I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 377: No Need To Explain. We Trust You.
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Chapter 377: No Need To Explain. We Trust You.


Suddenly, a shadow slipped past and turned into a strong whip, whipping the buttocks of the Black Dragon and Black Kirin.


Their Primordial Spirits instantly jolted as they wailed uncontrollably.

Black Dragon was in so much pain that his body softened like a small snake having a seizure. He scoffed, “How’re you so inconsiderate? Why do you suddenly beat people up?”

The Tree Demons smiled coldly and said, “Being able to work for our master’s your blessing. How dare you ask for benefits?”

Many Tree Demons had raised their branches. They tangled around Black Kirin and Black Dragon’s bodies, especially around the buttocks. Many branches had gathered and were moving energetically. They seemed to be ready to take action.

Black Kirin watched with terror, extremely terrified. He felt that he was completely helpless as he asked, shivering, “Please, let’s talk it out. A man moves his mouth and not his hands!”

“Little fox, why don’t we talk calmly? There’s no need to do this.” Black Dragon looked at the tree branches cautiously. He was very anxious. “Or just be more gentle!”

“You and your families can only be considered as the unofficial staff of my master. As for your future, it depends on how you perform.” Daji looked at them and continued coldly, “As for the benefits? A simple piece of trash from my master would be the greatest benefit you’ll ever have! I promise.”

After a moment of hesitation, Black Kirin sighed heavily. “Whatever! Who’d have thought that there’s such an expert in the world? I’m not betraying my family this time, I’m saving them from danger. Perhaps this would be an opportunity for my family. Hopefully, many years later, my family will understand!”

Black Dragon nodded. “I share the same thoughts as Black Kirin.”

“Not using any power was for your sake. After all, you won’t be able to take it when my master gets mad. Your Primordial Spirits are inside the Sucking Gourd. I hope you can behave.” Daji nodded and made a gesture.

The golden gourd started to glow. By the side, the gourd vine was moving with the wind. The soil on the ground rose gradually, circling Black Kirin and Black Dragon.

The soil was merely some gravel on the ground, nothing significant. However, with just some gravel, one turned into two, two into three. They gathered up and rushed into the spirits of Black Kirin and Black Dragon. They started condensing.

Black Kirin and Black Dragon were perplexed. They were able to make sense later on with their widened eyes. They looked at their bodies.

“This is...Nine Heaven Breathing Soil!?”

They already knew that this yard was nothing ordinary. However, they did not notice the soil. Little did they expect the soil to be of the Nine Heaven Breathing Soil!

This was the soil used by Nuwa to make humans! The Nine Heaven Breathing Soil! The reason why humans became the masters of all beings, the leader of all creatures, was due to them being molded with the Nine Heaven Breathing Soil! This was the greatest opportunity of all time!

Scary, so terrifying!

How was this a backyard? This was a mini-condensed world of all the powerful essences in the world!

“Are you sure your master made this yard?” Black Kirin found it hard to believe. “Perhaps...he was lucky and stumbled across some ancient cave?”


The almost-boiling Tree Demons finally found the chance to raise the branches and heavily slapped their buttocks. This was for them to learn what pain was!

“How dare you doubt our master, you shall be punished!”


Black Dragon felt his buttocks burning painfully. His face was twisted and he could not help crying out loud, “He was the one doubting the master! Why am I punished as well?”

“There’s nothing to protest, your thinking must be the same as his. I know.”

With the Nine Heaven Breathing Soil along with the help of the Sucking Gourd, their flesh quickly gathered up.

Daji waved it off, “Alright, hurry up and go back. I’ll contact you through the gourd.”

Black Kirin and Black Dragon were perplexed. “Okay, goodbye!”

Instantly, they went away into the clouds.

Black Kirin chased after Black Dragon. He asked, “Brother Black Dragon, where are you heading?”

Black Dragon sighed. “The master of the small fox is probably a powerful figure. We cannot offend him. Now that our Primordial Spirits are controlled by them, we can only do what they say.”

“Have you thought that perhaps the changes in the world are related to their so-called master?” Black Kirin had a serious look on. He started analyzing, “The so-called expert wants to put the humans, gods, and demons in order. It’s unlikely that they’re only ruling us, the demons. They must’ve started somewhere else as well. Now that many restrictions have been broken, the Heavenly Temple and Underworld have changed. These...are too much of a coincidence. No one ordinary could’ve done this.”

He looked at Black Dragon and saw that he was biting his own arm. Black Kirin jolted and asked, perplexed, “What are you doing?”

Black Dragon jolted as well. He quickly covered up his bleeding arm as if nothing had happened and said, “Idiot! If I don’t injure myself, the rest might suspect me. Although it’s a good thing that I’ve recovered, I...must injure myself! Don’t mind me!”

Black Kirin said, “I see, I see. I thought you were trying to eat yourself.”

“Nonsense! I’m not!” Black Dragon scoffed and said, “Alright, let’s talk next time. Goodbye!”

He wiggled his tail and shot downward. With a big whoosh, he vanished into the sea without a trace.

“Hmm? How strange! Isn’t my meat supposed to taste nice? Why does it taste so bad? Perhaps the Nine Heaven Breathing Soil affected my texture? Or maybe I’m only delicious when made into buns?”

Black Dragon was swimming quickly in the ocean. After entering the Southern Sea, he went straight to the Dragon Palace. Soon, he gained the attention of the others.

