I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 488: It Seems Like You’re Not As Knowledgeable.
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Chapter 488: It Seems Like You’re Not As Knowledgeable.

The night was getting dark.

A huge cloud appeared and quickly landed on the ground.

The Jade Emperor came in person. He had Yang Jing and Juling Shen behind him, as well as six Heavenly Soldiers behind them, rushing toward Daughter’s Kingdom.

They heard that the expert needed help and that he was at a ‘wolf’s den’ and needed rescue. They dared not take any more time. They rushed over at the quickest speed.

They had serious faces on. They controlled the clouds above Mother River. They scanned the river and sent out their Divine Consciousness to find out more.

Yang Jing opened up his third eye and checked out every detail of the river.

“The Law of this river was changed by someone!”

The Jade Emperor said abruptly with a straight face, “The Law was changed?” He did not seem too pleased, he was worried.

Yang Jing jolted. His heart sank as he said, “The Law here…was set by a Saint, right?”

“A Saint!”

The Jade Emperor took in a breath and his pupils dilated. “The Laws were set by the Saints back in the day. There were nine thousand nine hundred and eighty-one Laws. Daughter’s Kingdom was one of them. And yes, it was set by a Saint.”

He did not make it too explicit but the crowd fell silent.

If this was set by a Saint, not anyone could have changed it. Only a Saint could have changed it!

“It seems that another visitor has come to our world…”

The Jade Emperor pursed his lips. He was perplexed and worried. Very worried!

Goddess Nuwa went out, and now that this bigshot was here, they could not find him!

Perhaps it was the Saint from this world returning. He was playing a joke on everyone.

The Jade Emperor could only comfort himself with that, although he knew that this was very unlikely.

He said suddenly, “Yang Jing, Junling Shen, this is dangerous. Do you still want to tag along?”

Yang Jing’s black robe flew in the air. He said, “Jade Emperor, what are you talking about? Have you seen me running away from danger? You think too lowly of me!”

Junling Shen widened his eyes. He said calmly, “Me, too!”

Cultivation had always been against the Heavenly Ways. There were dangers everywhere. The path of Immortalization was even harder, it was very difficult!

They had been through countless dangers. It was as if drinking tea, fighting, and surviving were all part of the journey.

Furthermore…this mission was related to the expert!

The expert gave them an opportunity. Of course, they had to go all out! If it was simple, the opportunities would not have made them shoot up like a rocket. Even if they did not say it explicitly, they knew by heart that they were ready to sacrifice their lives for the expert!

If they ran away from danger, how shameful would that be!? What point was there to stay alive for?

“Okay!” the Jade Emperor nodded. He glanced at the Heavenly Soldiers behind him and said calmly, “Go back.”

However, none of them moved.

One of them said, “Jade Emperor! The mission hasn’t started, we have no reason to go back.”

Another soldier said, “Jade Emperor, no Heavenly Soldier has ever been sent home before. It doesn’t make sense.”

The Jade Emperor shook his head and said weakly, “There’s nothing you can help with. You’re here to give up your lives.”

“Actually, even though we’re not as powerful, we could still…do something for the expert!”

“Jade Emperor, if an enemy came from the Chaos, I’m willing to sacrifice my life to fight against them.”

Meanwhile, three Heavenly Soldiers bowed at the Jade Emperor. They said, “To be honest, my descendants met the expert back in the ordinary realm. The expert helped them a lot and there’s no way for us to repay him. Please, give us a chance to do something.”

“So, they’re the expert’s friends.”

The Jade Emperor let out a friendly smile. He asked, “You’re…”

Nanan said, “Uncle Pei An, Uncle Gu Yuan, and Uncle Gu Changqing. I heard from my brother that they brought the chickens over for him.”

“That’s all we could offer,” Pei An smiled. “We’re glad that the expert didn’t mind them.”

Nanan said, “Ha-ha-ha, that bunch of chickens are now more powerful than you.”

