I'll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 881 - The Meeting
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Chapter 881: The Meeting

The villagers of Netherworld Village were all secondary little monsters. They were the people that the circus resurrected in [Guest Mode].

In the beginning, Su Yang only used this ability on the Clown Sea Serpent, Old Master Pei and a few other important little monsters. However, as Su Yang’s career grew, the number of little monsters could not keep up with his growth.

Therefore, in order to have sufficient manpower, Su Yang started to recruit the villagers of Netherworld Village on a large scale.

Of course, even so, Su Yang still strictly controlled the quality of these villagers. He demanded that they were at least pure and kind people. Furthermore, he would also sign [Absolute Verbal Contracts] in batches to prevent them from betraying him.

After confirming that they were on his side, Su Yang would assign them to his various businesses.

Because he could only meet one group of people every time, when the summoning order was issued, Su Yang suddenly realized that he had unknowingly recruited 230 villagers from Netherworld Village.

Su Yang brought the villagers to renew their verbal contract and release the slot of the previous verbal contract that they had previously occupied. Then, Su Yang gave each of the villagers a liquid metal avatar.

In order to exchange for enough liquid metal avatars for the [Eye of Origins], Su Yang bought a few thousand tons of steel in China and fed it all to the Quickgold Monster.

The Quickgold Monsters were already spreading their branches on Socot Island. They could produce liquid metal balls every day, so there was no lack of liquid metal avatars.

Even though Su Yang was not very familiar with these villagers, they were all monsters that he had resurrected. They were his people. Hence, Su Yang did not want them to take such a dangerous risk.

After distributing the liquid metal avatars, Su Yang let the little monsters familiarize themselves with its controls.

After familiarizing themselves, Su Yang brought them to the [Satellite Launching Rocket Base] at the top of the mountain. Through there, they arrived in Yemen.

There were many places around the world on Socot Island. It was extremely convenient to carry out large-scale teleportation. At the very least, the quality of teleportation was not limited.

After arriving in Yemen, the Clown Sea Serpent took over.

The Clown Sea Serpent brought the little monsters to a large shooting range in Yemen, which was filled with all kinds of guns, including those that could be maneuvered alone, and so on.

The liquid metal avatar only increases one’s weight, strength, and speed, but these conditions were not decisive factors in modern warfare.

Fortunately, Su Yang had recently acquired the largest arms company in Yemen. Coupled with the support of King Latin, the gang in Hawaii, he had these usable weapons.

The little monsters used liquid metal avatars to control their weapons and continued practicing.

Su Yang had instructed them not to do anything too crazy. Instead, they were alright suppressing the enemies through some firepower and cleaning up some of the runaways.

As for other aspects, he had his own trump card: Little Deeny and the Clown Sea Serpent.

In another small shooting range beside this shooting range, there were more than 10 liquid metal avatars moving around. They were much more agile than the liquid metal avatars controlled by the villagers of Netherworld Village.

Furthermore, while moving, they could fly for a short period of time and shoot quickly.

In front of them were moving targets, but no matter how they ran, the bullets would land on their targets.

These liquid metal avatars that looked like Superman were controlled by the Clown Sea Serpent and Little Deeny. One the Clown Sea Serpent, Netherworld Village... fifteen. After all, she had many core processors and could multitask.

Time flew by as Su Yang was preparing nervously. Soon, it was time for the meeting with the leader of the Great Ixa Alliance.

When it was time, Su Yang was not in a hurry to take action. With the [Truth Or Explosion] ability that he had, he lent it to the Clown Sea Serpent. Hence, when the Clown Sea Serpent was talking to Maha on the first day, he had already planted a locating bomb on him.

This was the reason why Su Yang and the Clown Sea Serpent could monitor and follow him, while the world could not...


Maha was very, very angry that day because he could feel his status in the organization dropping.

Actually, this was understandable. As an alliance, the Great Ixa Alliance respected power.

