I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 33: Much Better Than The Lighter!
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Chapter 33: Much Better Than The Lighter!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Mr. Li, this is just a little something. Please, accept it,” the Holy Emperor said with a sincere tone.

Li Nianfan accepted the box and opened it slowly. A trail of flame shot up toward the sky as the lid was opened, along with the sound of a roaring dragon. The fire condensed into the shape of a fire dragon mid-air, arrogant and majestic. However, this did not go on for long. A moment later, its body jolted slightly mid-air, seemingly in fear. It quickly retreated into the box and transformed into a round flaming red pearl.

This scene caught the Holy Emperor and the others off guard.

Since when was the Dragon Fire Pearl so compliant?

Anyone who knew of the Dragon Fire Pearl was aware that the pearl was originally the spirit of a fire dragon from ancient times. It contained the arrogance and temper of the fire dragon. Although it was the most precious treasure of the Dynasty, even the Holy Emperor had to treat it with respect.

Normally, when the Dragon Fire Pearl was released, it would stay out of its pearl form longer, exerting its dominance and power. Yet, this time it seemed intimidated?

Perhaps it was intimidated by the power of the expert.

What an expert! Even the most arrogant Dragon Fire Pearl had to go back into its box.

The Holy Emperor’s heart sank in shock. He always had to be the one to give in to the fire dragon, yet today it gave in right away upon seeing Li Nianfan. Lin Qingyun and Zhao Shanhe looked at the Holy Emperor in shock. They could not believe that the Holy Emperor gave the Dragon Fire Pearl as a gift! This was not just any ordinary gift!

One knew that the flame of the Dragon Fire Pearl could help the cultivators to condense their inner flame, helping them break through to become Golden Core cultivators. This was one of the most sought-after treasures in this realm, or else Lin Qingyun would not have tried so many ways to borrow this Dragon Fire Pearl.

However, Bai Wuchen did not seem as surprised. He understood what the Holy Emperor was thinking. Just like himself, to thank Li Nianfan for his kindness, Bai Wuchen also gave him his most precious item—the Sword Immortal Jade from the Wanjian Immortal Sect.

Regardless if it was the Dragon Fire Pearl or the Sword Immortal Jade, they were nothing compared to the most useless item he possessed. As long as they were able to please Li Nianfan, when the time was right, they would be rewarded with something way more precious.

“Huh? This pearl gives out flames!” Li Nianfan picked up the pearl in surprise. He smiled at the Holy Emperor. “If it’s too precious, I can’t keep it.”

The expert was hinting again.

“It’s not precious at all,” the Holy Emperor said. “This is the Dragon Fire Pearl. It can only make fire.”

Li Nianfan nodded and said to the Dragon Fire Pearl, “Show me some fire again?”


A flame rose from the pearl into the air. The nature of the flame was gentle and extremely obedient.

“Hmm, this is nice. It’d be useful to make a fire in the future.” Li Nianfan smiled with satisfaction. This was way more useful than a lighter. “Alright, I’ll keep this. Thanks!”

His visitors smiled bitterly.

The Fallen Demon Sword was used for cutting wood. The Sword Immortal Jade was used as a torch. Now, the Dragon Fire Pearl was for making fire.

If this was found out by the others, they would have called him crazy! Though, if they compared these with the expert’s power, it all made sense. To the others, these might seem like the most precious treasures, but they were nothing in the eyes of the expert. The expert had such infinite and shocking power, yet, he was willing to live as an ordinary man and treat these treasures as ordinary items. They could only look up to a man like him.

“Mr. Li, we’ll return home to prepare the elixirs for you. Goodbye for now,” his visitors bid him farewell.

“Thank you, everyone,” Li Nianfan said politely.


Once they left, they all frowned and looked up to the sky.

Lights were patrolling the surroundings at a fast speed. It was coming straight to the four-part architecture.

Without a word, all of them flew up into the sky. Bai Wuchen blocked a short, fat man. He said with a smile, “Here to look for an opportunity?”

At first, the man seemed calm without much emotion. However, he soon realized something and bowed. “Greetings to Senior Bai.”

He was surprised that Bai Wuchen had a breakthrough to Out of Aperture. A hundred years ago, Bai Wuchen was still like himself, in the realm of Yuan Yang. The surrounding people realized the presence of Bai Wuchen and started greeting him politely, too.

Bai Wuchen accepted their greetings. Being called ‘senior’ did feel comforting. After all, he was now considered a bigshot in the realm of cultivation to immortality. These were all given to him by Mr. Li, which was the reason he had to solve problems for him.

With that in mind, he remained calm and said, “I’m guessing you’re all here looking for the transformed monster? I’ve been searching around and it’s not in this area. Don’t waste your time.”

“Thank you, Senior Bai,” the crowd thanked him without suspicion and left.

On the other side, Zhao Shanhe and the Holy Emperor used the same way to dismiss many of the cultivators in the hunt of Daji.

Swiftly after, they all rushed back to their residence. They all wanted to be the first to show up with the most elixirs! This was the greatest opportunity to impress the expert which none of them could afford to miss.

Meanwhile, Lin Qingyun was rushing home furiously as she gritted her teeth. She was at the lowest realm among the rest of them, and thus, was traveling at the slowest speed. Since everyone was trying to impress Mr. Li, it was undeniable that everyone wanted to be the first to return. Thus, the competition started.

She kept using elixirs to increase her speed. Finally, she arrived at the stronghold of the Lingyun Immortal Court and she called for an emergency meeting right away.

The chief guard at the stronghold appeared immediately. “May I know what’s the emergency that Your Saintess has called us for?”

Lin Qingyun took out a token. “Guan Lao, bring my token to the Court right away and bring over all the elixirs we possess.”

“What?” Guan Lao was shocked. “Saintess, there are too many elixirs in the Court. It might take at least a month to send them all over.”


Lini Qingyun frowned. She was being inconsiderate.

Why would the expert need any of the ordinary elixirs? Of course, he needed the most precious ones. The expert needed to cure the injury caused by Heaven’s Lightning!

Lin Qingyun continued, “Never mind about the ordinary elixirs, bring out the most precious elixirs and Spiritual Herbs from the Court.”

Guan Lao was scared, his face turning pale. His ears started buzzing with disbelief. He asked with a scared voice, “Saintess, this is a serious issue. Why don’t we wait for the Court Master to get out from his retreat and then make the decision?”

The elixirs and the Spiritual Herbs were the most precious things, and they were also the most prized possessions of the Lingyun Immortal Court. They were all to be brought out?

If Guan Lao did not confirm again and again, he would have assumed that this Saintess was a doppelganger.

“It’s a matter of emergency, don’t ask too much. When the Court Master is out, I’ll tell him myself,” Lin Qingyun pestered.

Guan Lao was helpless. He had no choice but to turn into a stream of light and race toward the Lingyun Immortal Court.

Meanwhile, the Holy Emperor had arrived back at the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty with Luo Shiyu. Without any delay, they went straight to the deepest part of their treasure vault, packing away all types of elixirs.

Similarly, Bai Wuchen and Zhao Shanhe did the same thing. However, they were swordsmen, so their elixir collections were nowhere close to the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty or the Lingyun Immortal Court. They panicked with beads of sweat rolling from their foreheads.

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