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Chapter 565 The First Calamity!
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Chapter 565 The First Calamity!

?[It's time!]

The Biome Bomb in Resha's possession communicated with him, urging him to deal with the Dieng Canyon's rulers. In the past few days, it had already told him all the necessary details.

Dieng Canyon currently had three rulers and three hidden rulers. The three rulers were the Zinger Queens who had been controlling the Dieng Canyon for the past few decades. The hidden rulers were the three Empyrean Zinger Queens created by Inala's Mutated Empyrean Zinger Queen.

These hidden rulers were able to birth Silver Grade Zingers. They mostly remained in hiding and only revealed themselves when a strong enough Pranic Beast entered Dieng Canyon, using the Prana of which they hatched Empyrean Zinger Scouts and Captains.

Resha's objective was to capture these three rulers in the Biome Bomb. If that wasn't possible, he ought to kill them before Brangara could get to them.

Thankfully, in the current scenario with the absence of the Influenced Region of Hidden Eye, Resha was faster in the sky. At the Biome Bomb's shout, he observed an elevated plateau on the horizon.

Dieng Canyon!

It was a hub in this part of Sumatra, for all travel routes passed through the Dieng Canyon, making it a busy place traversed by all sorts of Humans and Pranic Beasts.

"Do I race to the centre?" Resha asked, surprised immediately after to see Prana churn within the Biome Bomb and condense to form a Zinger.

Expert Iron Grade Pranic Beast—Quip Zinger!

The Biome Bomb expanded to its original size, becoming a sphere with a radius of 180 metres. An entrance opened on it as the Quip Zinger walked out, fist-sized. As the Biome Bomb shrunk to occupy its position on Resha's shoulder, it morphed its shape to become a bowl in which the Quip Zinger sat, using it as a nest.

A string of Prana jutted out of the Biome Bomb and coiled around the Quip Zinger, using Inala's Royal Zinger influence to control it. The Quip Zinger was elated upon perceiving Inala's presence, quivering faintly, its expression no different from a zealot.


Once Resha approached the Dieng Canyon, the Quip Zinger unleashed a powerful shriek, transmitting a vast sea of knowledge that was given to it by the Biome Bomb. The information could be summarised as follows:

The Zinger Race now had a Mystic Grade Pranic Beast, the Royal Zinger. The Royal Zinger commanded the Dieng Canyon to huddle all its queens at one location. Finally, the specific location where they had to group up.


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When Inala arrived at the Dieng Canyon to take in his Mutated Empyrean Zinger Queen, he informed the Zinger Race of his plans, promising that he would become their ruler. He had communicated through the Zinger's voice, and hence, all the contents were received and transmitted by the Zingers from one colony to another.

Within a couple of months, the entire Dieng Canyon became aware of the news and hence were waiting for Inala's return. The presence of the Empyrean Zinger Queens already implied that the Zinger Race could be elevated as a whole to the Silver Grade. freeweb novel.co m

Zingers ranked in the upper levels of intelligence among Iron Grade Pranic Beasts. Since they lived in communities, communication was rapid thanks to their genetic trait of being able to transmit large sums of information through a shingle shriek.

As Empyrean Zingers were birthed one after another, news spread in the Dieng Canyon. So, pretty much every single Zinger became aware of the gradual increase in the population of their Silver Grade variant and was hopeful for a future where they would all be Silver Grade Pranic Beasts.

The difference between Iron and Silver Grade Pranic Beasts was substantial. One was an instinctual being while the other had sentience and was capable of conscious thought and decision making.

Therefore, getting into the Silver Grade meant an overall improvement, even if they were only becoming Beginner Silver Grade Pranic Beasts.

The voice of the Quip Zinger, though slightly different from the Zingers, still conformed to their original language. Hence, all Zingers managed to understand it. They just possessed different accents.




A group of Zingers intended to approach Resha and inspect the Quip Zinger. Once the Biome Bomb informed him of their intentions, Resha pulled a bunch of Zingers towards himself. He targeted Zinger Captains and Zinger Commanders, using his gravity to keep them hovering around him as he blazed into the Dieng Canyon.

A Zinger Commander approached the Quip Zinger and gently touched it, seeping its Prana into the latter. Its expression evidently widened as it confirmed its doubts.

The Zinger Commander glided away and shrieked multiple times, transmitting two words that resounded with abundant power and authority.

[Royal Zinger!]

The Quip Zinger was birthed by the Royal Zinger, as the latter's presence was evidently present on this newborn. The Zinger Commander could perceive it clearly, since the presence wasn't of their rulers.

All the Zingers in the Dieng Canyon were birthed by the three Zinger Queens. And hidden Queens were only capable of birthing Empyrean Zingers. Basically, the endpoint of the Zinger Race was at Beginner Silver Grade.