His power had fallen drastically, and his subordinates had been cut up and eaten by the various leaders. He did not have many people left.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want his subordinates back, but the leaders wouldn’t let him go. Otherwise, his subordinates wouldn’t want to come back. He wouldn’t be able to restore his power.

Still, it was... perfectly normal in Central Asia where the strong preyed on the weak. He’d already gotten over it.

However, being open-minded did not mean giving up. After thinking about it, he felt that there was only one way to save himself. That was to “eliminate” another leader and then take over his subordinates and power.

Needless to say, this candidate was definitely Zach...

After all, he was a “traitor”.

With this thought in mind, Maha led his two subordinates to the waiting area.

Soon, as time passed, the people sent by the highest-ranking leader to pick him up arrived.

It was a man in camouflage clothing. He looked like a man of few words. He nodded at Maha before getting out of the car. THen, he took out an instrument and started to scan the group.

Not long after, all the metal objects on their bodies were scanned.

He collected the items one by one, then he collected their burner phones, cell phones, and other communication devices and placed them into a metal bag.

Then, he opened the door and shook his head to signal them to get in.

After getting into the SUV, the muscular man pressed the button to block all signals. Then, he started the SUV.

Maha, who was familiar with the process, silently watched the man finish his work. Then, he closed his eyes and rested in the backseat, waiting for the meeting to begin.

Five minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes passed...

Maha opened his eyes and looked outside. He realized that they had not arrived yet.

He could not help but feel strange.

‘Based on my past experience, we should have arrived in about 10 minutes... Why is it taking them so long this time?’

With that question in mind, he started to observe the direction the man was going. After a while, Maha frowned slightly because he felt like the car was going in circles.

He raised his head slightly and realized that there were many drones in the sky. They seemed to be checking if they were following him.

Maha felt that the organization was making a mountain out of a molehill. ‘We haven’t done this during our previous meetings, so why are we doing it this time?’

Shaking his head slightly, Maha closed his eyes and continued to wait.

This time, he waited for another half an hour.

Just as he was getting impatient, the car finally stopped.

Maha opened his eyes and found a simple camp before him. There was an RV in the camp, which was the location for the meeting.

Maha got out of the car and looked around. From the corner of his eye, he saw some people hiding nearby. They were obviously members of the organization.

He did not mind and walked into the RV.

When he arrived at the RV, the other leaders had already arrived.

The leader was seated at the head of the table. Maha called out to him, “Harriford!”

Harriford’s name originated from the term “succession,” which meant “ruler,” “agent,” or “successor.” It meant that after Muhammad’s death, he inherited the title of leader that governed the whole of Central Asia.

In the various dangerous organizations in Central Asia, everyone thought that the man before them had inherited the mantle of the leader of the older generation of dangerous organizations, so they respected him greatly. This was also why he had become the highest-ranking leader of the organization so quickly.

After getting a response from him, Maha nodded at the other leaders in turn. The other leaders also nodded back.

After they sat down, the highest-ranking leader said, “Maha, don’t blame the inspection for being too complicated. It’s mainly because your experience is indeed a little bizarre. Everyone is suspicious at the moment.”

After the highest-ranking leader finished speaking, before Maha could even reply, Zach, who was sitting beside the highest-ranking leader, spoke first. He said, “Harriford, there’s no need to sugarcoat it for me. I’m the one who’s being suspicious of him.”

Then, he turned to Maha and said, “You said that after you were caught, you were locked up by Jiadian Group. During that time, Jiadian Group has been interrogating you every day, but you didn’t give them any useful information. Later, you found an opportunity to escape.

“All of that is just too strange. So, I can’t help but wonder if you’ve betrayed the organization to be released.

“Please forgive me,” he said. “I think it’s the vigilance we need.”

Hearing Zach’s question, the veins on Maha’s forehead bulged. He had been holding a grudge against Zach for the past few days due to the Clown Sea Serpent’s provocation. Now, even during the meeting, Zach was causing trouble for him.

He had originally thought that this was because this was the first meeting after the organization was exposed, and that was why it was so strict. However, from the looks of it, he was the only one who had been subjected to such strict scrutiny.

