I'm Hoarding for the Apocalypse

Chapter 252 - 252 They’re Women but Also a Commodity
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252 They’re Women but Also a Commodity

There were quite a lot of people like them who only stayed in the hotel and ate the food they brought. At first, Du Yue and He Xing were puzzled why so many people were staying in the hotel, but they soon found out the reason. One day, they accidentally heard that the ceremony for the celestial lord’s wife selection was open to the public and would be held in the hall on the fourth floor. There was no access control or tickets, so anyone could go.

In order to enter the venue as soon as possible and occupy a seat at the front, most of the people checked into the hotel in Celestial Lord Palace in advance. This way, they would be able to arrive at the venue earlier than the people outside on the day of the selection. Du Yue and He Xing had completely stumbled upon this piece of news by accident. The two of them went downstairs after washing up. He Xing wore a black hat and a mask to cover himself up. This was to avoid being recognized by the celestial lord.

There were many people in the interstellar who knew about him, and it was possible that this celestial lord had seen him before, so it was necessary to disguise himself. Du Yue was also wearing a mask, but she did not wear a hat. Her hair color was not as conspicuous as He Xing’s, and it was impossible for the celestial lord to recognize her.

Du Yue could not help but feel a little strange when she saw how everyone was dressed. She and He Xing were afraid of being recognized and affecting their plan, but were these people also here to assassinate the celestial lord? Was that why they were dressed like this? After thinking for a long time, she still could not come up with an answer. Du Yue decided not to think about it anymore. She thought that she would definitely find out the answer later. Thus, she followed He Xing and found a seat at the back.

The further back one was, the wider one’s view was. The stage was at the bottom. From their seats, they could see everything that was happening on the stage. It was a little like watching a concert. Not long after the two of them sat down, they saw a lot of people coming in. These people should have come from outside.

After all the seats were taken, the lights on the entire fourth floor dimmed, leaving only the lights on the stage. The moment the lights dimmed, the noisy venue quieted down. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the center of the stage. There was no host, and no one spoke.

As soft music started playing, some girls walked out from behind the stage. They were all dressed in beautiful dresses, had exquisite hairstyles, and had number plates on their chests. Although the makeup on their faces was exquisite, they were all the same. They were wearing high heels and walked up like models.

Seeing this, Du Yue frowned slightly. Was this a wife selection or a model runway show? Du Yue looked to her side out of the corner of her eye. The expressions of the people around her were normal as if they had expected this situation. They looked at the girls on the stage for a while, then lowered their heads and took out their phones to type.

After looking around, Du Yue leaned closer to He Xing and whispered into his ear, “I find it a little strange.”

“Mhmm.” He Xing’s expression did not change, but Du Yue knew that he felt the same way. “Why hasn’t he shown up when so many people are here to see him choose his new wife? Most of the spectators here are men,” He Xing said.

The two of them talked in low voices and gradually had a guess in their hearts.

Du Yue’s expression gradually darkened. There was something fishy about this. On the stage below, exquisitely dressed girls walked out one by one and stood in front of the stage for about half a minute. After making sure that everyone had a good look at their faces, they walked to the back. As for the people sitting in the audience, when they saw the ordinary-looking girls, their expressions were basically indifferent as if they were not interested. Sometimes, when someone with a relatively outstanding appearance came up, people would show a satisfied expression and then lower their heads to type on their mobile phones.

After typing, they would hold their phones and wait for a while. After a minute, some people would chuckle and show a victorious attitude, while some people would glance at that person with disdain, clearly unhappy. The men who displayed a winner’s attitude were acting like that because they had already won the most beautiful girls tonight. Those who were unhappy were naturally not able to win over the other rich and powerful men.

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