I'm Not Interested In The Main Characters

Chapter 32
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Chapter 32

After arriving at Cassian’s mansion, she sent an employee to her mansion to inform that she would be a little late. Since her father would have a light in his eyes every night whenever she stayed out late.

She had even been told to go home early because of the curfew.

‘I have to check it quickly and go home early.’

Elysia stared at the culprit who caused this situation in the first place.

“I’m not allowed to stay overnight.”

“I didn’t know that.”

“As soon as I came back from subjugation, I stayed overnight thanks to someone.”

“To say that, you also liked it...”

As she felt the employees’ attention, Elysia covered his mouth and shouted at him with a gentle voice.

She blamed herself for bringing it up first.

“Can you just talk about that in the bedroom? No, actually, just don’t.”

Come to think of it, she had a way to enter the mansion. After pretending to be asleep, she could just use the ring. Thinking so, She thought that could be an option if there was a hassle on days when she had to go in late.

After arriving at his bedroom, Elysia naturally paused as she lay down on his bed.

It had been more than a few times she came to Cassian’s bedroom that it became so comfortable.

‘Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been out, so I just wanted to lie down...’

She glanced over her own dress and shocked her head lightly, worried about lying down while using the cleansing magic to clean herself first.

‘Let’s just lie on the sofa, then.’

As Elysia turned to the sofa, a laughing voice was heard from behind her.

“Why, just be comfortable.”

It seemed that her thoughts had been discovered. She turned to the sofa, hiding a look of disapproval.

Lloyd’s voice was heard with a knock as Cassian went to change his clothes. And although she wasn’t even the owner of the room, Elysia told him to enter.

“It’s been a while, Lloyd.”

“Mad...lady. His Excellency asked me to come.”

“Is it the drawing? You can give it to me.”

Lloyd handed over the drawings and turned around to uncover them. Suddenly, his eyes twinkled. Curious, Elysia was wondering why as she approached Lloyd.


“Isn’t the wedding date postponed?”

“We didn’t have that kind of conversation.”

In fact, Elysia had no intention of postponing the wedding at all, even though the preparation part felt quite challenging.

Besides, the maids wouldn’t postpone preparing it just because the date was delayed. Others would be ridiculed for how they managed to do that every day for a year.

“A month later is still definitely early.”

“That’s true, isn’t it? Because the date of the wedding is scheduled to be released tomorrow.”


Cassian appeared behind her as Lloyd was about to shed tears of emotions. He frowned lightly. “What did you do?”

“Heuk, Your Excellency.”

She left Lloyd behind and pushed him into the room. If it were Cassian, he would have heard it all. Elysia, who was going to talk about the date, remembered what she was holding in her hand, and headed to the table instead.

A strange excitement and anticipation stood in her red eyes.

Even though she had already experienced that she is different from the whole world, she is somewhat excited to hear that it’s ancient magic. She had once heard Ramote talking about ancient magic, but Elysia didn’t really remember what he was saying.

Lloyd has long been forgotten.

“Is it here?”

Cassian stretched his arms behind Elysia and pointed to one side of the blueprint. “No, here.”

“When are we going? At dawn?”

“Well. If you want to go, it doesn’t matter if we go now.”

Cassian knew in detail how the temple worked, even down to when the paladins have shift changes. It was because he had previously tried to look for a relic, though he didn’t tell Elysia that far.

‘Hmm. I think it will be tougher if we go at night.’

Elysia spoke as she turned her body, Cassian’s chest was right in front of her nose. As she lifted her head, she saw a face that was already gazing at her.

‘No. I may not be able to go to the temple.’

Ponder intensely, she brought her torso towards the table, crossing her arms to cover her body.

“I haven’t done anything yet.”

“...I know.”

“I didn’t know you were looking forward to it like this.” Cassian leaned over her, placing his hands on either side of her.

It was embarrassing since she had been lost in thoughts with all the temple stuff, so she covered her face with her hand.

He bit her body gently, then kissing her lightly on the back of the hand that was covering her face.


“Why? More?”


Feeling as though she had a fever, Elysia fanned her hands towards her face quickly. ‘What just happened...? Why do we seem like lovers?’ Because they were giving and receiving skinships and the light touches increased, so the thought suddenly raised in her head.

Cassian faced Elysia, who had finally gone through all of the drawings, and asked.

“Shall we go then?”

“All right.”


At the back of the temple stood an ordinary carriage without a crest.

Elysia, who got off the carriage, walked around and stretched.

Since she was wearing a robe, which was handed over by Cassian, the dress she was wearing was covered and only half of her face was exposed. As she strode on the robe, the hem of the robe kept getting into her eyes, so Elysia had to use her hand to put it back repeatedly.

“Why am I like this when you are revealing yourself?”

“Your silver hair stands out too much.”

“If you put it like that, then you have to cover your face first.”

“Thank you for the praise.”

It was nasty for him to admit it plainly like that, but in fact, it was true, so there was no reason for Elysia to refute it.

