seconds later, Jian Hua heard a slight click.

The lock bounced off, but still attached to the bicycle.

“This is? ” Jian Hua has a new understanding of the movie actor, would an ordinary person study how to pick a lock?

“According to the internal structure of the lock, it used the power to dial.” Li Fei put it lightly. In fact, to do this, they must first have a pair of eyes like his.

Jian Hua came up with the idea of changing his door lock.

He does not want to go home next time and see an injured person lying on his living room floor.

“It’s not hard if it has a keyhole. It just takes time when it’s different. There’s no way to use this ability on mechanical or electronic locks.” Li Fei turns around, recalling the building at Haicheng’s Military District, “For example, at the branch of the National Secret Services’ Red Dragon, all are mechanical locks. ”

Jian Hua is relieved. It’s because of the “drinking tea” experience that let Li Fei ponder this.

——that’s why Li Fei has to maintain his own image.

At that time, Zhang YaoJin did not lock the door at all, so Li Fei doesn’t need to be stuck with a lock.

Jian Hua recalled his own treatment:Red Dragon’s Major Zhang personally came with the right attitude and did not take him away. He did not let himself stay in a cold detention room overnight.

In contrast, Li Fei’s experience deserves sympathy.

“I don’t know what my abilities are yet.” Jian Hua tries to control those leaves. The result is that half floated, and the other half was torn to pieces by invisible forces.

There was no strong desire or drastic mood changes, but the ability is not that easy to handle.

They walked side by side on the tree-lined trail. This road is not long, after circling around the inpatient building, you can see the crowded front of the hospital from afar. All kinds of taxis stopping at lunch rooms.

Jian Hua subconsciously touched his stomach. The waiting time in the hospital is too long, making him miss lunch.

Acting as a stunt double is hard-work. Sometimes, it takes a day before they can eat a meal. Jian Hua is accustomed to this irregular life, but ever since there was the Abandoned World, Jian Hua never dared to let himself be hungry.

Suffering from hunger and thirst, infinitely approaching the shadow of death......

“Have lunch with me? ”

His ears heard the sound and made Jian Hua surprised. He looked at Li Fei’s eyes, his face slightly changing:”The noodle shop at the hospital entrance, I’m afraid not very hygienic. ”

“There are no such thing!Street shops are the same.” Li Fei smiled.

Jian Hua decided to tell the truth:” I’m afraid you can’t eat it. ”


The most unfriendly profession in the world is a model. The difference between an actor and a model is probably a hell of the seventh level and the third level, respectively. It looks a lot better but in fact, still hell.

People like Li Fei has to make a tough call, being stared at by the assistant on the scales every day. When shooting a movie, fattening up and being ugly is fine, but years of careful selection and strict recipes exclusively by dietitians, made Li Fei’s stomach completely spoiled.

Jian Hua is okay when eating at the roadside booths, but Li Fei is not.

Being around the cast all year round, Jian Hua sees more. Because of the hot weather, they only eat lunch the next day after just drinking water for a whole day. Because the rest of the crew is fine, people who don’t know think stars love to play the wealthy life. In fact, there’s no such thing as a noble life. Because of the too finely picked recipes, the internal bacterial resistance is reduced. Who doesn’t want to sit by the roadside, drink beer and eat skewers?

Thinking of those stars fixing hotpot for dinner, but doesn’t dare eat and only took a picture for microblogging to pretend to eat it, Jian Hua deeply sympathizes.

Li Fei thinks that his elegant, personable mask is about to be torn.

——Jian Hua really has no acting talent, but his eyes are expressing all of his emotions. He was thinking of making excuses for leaving Li Fei, and go to the lunch room alone to fill the stomach.

“Assistant Lin should have paid the fee, let’s go see Geng Tian’s situation. Huai City is so big, where do you want to eat.” Jian Hua casually comforted with a sentence. The movie actor is his job for the next year, so he doesn’t want Li Fei to think something’s the matter.


Fortunately, Jian Hua eventually chose the movie actor instead of his stomach.

But this is not good news either because Li Fei can see that Jian Hua wavered in the selection process, and Li Fei can’t be sure that Jian Hua eventually chose himself, or because of the employment contract between them.

He guessed it’s the latter.

Li Fei is very clear. It’s also reasonable, although at this point he hated himself a little.

His acting talent is superb so no flaw can be seen during this series of emotional changes. Jian Hua did not notice, still walking around while thinking of topics to drive the hunger away from his mind:” About the Abandoned World, how much did Major Zhang tell you? ”

“He’s monitoring a lot of potential ability holders who can appear in the Abandoned World, and these people told him a lot of things.” Li Fei leisurely talked about his own guess.

“Same feeling.” Jian Hua stopped, repeating the sentence from the data he read, “Abandoned World, according to an insider is a particular kind of parallel world. ”

Li Fei frowns, he does not think the Abandoned World counts as a parallel world. It was wholly inconsistent with the definition and was more like an anomaly.

He didn’t talk to Jian Hua about the classification issue, but about what Jian Hua’s words mean. He gently smiled:”Insider, in the end, what kind of person can be considered as an insider, and why would they know the truth? ”

No matter how ridiculous, Red Dragon is the one who collected the data——Li Fei thought of that strange “Intimate Relationship Table”. Even if he doesn’t know the other people, but for CEO Liang Jun and him having unspoken rules, still angered the movie actor.

“One can observe the signs of a volcanic eruption by relying on the analysis of technical instruments. They know what happened, but don’t know how it works, it’s illogical.” Li Fei pondered this matter for a long time.

“In fact, not only do they know the secrets of the Abandoned World and ability holders, but they can also predict the coming disaster.” Jian Hua turned to see Li Fei, looking solemn, “Monsters will appear in the Abandoned World. I suspect Geng Tian’s wounds are caused by a monster. “

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