I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

Chapter 16
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Out of Huan Yu Studio, returning under the sun where the city is silent, Jian Hua’s heart chilled.

Lu Zhao is strange, that mob bombed the Pearl Hotel, and what about that girl that suddenly appeared just now?

Crying can’t move Jian Hua. They are in a world where time stopped and the girl’s body emitted a “field” more than any wandering person in the city.

This is a controlled ability, and also exhibits a stable form of a person’s power.

Because of this, even if the girl cried out, Jian Hua will not take care of her.

Not to mention, once she became “aware” that being helpless is useless, the girl immediately took a second set of program:Stating that she and Jian Hua have the same position, facing the same crisis and that she has the advantage of knowing the truth. She’s willing to wait to become a “collaborator” and work together to overcome difficulties.

This attitude is well-placed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on Jian Hua.

She is a variable. If Jian Hua considered to control this variable, he would not hesitate to go out and learn everything that he wanted from the girl’s mouth. But Jian Hua did not have enough understanding of his own strength, and the confidence given to him by this power failed to surpass the law and modern technology.

The more people want Jian Hua to make a choice, the more Jian Hua become cold. Unless he want it, there’s no chance of considering it.

Exposing himself, meeting with the girl, and at best knowing the truth (true or false not guaranteed). Can this solve the situation where Jian Hua is being targeted by the police?

It won’t. If the girl has a way, she would not say that she “hid from the public” and would not have to look for him. There is profit behind every motivation, you cannot just look at the surface. Although he’s not sure at what she wants to do, but for the current Jian Hua, having one more “comrade” who can only comfort each other is useless.

If he wanted comfort, he can go find Li Fei. At least he knew him, not the little girl on the roadside......

Does she think the suspicions on his back is not enough?

The police finds the missing girl in peers with a strange man. What if the girl tells where the body of her friend was?What would it look like if it’s published on the news? Jian Hua did not have to know everything.

Jian Hua lifted his bike from the ground and quickly disappeared at the end of the street.

Shortly after, the girl finally went out after walking around the mall in a circle. She carefully counted the bicycle parked in front, then her face changed instantly:”Not correct, there’s one less!”

The girl rushed out and looked around. The sun shined on the road. The world is still silent and the shadow cast by the buildings motionless.

Restraining the urge to shout loudly, the girl nervously bites her fingers:”Impossible ah, Jian Hua has an S-level ability and fearless. The book says that people close to him is equivalent to having their lives handed to Jian Hua’s hands, at his mercy!With the case of being able to control my life and death, why did he give up the chance to know the truth?”

While talking to herself, she cannot help but beat her head.

“Bad luck, this body died when I got it. The original owner, why did you not chase after Jian Hua when you left the elevator and noticed something’s wrong? It’s such a good chance......”

Annoyed after finishing, the girl can only find another way. She brooded and suddenly woke up:”Is the person in the elevator not Jian Hua?The author said on Twitter that Jian Hua is the first to awaken in the abandoned world. If the Universal Studios incident is not the first time, then Jian Hua was alone at home when the abandoned world descended so his awakening is silent?”

The more she thought about it, the more her guess seems possible. The girl who found out that she was wrong was stomping her feet:”I’ll let you off lightly. Anyway, I was there in the surveillance so all are destroyed. ”

Angrily leaving Universal Studios, the girl did not go far when a car suddenly appeared without a trace.

In front of the girl, there was suddenly an extra arm behind her back, tightly reining in her arm and shoulder and imprisoning all the actions of her upper body. The strength of the girl’s body “field” changes and her whole person was “swallowed”.

It was the red-haired Jack who attacked the girl. He was not surprised at seeing this bizarre scene and just kept a tight restraint on the arms. It looks like he’s battling with a mass of air, very funny.

“Obediently admit defeat!You call this a cover-up, not invisibility!” Jack blew a breath.

He went into the Universal Studios to check if the case on the internet was related to the BOSS of Black Abyss. Jack’s Chinese is slippery however, and it is harder to understand the discussions of Chinese netizens about the matter. He cannot understand the online terms and the usage of some words are totally different from what he was taught by the Chinese teachers.

As a result, he travelled with no companions. The girl did not carry a weapon so Jack’s face lit up, good chance!Whether it’s a person from the book or a person the original world, he should grab them.

“Hello, do not worry, I need help, we work together......”

The girl sneered from the void.

“Ow!” Jack screamed while clutching his lower body. His arm loosened and the invisible girl took the opportunity to escape. Jack twitched and threw away the durian that smashed on his body. In addition, his hands has N holes.

The pain made Jack shrink like a shrimp. He kept pumping cold air for almost a full 10 minutes before the pain eases:”Oh......my God!China has......they even have space ability holder?”

Poor Jack. He was lamenting China’s strict management of firearms. He was at ease because of this so he boldly attacked. Because Chinese girls only carry anti-wolf spray and stun guns at most, he never expected to meet people who have awakened abilities. Even a big killing device like durian.

Jack’s legs are trembling as he rolled two more rounds on the ground.