‘He’s actually accusing me of betraying the organization right now?!

‘He’s simply playing the blame game!’

Seeing Maha’s angry expression, the highest-ranking leader lowered his eyes and did not stop him. Their alliance was dangerous to begin with, so they did not need to appear friendly. If there was anything, they could just come right out and voice it.

As expected, Maha could not take it anymore. He questioned Zach loudly, “You’re suspecting that I betrayed the organization? I could even say that I suspect you of betraying the organization!”

As he spoke, he looked at the highest-ranking leader and said, “Harriford... The reason why I kept requesting a meeting at this time is because I discovered many secrets when I was imprisoned.

“During the exchange with Jiadian Group, I realized that they were very familiar with our organization, and they know many secrets that only a leader would.

“Under my various tests, the Jiadian Group revealed a lot of information. I can boldly speculate that the reason I fell into the trap and was surrounded was because there’s a traitor in the organization!

“He sold out our information and allowed Jiadian Group to know about our plans. He’s also made preparations in advance, which led to my capture!”

Maha had thought that if he said that, it would definitely shock many of the leaders, or terrify them. Then he could further blame Zach.

However... The strange thing was, none of the leaders showed any signs of excitement.

Maha looked at the highest-ranking leader blankly, who was looking at him as well as he shook his head slightly. “Everything that you’ve just said... We already know about it.”

Maha looked even more confused. “You already knew?”

Another leader could not stand it anymore and said, “Yes, because Zach already knew you would say that. He thinks that if you want to gain our trust, that’s the only thing you’d choose to say.”

Maha was shocked.

He looked at Zach and finally realized that the latter was looking at him with a faint smile.

Seeing Zach’s smile, Maha confirmed in his heart again... ‘Zach must be the traitor!

‘Otherwise, how could he know everything that I was going to say?

‘He must be colluding with Jiadian Group!

‘That’s the only explanation!’

At that moment, Maha felt like he had figured it all out. ‘This is a multi-layered trap!

‘Zach made me think that Jiadian group captured me to force information out of me about what happened to Black Transport Organization all those years ago, kill me, and cling to his position. But in truth... He’s trying to completely destroy me by labelling me as a traitor.

‘Only by destroying me can he take over my power and subordinates!

‘After all, a leader who betrays the organization isn’t worth following!’

Thinking of this, Maha looked at Zach with fire burning in his eyes. ”This man’s cunningness is unparalleled! He’s calculated every step that I would take and trap me in with no way out.


‘I’ve still got one last option.’

Thinking of this, Maha touched his left arm with his right hand and quietly dug open the wound that had just healed. From inside, he pulled out the titanium alloy wire that had previously been unlocked.

Then he shouted, “I am not a traitor! I am doing this for the organization! I want to cleanse this traitor for the organization!” As he said that, he charged at Zach with the thread in his hand.

In the RV, the leaders did not expect Maha to suddenly launch an attack. They hurriedly tried to stop him, so the RV was in chaos.

Just as the leaders were fighting, two sudden gunshots came from outside.

“Bang! Bang!”

The leaders who had been in Central Asia for many years froze.

As the leader of a dangerous organization, they knew better than anyone what a gunshot meant.

The leader took out a walkie-talkie and adjusted the frequency. He asked, “Masry, what’s going on outside?”

The first sounds of gunfire came from the walkie-talkie. A moment later, a man said, “Harriford! We’ve been exposed! There are enemies surrounding us! We’re holding them up. You must leave now!”

When he said that, the faces of the people in the RV changed.

The highest-ranking leader did not hesitate. He strode to the door of the RV and carefully opened a crack to look outside.

For the time being, there were no enemies outside, but from afar, the gunshots were getting louder and louder. It was like their own side was exchanging fire with the enemy.

Seeing that, the highest-ranking leader turned to the people in the RV and said, “We’ll retreat for now. I’ve prepared three military helicopters in the southeast direction, let’s head there first. Once we get into the helicopter, we’ll be invincible.”

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