The prawns and crabs soldiers were stunned. “You, you are...Elder Ao Shu?”

Ao Shu panted and said urgently, “Hurry up and pass it on to the Dragon King. I, Ao Shu, am blessed and survived this incident!”

Soon, a dragon family with horns on their heads swam out. When they saw Ao Shu, they were extremely shocked.

Ao Feng marched over and cried angrily, “Elder Ao Shu, who did it? Who did this to you! How dare they hurt you so badly!?”

The crowd did not dare to look at him. They mourned, “How cruel, so cruel! You don’t even have a complete body. Each part of your body has a patch of meat missing. Who did this!?”

“Even one of your dragon horns is missing, who’s so cruel?”

Ao Feng was filled with guilt. He said, “Elder Ao Shu, I’ve wronged you. I shouldn’t have left you behind!”

Ao Shu instantly said, “Prince, please, don’t say that. Being able to sacrifice for the dragon family is my worth and my pride!”

“Well said!”

Meanwhile, the Southern Sea Dragon King spoke. He went over and hugged Ao Shu. His eyes were filled with pity. “Ao Shu, you’ve been wronged.”

Ao Shu replied, “Dragon King, I’m alright!”

The Southern Sea Dragon King smiled coldly. “As long as you’re back! We’ve got hold of the Dragon Soul Pearl. Also, I’ve gotten better at controlling it. Once I’ve mastered it, nobody in the world would be able to stop me! I’ll take revenge for you!”

Ao Shu tried to explain with tears in his eyes, “Dragon King, the reason I escaped was...”

Southern Sea Dragon King instantly cut him off. “You don’t have to explain. As long as you’re back!”

Ao Shu was perplexed.

He prepared a long speech along the way with a nice plot of his life-threatening escape. It was a tearful plot! And yet, the Dragon King cut him off?

“No, I think it’s better if I say it.” Ao Shu fought for a chance to perform.

“No need, the process is unimportant, only the result counts!” The Southern Sea Dragon King laughed and declared arrogantly, “Hurry up and prepare a batch of top-grade seafood. Tonight, we’re hosting a feast to celebrate Ao Shu’s survival!”

On the other side, Black Kirin went back to the Kirin Cliff.

He was stunned when he was outside the gate.

He saw Big Lord Demon speaking to the Kirin family. He was looking guilty as he kept apologizing.

The two exchanged a look and were instantly stunned.

Big Lord Demon was dumbfounded. He thought he was hallucinating. He cried out with disbelief, “You’re still alive?!”

By the side, the Kirin family was equally shocked. From the tower, a cry of delight was heard, “Uncle!”


Black Kirin called out with excitement. He walked forward and said politely, “Greetings to the Demon King!”

“Uncle, no need to be polite.” Demon King walked toward him with excitement. “It’s really you! The demons came and said that you were framed and died. I didn’t believe them!”

Big Lord Demon was stunned for a moment before saying, “Demon King, this thing’s tricky. I saw it with my eyes that he wasn’t going to make it! The truth is that...this man before us has a problem!”

“Big Lord Demon, the demons have a problem!”

Black Kirin suddenly cried with anger, “I was indeed framed! I was framed by the demons! They baited me to attack a Deluxe Saint and I ended up getting hurt. Luckily, I was blessed and survived. The demons have a problem. They want to hurt our Kirin family!”

“Really?” Demon King looked at Big Lord Demon. He did not seem friendly.

Big Lord Demon was shocked. He quickly shook his head, “I’m not!”

Black Kirin continued, “Why didn’t you tell me there was a Deluxe Merit Saint?”

“I...this...I forgot.”

Instantly...an uproar!

“As cultivators, our brains are good. How could you forget about this?”

“A problem! The demons have a big problem!”

“Luckily, Black Kirin has come back and revealed the true color of Big Lord Demon!”

Big Lord Demon panicked. His eyes were glowing in red as he said, “Listen to me, I really forgot, the reason being...”

Demon King waved and scorned coldly, “Surround him!”

“What now?” Big Lord Demon and the demons behind him looked terrified. They warned, “Unless, you’re trying to challenge us?”

“How dare you frame my Uncle! You’re not to be forgiven!” Demon King narrowed his eyes and declared, “We, the Kirin family with me taking the lead, will be undefeatable! Now that Lord Demon God’s dead, what are you all?”

Big Lord Demon took a step backward quietly. He said, “Demon King, your Uncle has a problem. You’re not attacking him but attacking us?”

Black Kirin did not change his look. He said, “Demon King, I can explain.”

“Uncle, no need to explain,” Demon King cut him off. He scoffed at Big Lord Demon, “What a joke. If I don’t believe my Uncle, you want me to believe you?”

He scoffed and a powerful temperament exploded. He growled, “Kirins, listen up. Attack!”


At the same time.

Somewhere in the world.

The mountain was green and the water was clear. Not only was there a stream with water, there was also a pavilion. It was a beautiful place.

It gave off an unreal feeling, looking as if it was a painting.

Meanwhile, a ripple was made in the sky as if it was water. Following that, a jade-like leg gradually stepped out of it. It was then followed by a jade and lotus-like arm.

A long dress gradually appeared in the air. The dress was flowing in the air as Cheng Yi walked out of the ripple.

She had a big pot in her hand, hugged closely to her small figure. The pot had a red packet in it—it was the hotpot sauce.

In her other hand, she had a wooden bucket. It was filled with all kinds of meat and vegetables.

She was looking excited as she walked over...

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