Huai City is very big but Jian Hua didn’t know where to go.

He put the bike in its original place and walked along the residential street for a long time, his heart feeling empty.

Jian Hua regretted the elevator incident on that night. He did not expect this slip and it was too late to say anything.

He was not stupid enough to run home, pack up and ran away. China is so large but even if he run, he can’t run away since this isn’t ten years ago. With a wanted photo, taking refuge with a rich relative in a faraway place is useless.

Jian Hua’s mouth is bitter. He realized he’s going to the detention center.

November in Huai City is late autumn, the community is full of leaves.

The swing’s rusted frames are full of stains. The elderly exercise equipments are also damaged. Jian Hua felt the urge to smoke again. The cold wind blew his head into dizzy waves as he sat down on the cold bench on the side of the road.

He did not clean the dust and leaves on the bench.

His head feeling heavier, Jian Hua raised his hand and rubbed his forehead twice. A ball suddenly rolled to his feet.

With his eyes stopping on the ball, Jian Hua heard the clamor of voices. The originally absolutely empty neighborhood suddenly became filled with the more playful laughter from children. Outside the fence, cars come and go and the bustling city returns once again.

The cellphone on his pocket made a light sound, indicating he has a new message.

“Jian Hua, are you OK. ”

From the elusive Lu Zhao.

Jian Hua directly put the phone back but he heard a “wa” sound. The kid who came up to pick the ball cried when he saw Jian Hua with his hat, mask and sunglasses on which made up for a scary “bad guy” image..


Under the vigilant eyes of the child’s grandmother, Jian Hua, who looked like a “trafficker”, quietly walked away.

He returned home with the feeling of the sky falling down. He doesn’t want to control his mood and fell asleep.

This is actually his best sleep for more than a decade, with no dreams and not disturbed by anything else. When he woke up, the sky is already dark.

The clock points to two o’clock in the middle of the night.

Even the passing seconds has become something to be happy about.

The colored page of General Wu which was torn from the magazine was taped to the bedside of his bedroom. Jian Hua looked lost in thought but he hasn’t finished yet when the doorbell rang.

Jian Hua frowned, is it that guy Lu Zhao?

If he didn’t open the door in the middle of the night, it is estimated that this guy would crazily knock on the door until the neighbors come out to curse.

Jian Hua walked into the living room with a cold face, switching on the porch light. However, the moment he opened the door, his expression became blank.

——Two bars and one star, the rank of Major.

In the middle of the night, a soldier with such a high status and with a bulging waist was standing outside his house. Jian Hua could not help but look at the corridor behind the other man.

No police, no arrests, only one Major.

“You are Jian Hua?”

“Yes, who are you looking for?” Jian Hua instinctively asked.

“Can I go in and talk?”

Woodenly opening the door, Jian Hua ponders over this trend. It seems different from his speculation?

Zhang YaoJin’s eyes are also redder than a rabbit and has a tired face. These days he’s running around Haicheng and Huai City, these two places. It was only when sitting in the car can he shut his eyes for a period of time.

The living room light is turned on so Zhang YaoJin looked at this room. The decorations are out of date, no wallpapers and a tiled floor. The living room appliances looked ordinary and the sofa is made of artificial leather. It was actually very clean.

Jian Hua did not engage in pouring tea. He just nodded towards the uninvited guest in the middle of the night:”Sit down. ”

Zhang YaoJin’s mood is particularly complicated. To be frank, for the safety of the other’s lives under consideration, he chose to come alone. Everyone else is outside the neighborhood. He did not even let them stay downstairs.

The chat group records that Jian Hua has an unreasonable temperament, hidden behind the scenes, cautious, low-key, and powerful. The result is such a poor house. Looking at the area around the old district, Jian Hua most probably bought second-hand housing——it’s too much of a difference from the description of a humanoid nuclear weapon.

“Hello, I am Zhang YaoJin. ”

The Major said, staring at the expression of the person sitting across the couch.

Jian Hua’s nerves settled down. The situation is better than expected. He became calmer and did not speak, inquisitively looking at the uninvited guest.

“I am a Major of the National Special Forces ‘Red Dragon’, responsible for hostage-taking, terrorist attacks, political espionage and such things. ”

Even the Secret Services has come, Jian Hua twitched the corner of his eyes. The country seems to know a lot. It seems that at least he will not be treated as a madman and be sent into a mental hospital.

“Major Zhang, have you seen the surveillance video?” Jian Hua decided to go straight to the point, whether or not he can be cleared of suspicion. In short, get rid of the trouble by saying it first.


Zhang YaoJin is surprised for a moment. Although he reacted quickly, Jian Hua did not miss the surprised look from the Major’s tired face. Jian Hua realized that the other side didn’t see the surveillance video.

“At the Pearl Hotel explosion, we found Li Fei. ” Zhang YaoJin never imagined that after checking the investigation again, they really found someone named Jian Hua from Li Fei’s interpersonal relationships.

Jian Hua looked at him strangely:”Then what did he say?”

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