I'll Come Clean! I Am The King Of Lolan!

Chapter 32
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Chapter 32: You Only Know How to Brag!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Old friend, do you still remember the business that I told you about last time?”

Kyle nodded. This was still fresh in his memory.

“Are you referring to the king’s plan to build a small temporary palace in the northeast corner of Lolan City?”

Lorne nodded his head and then answered the group.

“It’s all about this small temporary palace. In my opinion, the current king can expand the scale of this temporary palace and directly build a large temporary palace. Then, he can move the former king who used to live in the palace to this temporary palace

“Everything that the former king asks for, including eating, drinking, and playing should be allowed, except for the military power and the regime of the court of course. In this way, all the civil and military officials of the court will praise the current king for being honorable and admirable.

“The former king would also be satisfied with himself. Under a comfortable environment, he would not think about those schemes anymore.

“As for the current king, he would only need to spend some money from the national treasury and the royal family’s treasures. Plus, he would just have to visit his father every three to five days and spend some time together. This way, wouldn’t it be a situation where everyone becomes satisfied and happy? Don’t you think that this issue will be immediately resolved?”



Kyle was instantly shocked.

To be honest, this plan was not very complicated. On the contrary, it was a little too simple and crude.

However, such a simple plan was so simple that no one would have thought about it.

At the very least, from the moment Kyle ascended to the throne until now, during the two years, he had adopted a strategy of avoiding being in the same room with Bidas as a way to avoid the awkward relationship he had now.

He really never thought of taking the initiative to improve his relationship with Bidas, nor did he think of improving his father’s living environment to resolve the conflict.

However, now that he thought about it, this was indeed a good idea. After all, he and Bidas could never avoid each other forever. If that happened, he would be criticized by the world.

Only by facing this problem and making corresponding active actions would it be enough to show that he, Kyle, was an honorable person.

Of course, with a cautious mentality, Kyle still asked one more question.

“Boss, do you think this method is really effective? Would it really be that simple to just build a temporary palace for the former king to live in peace for the rest of his life? Would this be enough to make up for the huge battle caused by what happened in the past?”

Lorne glanced at Kyle, somewhat speechless.

“Old friend, I can’t believe I actually gave you the benefit of the doubt when I said that you were dumb, but from what you’ve just asked, I’m starting to regret my choices of thinking that way. The current king has kept the former king in the palace for two years. Won’t you think that the former king would feel lonely?

“Wouldn’t he want to improve his relationship with the current king? He is his own son after all. Time can always heal everything. The only thing missing now is an opportunity. A key point for a king to take the initiative to show goodwill to the former king.”

“After all, they are father and son. There is no reason for a father to take the initiative to lower his ego for his son. Naturally, we have to wait for the current king to give an indication. Isn’t this what it means to build a palace and enjoy the rest of your life?”

Kyle could not help but slap his thigh hard. He appeared to be very excited.

“That makes sense. It is indeed a brilliant plan. It really means a lot that you thought about it this way. This is the entirety of human nature. Boss, what kind of life did you live to be able to see these things so clearly at such a young age?

“Only you would be able to come up with such an idea. If the current king was really here, just by hearing your words, he would at least give you the title of being a Baron!”

Lorne straightened his back proudly and was about to praise himself. However, he suddenly became depressed and said in a bad mood, “What’s the use of saying such nonsense? Aren’t the three of you the only ones who heard this?”

Kyle smiled and said, “Don’t worry, boss. I’ll send someone to do some to pass the message and see if I can dedicate these words to King Kyle. When the time comes, you’ll definitely be known to the world and your ambitions would flourish!”

Before he could finish, Lorne raised his hand and interrupted him.

“Come on, old friend. Last time, you said that you would recommend me to be an official. This time, you say that you would directly tell the king. Your other abilities may not be considered great, but your bragging skills are really first-class. You should simmer down and humble yourself. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.”

Rosen and Andrew felt their stomachs ache when they saw Lorne’s look of complete disbelief.

This young man was extremely intelligent in every aspect. He was so outstanding that it made people feel afraid. However, how could he not see through the disguise of the three of them? Why did he not believe his friend at all?

Not only that, but Lorne even patted Kyle’s shoulder.

“But in the end, what can I say, you’re the one who has nothing better to do. You’re either concerned about some important matters in the palace, or you’re concerned about some royal family matters. It’s as if you’re one of them.

“Those who aren’t sure of who you are would think that you’re a palace minister, or that you have some royal bloodline. Who would have thought that you’re actually an ordinary merchant?

“Isn’t it good to have the time to think about how to make a fortune instead?”

Kyle smiled embarrassedly and did not reply. After the few of them sat back down and drank another round of wine, there was almost no food left on the table.

Andrew estimated the time and took the initiative to remind Kyle, “Old pal, it’s getting late. Don’t we have to go back and think about the deal that we just sent out of the city?”

Kyle was stunned for a moment, then quickly nodded.

“Ann is right. It’s indeed getting late. Let’s stop here, for now, we can come back another day.”

As he spoke, Kyle took out a few silver coins from his money bag. Lorne quickly glared at him.

“Old friend, didn’t we agree that today would be my treat? Why are you still being so polite to me? Take it back, I don’t want to see it.”

It was not that Lorne did not like money, but since he had agreed that he would treat them, he might as well go all the way. This could also be considered a long-term investment. In the future, these merchants would become his loyal and unwavering customers.

However, Kyle still stubbornly put the money on the table.

“Lorne, we know that you have good intentions, but we know that it’s not easy for you to make a living in Lolan. You must accept this money. Today, you can still count it as us ordering food and wine. Besides, you’ve told us so much just now. It’s really benefited us a lot. Let’s treat this money as us paying for the stories you’ve shared.”

Lorne pondered for a moment and then accepted the money half-heartedly.

“If you say so, old friend. If that’s the case, then each of you should take a jar of strong wine home. Let’s treat it as me treating you guys to a drink.”

When Lorne suggested this, only then did Kyle and the others gladly accept it.

Rosen smiled and said, “Boss, why don’t you bring me a few more jars? I’ll send a few friends over so that they can come over to eat and drink with you next time.”

Lorne clapped his hands and spoke very straightforwardly, “No problem. If you ask for it, I have no reason to refuse!”

With that, he ran to the wine cabinet and directly brought out a few jars.

“You guys won’t be able to take much, just these five or six jars, so it’ll fit one in each hand.”

After Lorne and the others took two jars each, they were ready to leave the tiny tavern.

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