Pei An and the other two coughed awkwardly. “Ha-ha, sure, sure…”

What was there to say?

Those chickens laid eggs for the expert! If possible, they would rather become his chickens!


They were nothing close to the chickens! How triggering!

By the side, the Jade Emperor could not help sighing and saying, “Giving the chickens to the expert was indeed confusing!”

He was emotional and he could totally relate.

Not long ago, they gave a peacock to the expert to lay eggs for him. They were jealous of the peacock as well!

The Jade Emperor’s status was not even close to the animals who laid eggs for the expert. Sigh, it felt so bad. He wanted to sleep.

Nanan said, “Okay, Daughter’s Kingdom’s too dangerous. I must rush back to find brother.”

She was in a hurry. She wondered how her brother was doing.

The Jade Emperor quickly said, “Yeah, we should. Hurry back, don’t take any more time!”

Nanan nodded. She left them with the cloud and rushed toward Daughter’s Kingdom.

The Jade Emperor straightened his face. He ordered, “Everyone, look around. Send out signals when you find something strange!”

Nanan was quick. The sky had just turned bright when she was flying above the Daughter’s Kingdom. She rushed into the palace.

She said to the servants in a panic, “Where’s my brother?”

The servants were instructed by the queen. They said, “Mr. Li’s now resting in the room. You may wait for him in the living room.”

Nanan frowned. “No way, I want to meet my brother now.”

The servants quickly said, “The queen and Mr. Li are now resting. They’re not to be disturbed.”

“What? Resting together?”

Shocking! Nanan was dumbfounded. “The queen’s now in the same room as my brother?”

The servant replied, “Not only our queen, the advisor, and general as well.”

“What? There are four of them?!”

Nanan could not believe her ears. She gritted her teeth with tears in her eyes. She said in a low voice, “How daring! Bring me over, now!”

She should not have left them. She knew these women had intentions for Li Nianfan. They were like wolves. Since she left, she gave them chances!

She had wronged brother, waa…

The servants were terrified. They had to obey her and brought her to the room.

As they approached, they could hear a conversation coming from inside the room. They were laughing from time to time.

Nanan’s steps turned heavy. She was depressed. She stopped outside the room and dared not enter.

She started to imagine different scenarios.

The sky was turning bright. They had been talking throughout the night? How?

It seemed that they had succeeded!

She had wronged Sister Daji and Sister Fire Phoenix…

She was very sad. Finally, she bit her lip and cast a spell to unlock the door. She then pushed open the door.


The door was unlocked. The room fell silent. Nanan was dumbfounded.

She was prepared for everything and yet…that was what she saw?

She asked blankly “Brother, what are you all…doing?”

Li Nianfan smiled and said, “An exciting Flying Chess! It’s a fun and innovative game.”

Nanan’s small lips parted. She was shocked. “You all have been playing Flying Chess throughout the night?”

“Yeah, it’s fun! We’ve forgotten about the time.”

Li Nianfan looked at Nanan. Je asked, “You’re back so soon? Are they coming from the Heavenly Palace?”

Nanan let out a sigh of relief. She smiled and nodded. “They’re coming. They’re investigating the cause. There seems to be some trouble.”

“I see…” Li Nianfan stood up and thought for a moment. He was curious. “Glad that they’re coming. I’d like to have a look as well.”

Li Nianfan was curious about how the river could impregnate the women and how it suddenly stopped working.

Li Nianfan said to the queen, “Your Highness, please, excuse me. I believe that the river will be fixed in no time.”

This time, the queen did not stop him. After spending a night with this man, she had started to trust him.

She said, “Yeah, I trust you. Can you…let me keep this Flying Chess?”

“It’s a small game, just take it.”

Li Nianfan did not mind. He walked out.

By the side, the queen quickly asked another person to take his place to continue the game.

At the same time.

Mother River was flowing between the forest.