But the Quip Zinger before it didn't have that limitation. There were some genetic differences, and it was these differences that paved the way for unstoppable evolution to the peak.

As a race that stole and consumed Prana of all races, the Zinger Commander could perceive the superiority of the Quip Zinger's Prana. Whatever it managed to sense, it transmitted to everyone else.

Similarly, the Zingers brought in by Resha approached the Quip Zinger one after another and revealed the information they perceived to everyone.

Shrieks resounded in the region as the various colonies continued to transmit the information, confirming the arrival of the Royal Zinger.

"What is happening?" Resha frowned as even he could feel joy in the expressions of the Zingers as the number of shrieks only grew in number and intensity.

[The Royal Zinger's authority is being accepted. The Zinger Race will now heed and live to exercise the will of the Royal Zinger.]

'That's terrifying!' Resha finally understood the full extent of Inala's plans, 'So that's why he was gung-ho about being a Zinger. He can now mobilise the entire Dieng Canyon!'

How big was the Dieng Canyon? It was one of the largest territories on this side of Sumatra Continent. Depending on the route they traverse, an Empyrean Tusk herd can take anywhere from one year to a few years to pass through the Dieng Canyon.

And this is in the scenario where they move through the outer regions. As the Dieng Canyon was a maze, getting lost in it was simple. With Prana Bombs bombarding them every step of the way, even the Empyrean Tusk herd would collapse eventually.

As a result, they always stuck to the same route they followed every century, one that had been widened enough for two Empyrean Tusks to walk side by side. The route was also short and safe enough for the Mammoth Clan, as they destroyed all the colonies along their route every time they entered the Dieng Canyon.

So, the colonies that were rebuilt along the route wouldn't be as strong as the ones deeper in the Dieng Canyon that hadn't sustained much damage from external parties.

An army of Zingers targeted the Mammoth Clan to shift their attention away from the Zinger Queen's egg that had been placed on the 44th Empyrean Tusk. This army numbered eighty million, forming the First Major Disaster.

The army that had been mobilised was under the instructions of the Zinger Queen who created the Zinger Queen egg. Other than the group of Zinger Kings meant to protect the egg, the remaining Zingers were a disposable army.

Their task was only to divert the Mammoth Clan. Hence, only the weak and unwanted Zingers were dispatched from the various colonies that had a relationship with this Zinger Queen.

But a word from Inala and every single Zinger in existence would take up arms, ready to plunge into death. And that was frightening.

"He's no longer a Major Disaster incarnate. There needs to be a new term for this." Resha sighed as he stared at the Biome Bomb, "A Calamity."

"The first of its kind to be born on Sumatra." Resha uttered with respect and fear, "Inala is the First Calamity."

[First Calamity? Ooh, I like that term!]

The Biome Bomb seemed to be enjoying Resha's changing expressions. It then nudged him to continue flying, for Brangara was hot on their trail.

"He's four hundred kilometres away from us." Resha said, "By the time he arrives at the Dieng Canyon, I'll be done with my work."

[You can use the repulsive force of your External Inertial Gravity to practically build up speed atop Brangara's speed. You're using your powers well. But you can improve further!]

Using the repulsive force, Resha pushed himself away from Brangara, using that to accelerate further and reached the Dieng Canyon well in advance, erecting a gap of 400 kilometres between the two.

And now, to ensure that Inala retained his advantage over Brangara, he was flying towards a specific location on the Dieng Canyon, guided by the Biome Bomb. He was surprised by the Biome Bomb's statement and asked in a hurry, "I can improve further? Are you saying I'm not using my powers to its full potential?"

[Bitch! You have complete control over gravity. Gravity is the sole power that can accomplish almost all cosmic wonders. If a science nerd had your power, they would have abused it to spam cosmic phenomenon!]

"I'm all ears, tell me more," Resha said, not in the least offended by the Biome Bomb's insult. After all, Inala managed to become a Mystic Grade Pranic Beast. So, Resha respected the latter's input.

[I…don't know. I'm not a science nerd.]

"Fuck you!" Resha cursed, "Considering your boast, I thought you would know something!"

[I may not know it, but that doesn't mean you cannot learn more about it.]

"Then, where would I know more?" Resha asked in a hurry. "I'm ready to do whatever it takes to understand my powers better."

The Celestial Boar's presence caused him to feel his powers were lacking. Hence, Resha was desperate to develop further. After all, his endgame build was made in preparation to kill the Empyrean Boar King and not the Celestial Boar.

[Yennda! He should be the most knowledgeable about the subject. Talking with him will allow you to achieve a breakthrough in the usage of your gravity powers.]

"Yennda?" Resha was surprised by the answer, "Are you telling me that guy knows more about this science stuff?"

[Yeah, don't underestimate him. He's held back by his inferiority complex. But there's a reason he's one of the Mystic Paths.]

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