I'll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 775 - A Competitor’s Test?
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Chapter 775: A Competitor’s Test?

He was an old man with a square face. His hair was white and he looked energetic, seeming to be in his 50s. However, his eyes had an intimidating glow.

This man’s name was Wang Jiang, a man who controlled Zhejiang Province and was known as the “King Of Zhejiang”.

At that moment, he was standing in the study room with a furious expression.

Before him was a middle-aged man in uniform. The man had his head lowered, not daring to say a word.

Wang Jiang angrily paced back and forth in the study room, from his mahogany furniture to jade carvings, then from the jade carvings to his white jade Guanyin.

After a few rounds, he suppressed the anger in his heart and asked in a low voice, “Where was Wang Jue last at before he went missing?”

The middle-aged man lowered his head and said, “The GPS showed that he passed the middle section of the Sea Bridge before he suddenly disappeared.

“Before that, he stayed in Shanghai for half a month at the Yuerong Manor Hotel in Shanghai and would go to some bars at night before returning to the hotel. He would only wander around these two places.”

Wang Jiang frowned and asked sternly, “Why was he in Shanghai?”

The uniformed middle-aged man said, “According to the bodyguard’s report, he went to Shanghai to explore a business opportunity. However, he didn’t say what business opportunity it was.”

Wang Jiang’s brows were deeply furrowed. He was the kind of person who would show his demeanor even without being angry. Apart from that, he had a lot of wrinkles, so when he frowned, he immediately looked like the King Of Hell, making people involuntarily feel intimidated.

At that moment, he sat back in his chair and tapped his fingers on the table, one after another. After a while, his eyes shone brightly as he said in a low voice, “What other business opportunities are there in Shanghai?! Other than that Jiadian Group, there’s nothing else.

“Find out if Wang Jue had any contact with Jiadian Group, or whether they have any information about him.”

The uniformed middle-aged man said with some difficulty, “Jiadian Group is under Old Master Jiang’s protection. Furthermore, the higher-ups want to use them as a breakthrough point to show the world the power of our country. Wouldn’t this...”

Wang Jiang hesitated for a moment before he became determined. “Go investigate.”

The middle-aged man immediately stood up straight. “Understood!”

Then, without hesitation, he bowed to Wang Jiang and strode out of the room...

After he left, Wang Jiang, who was sitting in the study, took a few deep breaths. His eyes were filled with determination and ruthlessness. “I will definitely find you, son!”


At that moment, Su Yang, who was on the island far away, did not know that he had been targeted by a powerful person. After fooling around with Tang Xiaomi for a while, he brought her back to the castle.

Then, after giving Tang Xiaomi some supper and a cup of milk tea, Su Yang sent her back.

As for whether it was alright for her to eat so much, Su Yang did not mind at all. ‘She’s a growing child, so it’s fine if she eats more.’

After sending Tang Xiaomi back, Su Yang left her with a glass phone.

With this phone, no matter what problems Tang Xiaomi encountered in the future, Su Yang would always appear by her side. At night, if Tang Xiaomi was bored, she could go to the virtual space to play with Su Yang or the little monsters.

After settling everything, Su Yang returned to the virtual space.

When he arrived at the virtual space, it was already 12am. However, because he had rested for a period of time in the afternoon and had the [Three Days Without Sleep Halo] activated, Su Yang was not very tired. Therefore, he decided to stay in the living room and watch the video and report given to him by the Clown Sea Serpent.

The report and videotape were crucial information that the Clown Sea Serpent retrieved from Wang Jue and the three bodyguards’ memories. Thus, Su Yang felt that it was still valuable.

Even though the Clown Sea Serpent said that there was nothing wrong with it, Su Yang still had to take a look personally.

In the end... Su Yang was dumbfounded after taking just a quick look. ‘You call this fine? How lawless can the Clown Sea Serpent get?

‘The first son of the Wang family from Zhejiang Province? The son of the “King Of Zhejiang”? An actual “noble”?

