I'll Come Clean! I Am The King Of Lolan!

Chapter 3
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Chapter 3: I Have Great Ambitions

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Knowing this, Kyle’s mood has been lifted. Lorne’s comments made him even happier than anything else.

The Holy King, the first king in all of history!

How lofty was this evaluation? There had been so many kings since ancient times, how many of them were worthy of being evaluated like this?

Moreover, these evaluations did not come from the mouths of those ministers who fawned over him. Instead, they came from the mouth of a citizen in his kingdom who did not know his true identity.

It was great to imagine how high the value of this evaluation was. How could Kyle not be happy!

He had poured his blood, sweat, and tears for the Lolan Empire. It was as he hoped that the citizens knew of his painstaking efforts.

Previously, when he asked Lorne some questions, his answers have been average. Occasionally, he would say some things that would make one’s eyes light up, but he did not further elaborate on said things.

However, this time, it was different. Lorne’s answer had really surprised him.

Kyle could not help but sigh. “This tavern boss has good taste. Rosen, come out with me again tomorrow.”

“As you wish, Your Majesty!”

Rosen bowed to show that he understood. At the same time, he could not help but praise Lorne’s performance in his heart.

‘What a lucky young man. Not everyone has the ability to make the king pay attention to him,’ Rosen thought in his mind.


The next day, Kyle and Rosen once again visited Lorne’s tavern. Similarly, Lorne was still alone and bored as usual. He could be seen watching the pedestrians come and go from outside the tavern.

There was a large number of the king’s personal guards, all dressed in casual clothes, spread out in all directions. They disguised themselves as ordinary civilians and hid around the tavern, secretly protecting the King’s safety.

Then, the two disguised men walked in.

When Lorne saw the two, he immediately showed a surprised expression. 𝘧𝑟𝙚ew𝑒𝒃n𝒐𝘷𝑒𝚕. c૦𝙢

“Charles, Vincent, why are you here today? I rarely see you guys come to my tavern twice in a row.”

Kyle smiled and replied, “The dishes you cooked were really appetizing. I couldn’t help but come again.”

Lorne clapped his hands.

“Then, you came at the right time. I just happen to have a few jars of wine that I personally brewed some time ago. You guys have definitely lucked out today!”

Kyle’s eyes suddenly lit up from the new information.

“I’ve only ever eaten the dishes personally cooked by you. I’ve never tried the wine you brewed before, so I should drink to my heart’s content today no matter what.”

Lorne heard this and took out a few small wine jars from the cabinet where the wine was hidden and placed them on Kyle’s table.

“You guys go ahead and drink up first. I’ll go and prepare a few dishes that will go well with the wine.”

“Alright, make a few more extra dishes. Today, the two of us will treat you to a drink and a meal.”

Lorne looked at Kyle and Rosen in surprise. He did not think too much about it and went straight to the kitchen to prepare the meals.

Not long after, Lorne served a few dishes, but the portions were much more than usual. Then, he joined the two and directly sat at the opposite side of the table.

“Boss, your wine is not bad at all. The taste is rich and mellow. It has features of a high-class fine wine. It’s even better than many fine wines that I have drunk before.”

Lorne poured himself a cup too as he spoke.

“It’s brewed using a method passed down from my family. As long as you like it, I’ll be satisfied.”

Kyle nodded, and then he drank the rest of the wine in the cup in one gulp. After savoring it carefully, he spoke with a hint of doubt.

“Actually, I don’t understand one thing. Boss, you’re such a good cook, and the wine brewed here is equally as delicious. Why don’t you consider making the tavern bigger?

“With your ability, you can hire some people to promote your place and get more customers. I can guarantee you that no one will say that it’s not delicious.

“Even if you don’t earn a thousand silver coins a day, at least a hundred silver coins would be earned. After doing this for a few years, you’ll definitely become a rich man.

“In the meantime, if there’s a need, the two of us can also come and help you.”

Hearing this, Rosen, who was next to Kyle, narrowed his eyes slightly. He immediately understood what the king meant. This was to reward the tavern boss for sharing about the Holy King yesterday.

Then, Lorne shook his head.

“I have greater ambitions than this, so high that it actually soars past the clouds. Running the tavern was originally just a temporary plan, it was not what I had in mind.

“To be honest, if it were not for your frequent visits, I would have sold the tavern long ago.”

These were all the truth. He had originally run the tavern just to get information, but he did not expect that there were so few customers. If it were not for the frequent visits of the two merchants, he would have sold the tavern long ago.

When Kyle heard these words, his face became a little surprised. He had never expected that in this civilian city, there would actually be someone who said that they had a high soaring ambition. Finding such a person was really rare.

Kyle immediately abandoned his previous thoughts, and then asked with interest, “Boss, you said that you have a high soaring ambition. How about I test you?”

Lorne nodded slightly. Anyways, he had already bragged so much, it did not matter if he bragged a little more.

Kyle pondered for a moment. It was not just a coincidence or something, but he blurted out an easily answered question.

“What do you think of the relationship between our Lolan Empire and the Bora Kingdom in the north?”


As soon as Kyle asked his question, the already empty tavern became pin-drop silent.

Lorne looked at Kyle as if he was looking at a monster. F*ck, this man was really not afraid of death. Yesterday, he asked about the king and what kind of person he was, but today, he actually asked about the relationship between the Lolan Empire and the Bora Kingdom!

Each topic became more sensitive to talk about than the other. No matter how much the king did not care, if he knew what happened here, Lorne knew he would definitely be in big trouble.

Was this really something that a simple merchant like him should be asking?

How could a small commoner be concerned about such a major matter about the empire? Could it be that he was planning to be the king’s advisor?

Actually, not even just for Lorne’s expression, but even Rosen had a look of surprise on his face.

‘Has the king gone too far?’ Rosen thought to himself.


Perhaps realizing that he had gone a little overboard, Kyle quickly gave an explanation. “I was just casually asking what I’m curious about. After all, whether the border is stable or not, us merchants will also be greatly affected.”

Lorne also believed this explanation. Thinking of the extra money this man had given him each time he settled the bill, he too decided to casually mention the historical track that he learned.

“From what I see, there will be a big war between the Bora Kingdom and the Lolan Empire soon!”


Lorne had just finished speaking when the glass in Rosen’s hand fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

Apart from Rosen’s shock, even the drink in Kyle’s hand trembled slightly from the words. Obviously, the two of them could not hide their expressions.

Lorne looked at Rosen with a puzzled expression.

“Sorry boss, but I just heard you say that there might be a war at the border. I couldn’t control myself.”

Suddenly, Lorne had a look of realization. He got up and swept away the debris on the ground.. Then, he went to the cabinet to replace the broken glass cup for Rosen.

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