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Volume 3, Light Novel Q&A - Please feel free to ask us any LightNovel’s questions!
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Volume 3, Light Novel Q&A - Please feel free to ask us any LightNovel's questions!

Is Vice Versa a web novel?

If it is, where do I read it?

From Explosions

The following will contain heavy spoilers from 'Vice Versa', so please pay attention.

Someone told me "Vice Versa' was a web novel.

I was shocked to hear that. What he mentioned was further beyond what was sold.

I was shocked to learn that in that story, it's said that the homunculus Meek will die in a war.

But Shin of Reputation had an amazing power, fr(e)ewebn(o)vel

Using his power, Meek became a gemstone and kept on living. It's a pretty shocking story.

Is this part correct?

And if anyone knows of what happens after, please tell me!

I want to ask him, but he's out far away.

Thank you everyone for your answers!

Sent: XXXX/X/X X:X:X Replies: 6 freewebnovel(.)com

That's not real

From Really Loves Shin

I don't know who you heard it from, but I think that's not true.

If it is, Dengeki Bunko would have announced it.

Till now, nobody has been hiding the fact that their own works were originally web novels.

Probably not

From YuiYui

I don't think the author's going to kill off a popular character like Meek.

You got duped there, didn't you?

Don't spread rumors

From Pluto

Do you think I'll be so stupid to let Meek die? Hahh?

That guy's definitely delusional

From Sin's real wife.

That guy's probably delusional, right?

There's someone who really believes the fanfiction is 'an author's original'?

I won't fault you there, but try asking him again.

I don't know where that guy is though.

You're duped there

From Shirotaro Matsumoto

Heh, you were duped there.

Only an idiot like you would have been duped.

How can Meek die?

That author's a veteran.

He knows this very well. That's why he's not going to kill off a popular character. (TN Snark: RIP Yatori)

I think it's a lie.

From The end

I guess the author won't kill off a popular character through that way.

But if it's me, I might try writing such a plotline.

The girl staring at the screen--


Grunted like a Sengoku warrior, and got up from her seat.

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