In the sky, clouds were flying by and patrolling the area.

Pei An and the other two traveled in a group. When they passed by the mountain, they glanced around and saw a figure among the trees.

The man was standing at the foot of the mountain. He faced the flowing river, standing alone with nothing to hide.

At this instance, he gradually turned over to look at the three of them.

With just a look, even without any Qi, a powerful Qi appeared. It felt as if the wind was blowing wildly, making it hard to breathe.

It felt as if the ants had the attention of the humans. One could not help feeling nervous from within.

Instantly, the three of them felt a chill. Their heads turned blank.

It seemed as if…they had no right to look at this kind of existence.

However, after a moment, Pei An’s body jolted. His voice was hoarse and tiny, “We…found him!”

The three of them made a sound. Their Qi circulated and formed into a light pillar as it rushed upward.

In the past, this was something simple. They could do it easily. However, now it seemed to take up so much effort. Even a small gesture took all of their energy.

“Huh? What a powerful Path.”

The man was shocked. Pei An and the other two were not even Golden Immortals. Although he did not do anything, he was still very powerful.

Usually, people like them dared not move when they saw someone like himself. And yet they moved. That was impressive.

Little did he know that Pei An and the other two had spent a long time with the expert. They had gone past the ordinary for a long time. In terms of their mentality, they had seen a lot and they were able to stay calm.

Quickly, four clouds flew over, one after another. When they saw the man, all of them seemed very shocked. They felt chills all over and could not move.

The Jade Emperor’s face turned pale. He looked at the man cautiously as he asked, “May I ask daringly, why are you here in the Eldritch World?”

His Primordial Spirit was shaking. This man’s realm was way beyond the Saint in this Eldritch World. He was almost as powerful as the Hongjun Daozu!

The man drank a sip of wine and said, “If I say I’m here to destroy this world, what would you do?”

He was speaking nonchalantly and yet the Jade Emperor and the group felt more nervous than ever. The atmosphere was intense and the air was stuffy. It was very difficult to even speak.

They were being threatened!

“Then, we’ll have to fight!” the Jade Emperor said seriously. He tried his best to gather all of his energy at the tip of his head.

Meanwhile, Yang Jing and the rest had veins showing. Their faces flushed red as they were gathering their energy as well.

The man continued to ask, “You’re daring enough to fight me?”

“Why not!?”

Yang Jing was jolting. He wanted to fight as he scoffed. He exploded and had three knives in his hands. He scoffed with determination, “As long as I’m still alive, I’ll fight you!”


Juling Shen’s body jolted. He was fighting against the pressure exuded by the Saint. His eyes widened like bells. “Me, too!”

Their energy was slowly coming out with difficulty. They were very limited. Compared to the other times, they had almost no energy now, and yet, they were still very determined!

The man did not speak, nor did he move.

He looked at the lake nostalgically.

Back then, when his world was in danger, all of them tried their best to defend it as well…

They wanted to fight for their world!

And yet, he escaped…

Thinking of that, he could not help clenching his fists. His eyes darkened as if he could see his world getting destroyed all over again. He felt emotional.

The longsword behind him glowed and said, “Sigh, Brother Feng, let it be. Don’t play with them.”

“How brave,” the man sighed and said, his tone heavy and emotional. “Your world’s indeed astonishing.”

From the moment he arrived in this world, he had seen many astonishing things and people. He was surprised. Even though this was supposed to be a broken world, he felt as if he had learned a lot. Suddenly, he was moved. He asked curiously, “The man…seems to be an ordinary man? And you all…are probably the people in charge of this world. Who’d have thought that a word from him would make you all come all the way here?”

Of course, he knew it was Li Nianfan who sent Nanan to ask them for help. Who would have thought that an ordinary man could seek help from bigshots in this world! This did not make sense!

“Ordinary man?”

The Jade Emperor shook his head. He felt proud of himself. “It seems that you’re not as knowledgeable!”


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