I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 990 - Defeat
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Chapter 990: Defeat

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Fire Phoenix unleashed all the power she had. Raising her hand as she shot it out.

The golden light traversed the space, leaving no trace behind.

It was a token of love from Li Nianfan. It was a mystical object he put his whole heart into crafting. The power within far exceeded anything within his residence.

At the same time, the ring on Daji’s finger started to glow as well. It compounded the power of her ice. No matter how Madman Chu shouted, he could not escape the imprisonment. He could only stare as the golden hairpin flew over.

In just a moment, it was already in front of the demon.

Madman Chu was not able to block it, but the demon Wisdom Dharma itself already had incredibly strong defenses. Yet, around the hairpin were incredible powers of Wisdom. It distorted in front of the Wisdom Dharma, causing it to lose all its defensive powers, getting pierced right through.

After that, it pierced through Madman Chu’s forehead!

The whole world suddenly fell silent.

The cultivators around them looked at the scene in disbelief. They never expected the unbeatable Madman Chu to have been pierced through by a hairpin. Compared to how immense his powers were, it looked a little like a comedy.

Even Daji and Fire Phoenix were stunned. They might have known that Li Nianfan’s gifts were never ordinary, but they never expected that they would kill Madman Chu right off the bat. After all, Madman Chu’s powers were already close to the level of Wisdom itself. He should not have died so easily.

They dared not be careless. Instead, they stared right at Madman Chu. They saw that there was a massive hole in his forehead. His body remained in place as he slowly turned into green mist…

“I-it’s over?

“Madman Chu’s disappearing. Even his life force is gone.”

“It was so sudden? I feel like I’m dreaming.”

“We won just like that? I feel like it’s not real.”

There were no cheers, and everyone was instead too shocked to believe it. That was because Madman Chu’s name was far too terrifying. It was a name that would forever stick to their hearts, so they did not dare to be careless.

As if in response to the unsettling feeling of everyone else, the Wisdom Dharma suddenly moved. It suddenly raised its hand and slashed right at the fox and phoenix!

“What? How could the Wisdom Dharma still exist?!”

Daji and Fire Phoenix were shocked. The existence of the Wisdom Dharma could only mean that Madman Chu was not dead. Not having the time to think, they gathered all their power to clash against the demon.

Extreme cold and extreme heat turned into the Wisdom of Yin and Yang, clashing against the demon at the same time. They had incredible chemistry and knew the Dao of Taichi, so it created far greater effects than it should have.

Yet, the power of the demon was not on the same level. Compared to before, it seemed a lot stronger. Its body started to rapidly expand, growing past the skies as it turned into a massive existence among the planets.

The demon slashed at the fox with one hand and grabbed the phoenix with another, destroying them like mere toys.

“H-how powerful” Cultivator Junjun and the others, along with the traitors saw the massive figure. All of them were incredibly shocked.

“Big Sister!” Little Fox was incredibly concerned as she looked at Daji in the demon’s hand.

“Unrivaled, this is what you wanted. The gray mist led to a massive calamity. Who will suppress it?” The drunkard cursed.

“Hahaha, only in the chaos will there be opportunities. Only the weak would be afraid,” The Unrivaled let out a laugh as he stared right at the Wisdom Dharma. There was intense heat in his eyes, filled with greed for power.

As long as he could swallow Wisdom, he could be just as strong!

With that in mind, his power surged as he charged at Qin Manyun.

“Ugh!” Qin Manyun spat out a mouthful of blood. After playing for so long, it started to get difficult for her to maintain complete tunes. She was stronger than the Unrivaled, but at that moment, she barely survived.

It was not just her, everyone in the Heavenly Palace was incredibly injured. The Wisdom Dharma injured their very foundations. It was not so easily cured. On top of that, they fought against the traitors the whole time. Their situation was not good.”

“Hahaha, Xiao Chengfeng, don’t you love showing off? Why is your sword suddenly so light?” The Space Disruptor mocked Xiao Chengfeng and he attacked, distorting space into vortexes to shatter Xiao Chengfeng’s sword intent. After that, he sent Xiao Chengfeng flying with a kick.

Yang Jian hurried over to help Xiao Chengfeng, but was stopped by Space Disruptor.

“I’ll slice up these animals!” Xiao Chengfeng was never so curious. He cursed constantly. If not for his injuries, those rates would not be so arrogant.

“You still aren’t begging for mercy?” The Unrivaled frowned as he unleashed a crazy killing intent.

Seeing Madman Chu’s strength, he got impatient to reach those heights.

“Set up the Wisdom Execution Formation with me!” He said.

“Haha, alright!”

“Let’s show you protectors the fruits of us being sealed up for countless years!”

“Wisdom sealed us for so long, it would be justice for us to deal with the protectors of this lifetime with this!”


The traitors all let out cold laughs.

They started to activate their power, forming a line between them as Wisdom started to condense into a strange barrier in space, sealing Nanan and the others.

The traitors started to burn visibly, it was the fire of power.

With their powers burning, Nanan and the others felt their powers diminishing in the barriers as well.

“That’s… they’re trying to exhaust us!” Yang Jian’s expression sank as he spoke.

There was no room for tricks when it came to fighting power with power. Both sides were just comparing who had more power. The formation was not a killing array, but in this situation, it was incredibly threatening to the Heavenly Palace.

That was because, barring any incidents, the Heavenly Palace’s powers were already greatly diminished, and they were gravely injured. They had no way of standing up to the traitors. It became an unbreakable formation!

Without a sound, Nanan and the others started to sit down and rest. Since they were competing in terms of power, then they would never give up!

At Fallen Immortal Mountain, Zhou Yuanhai observed the battle as usual. He shook his head, “It’s no surprise. The protectors of this lifetime are still at a disadvantage. Defeating Madman Chu will need Wisdom itself to take action, but in this lifetime, Wisdom… can’t! Haha.”

After muttering to himself, he turned to look at Fallen Immortal Mountain. He stepped into the air and slowly walked over…

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