‘Where are we going?’ All she could see was the wall of the temple. After a moment, Cassian grabbed Elysia’s shoulder softly from behind and turned her the other way.

“This way.”

As they walked in for a while, she saw a part where the wall was slightly lowered. Of course, it wasn’t significantly low. Looking closely at it, it should be over three times her height.

He paused in front of the wall.

“No way?”


“Is The Duke crossing over the wall?”

Elysia was wondering if there was a secret passage or something like a side door hidden. Then, he spoke as if he had read her thoughts.

“The side door and the secret passage are opened only with divine power. If you destroy the magic, an emergency bell will sound. The simplest method is the safest method.”

“...Ah, yes. That’s true.”

She nodded her head agreeingly, and stood next to Cassian while staring up at the wall.

“Can you go over there then?”



Cassian pulled a dagger out of his arms and threw it to the wall at about medium height. Elysia blinked her eyes, looking at the dagger neatly embedded in the wall.

‘Simple and...an ignorant method.’

“Excuse me.” He said as he carried Elysia on his shoulder and crossed the wall with the dagger as support.

In an instant, the scenery changed into the inside of the temple.

“If you enter through the main gate of the temple, you won’t be able to enter this way. So, you have to come through the back door no matter what.”

Even though she was looking at the drawings with him as well, why didn’t she know this?

Elysia raised her thumb at him.

“I can’t do anything without you now.”

As she crept her body to the corner of the building, she kept adding praising words of how great Cassian was.

Since Elysia had identified the location of the temple building, she knew which direction to go, so she tried to take a step forward, but her shoulder was caught from behind.


At his words, she stopped right away because she had no pretensions, and Cassian could sense things a lot faster than herself sometimes.

After a while, she felt a sensation herself as well after passing a few buildings and stopped at the fountain.

“There you go.” Cassian whispered into her ear.

Her nape was tickling as he whispered in a position that almost hugged her from behind.

‘Oh, why are you doing this again. Good idea...A good idea.’

The space where they hid their body was so tight that they had no choice to be so close with each other. Elysia listened to Cassian’s words which calmed her heart eagerly.

“Are you listening?”

“Uh, that... yes. That door over there?”

“You didn’t hear me?”

There was a fountain in the direction he was pointing, and a paladin was seen guarding a certain door a little further away. Cassian mentioned that they had to go to the fountain, which was not in front of the gate guarded by the paladin.

“It’s time for them to change the shift soon.”

“We just need to hide with magic...”

“But, the emergency bell will ring.”

She immediately nodded her head.

Elysia felt as though she couldn’t talk anymore since she might reveal her fangs in the lower temple.

Fortunately, soon, she could see the paladins leaving their place.



Cassian picked up Elysia again and headed to the fountain. It was as swiftly as if she was running at full speed.

When she asked why he was going this way again, Cassian stepped on the rim of the fountain and the statue once, and headed towards the back of the fountain.

In Elysia’s sight, she saw the appearance of paladins approaching from afar. If they had moved separately, it seemed that they would have been discovered.

His quick judgment amidst the situation made her admiration come out again.

‘He’s good.’

She felt as if she had to express it out loud.


There was a staircase going down the back of the fountain.

To be precise, the space on which she was standing could also be seen from the inside of the fountain.

‘Well, who made it so crude.’

It seemed to have an illusion spell on it. However, seeing that it was visible only to people above a certain level, it didn’t seem like a high level of magic.

Did Revos know all this and escaped this way? It was amazing because there was no description mentioned of him coming his way here in the novel.

‘...How did the Second Prince pursue him here again?’

Cassian first stepped his foot down slowly and reached out his hand.

‘He knows I can see well enough even in the dark.’

Smiling, Elysia took his hand. As she went down the stairs, there were several passages. She eagerly thought of the drawings and determined the direction.

“That way.”

The direction she thought was right.

Perhaps because she had been getting all the help from Cassian, a sense of triumph rises in her heart in a strange way. She let him follow her quietly while pondering if it would be all right if she came here alone.

The achromatic space was connected like a maze.

‘My God... Surely, I wouldn’t have been able to enter this alone.’

Then, how will Cassian think of her like that?

‘Why would he think about it, anyways?’ While rebuking herself, the color of the surrounding space changed.


The door before her had an enormous size.

On the door, the image of the goddess seen in the prayer room was carved. Elysia’s mouth widened to the pressure she felt from the entrance.

She questioned, glaring at the door. “Are there no devices here?”

There wasn’t even a trace of simple magic.

With a sudden thought, she passed Cassian and approached the door. The carving on the door was crossed by two goddesses holding spears. Under the spears was a beast with a tail.

She remembered the part that said ‘drops of blood from Revos’ wound seeped into the demon’s eyes and opened the door.’

It didn’t look like a demon at all.

Maybe it’s a lion... no, a big cat...is it?

Moments after, Elysia cut a wound by biting the tip of her finger with her fangs.

It was said that the door would open, unless it’s someone who broke the rules or the demon.

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