‘Each and every one of these is enough for me to have to treat this matter with caution... Yet, the Clown Sea Serpent actually said that there were no problems!’

Su Yang did not expect that his identity as a hothead would be so sensitive that time. ‘Thank goodness I was cautious enough to do some investigation. Otherwise, it would’ve been troublesome!

‘But... It’s just troublesome.’

To the current Su Yang, who had tens of billions of yuan worth of assets in the country, corporations that spanned across many industries, and a glass phone that could lead the next industrial revolution.

Apart from that, he had hundreds of millions of yuan worth of cash overseas, a large island located in Hawaii and controlling a small country in Central Asia in secret. Hence, at a critical moment, he could lead the entire world.

Furthermore, outside of Earth, he had three satellites in outer space that could turn into interstellar weapons at any time.

Hence, although the Wangs were troublesome, Su Yang did not think much of it.

This was probably why the Clown Sea Serpent did not think there would be any future concerns.

After all, even if the Wangs used their power within the country to deal with Su Yang, Su Yang would just shoot them once and run away.

All in all, with Su Yang’s current ability, it was almost impossible for him to be caught.

Of course... These were tactics that would not be used unless Su Yang had no other choice.

With that thought in mind, Su Yang passed the report to Little Deeny cautiously so that she could take note of it.

Thus, the night passed uneventfully. The next morning, Old Master Pei went to Central Asia with the Clown Sea Serpent to gather the raw materials for the glass phone.

On the other hand, Su Yang woke up to check on the news and his social media. He wanted to see how the feedback on Jiadian was going.

The result was not what he had expected. He had thought that the internet would be filled with positive comments. After all, his phone was good enough. However, reality was different...

The online comments about Jiadian Mobile were only half of what it was. Those who supported it said that Jiadian Mobile was the hope of a locally-manufactured cellphone and that it could truly bring China up in the world, making them recognize China’s products.

However, those who were criticizing said that Jiadian Mobile’s glass phones could only be considered to be a concept phone since the 30 thousand units sold yesterday were already the company’s production limit. Thus, it could only be produced gradually instead of being mass produced.

This meant that even though the Jiadian Group had made a breakthrough in technology, they did not have enough industrial chains. If these technologies were given to other big companies in China who had enough industrial chains, they would definitely be able to produce glass phones faster.

These comments were obviously a result of yesterday’s “low production rate for glass phones” discussion, so it caused a heated discussion.

When many netizens heard this, they suddenly felt that... It made sense. After all, they were all from the same country, so if the technology was shared and other manufacturers could produce the phone, their country would be able to “conquer” the world faster.

However, Su Yang could sense that something was not right. ‘This isn’t spontaneous, someone’s intentionally trying to steer the public in a certain direction. It seems like someone, or rather, a competitor, is trying to muddy the waters by using the public opinion to test the country’s state and force me to reveal my technology...

‘However, it’s impossible for me to give up the technology that I’ve painstakingly obtained.’

So, Su Yang could not help but ponder, ‘Looks like the production rate is still problematic. Only when my production rate is increased can I crush these people’s fantasies, plus these brainless commentators.

‘Of course... The most important thing is that only by increasing the production rate can I obtain more coins and influence more people.’

At that thought, Su Yang looked out of the window. ‘I hope that Old Master Pei can complete the task that I have given him as soon as possible.’

Just as Su Yang was lost in his thoughts, his phone rang in the bedroom.

Su Yang tapped the glass screen in front of him, and a call interface appeared on the screen. It was from Young Master Ying.

‘Young Master Ying?

‘Why is he looking for me?

‘Could it be related to the glass phone?

‘Or... Is it because of Wang Jue?’

At the thought of Wang Jue, Su Yang’s eyes lit up and he answered the phone expressionlessly.

When the call connected, Su Yang heard Young Master Ying’s low voice. “Young Master Su, let me ask you something, and you must tell me the truth.”

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