I'll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 696: I Don’t Feel At Ease With Any One Of You Jungling!
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Chapter 696: I Don’t Feel At Ease With Any One Of You Jungling!

Su Yang entered the Hero Selection interface.

Qu Xuan’s internet might have been slower because he had arrived a little later.

When Qu Xuan entered the game, he thought that it would be best to ask his other teammates what they were good at and if anyone amongst them were good at carrying. This was because in a lower elo match, there was a high chance of bumping into a pro player who was playing using their second account. Hence, Qu Xuan thought that if he was able to bump into one, he would at least be able to lose one less round!

However, it was nothing but a pipe dream. The moment he entered, he saw Su Yang typing on the public chat. ‘I’m the No. 1 King Of Junglers In This Server, I’m going to feed if I don’t get jungle!’

Qu Xuan was speechless and fell silent for a moment.

Then, he wanted to cry, but the tears would not come out. ‘My dear President... You really are driving me up to death’s door! You’ve actually just taken away the one and only chance of us not losing! As expected of the King Of Noobs!’

After he was done lamenting, Qu Xuan thought about it further. ‘I suppose it’s normal for Su Yang to behave like this... All those noobs on our server are all behaving like this. All Su Yang’s done is to perfectly bring out the characteristics of a noob.’

At the thought of this, Qu Xuan asked Su-Noobie-Yang, “President, what hero are you planning to use to play as a jungler? Prince Of Lan Ling? Jing Ke?”

However, Su Yang instantly locked onto Lao Fu Zi without saying anything.

Qu Xuan, who had never seen such a high-end playstyle, fell silent once again.

‘Lao Fu Zi as a jungler, that’s completely out of the meta! You’re learning how to use this hero, aren’t you?’

Qu Xuan complained in his heart while his other teammates sent a bunch of question marks on the public chat.



‘Yo, this is ranked, not a normal match.’

At that moment, Su Yang suddenly typed very quickly. ‘That’s right, I only play ranked, normal matches aren’t exciting at all.’

When Qu Xuan saw that Su Yang was trying to provoke his own teammates again, he quickly stepped out to smooth things over. ‘Sorry guys. He’s a friend of mine and is new to the game. I’ll be carrying him. I was in Diamond during the last season, so I’ll carry as much as I can.’

After that, the other teammates expressed their understanding, thus allowing Qu Xuan to regain his confidence. ‘Nice save!

‘I can’t just let Su Yang defeat me like this! I’ve got to at least win... One round!’

At that moment, Su Yang started typing again.


‘Didn’t I say I was going to carry you? Why is it the other way around?’

Qu Xuan was speechless.

‘I can’t see it, I can’t see it... I can’t see gibberish!’

After their heroes had been selected, all five of them entered the game with Qu Xuan choosing a marksman. After he bought his starting items, which was according to the tips provided, he headed to the bottom lane with his support.

Qu Xuan had thought through various factors before he finally chose to play as a marksman. ‘This patch is mainly inclined towards marksmen, so as long as we’re able to survive the early and mid game and allow the marksmen to farm properly, even if someone else screws up, marksmen will still be able to save the day. In fact, I might even be able to defeat the entire opponent team myself.’

Soon, the spawned minions had arrived at their respective lanes, so have the enemy heroes. Hence, Qu Xuan carefully took the last hits to boost his economy.

However, just because he was careful did not mean that his support was also careful.

In a low elo game like the one they were playing, the most common thing to happen is that a player would move further forwards just to hit their opponent an extra time. Thus, Qu Xuan’s support also had this problem. In order to hit his opponent once more, Qu Xuan’s support took a few steps forward.

However, right at that moment... an [!] symbol appeared above their heads!

This was a signal that the opposing jungler, Prince Of Lan Ling, was invisible and heading straight for them!

At that moment, Qu Xuan panicked. He did not know whether he should protect his support or escape.

Just as he was hesitating, the Prince Of Lan Ling appeared. Together with his other teammates, they easily killed both Qu Xuan and his support.

[First Blood!]

‘I can’t believe we’ve given them first blood just like that, this kinda sucks...’

At the same time, the support slowly typed out a ‘?’ on the public chat.

Qu Xuan was dumbfounded. ‘Question mark my a*s! You’re the one who got caught! Yet, why are you complaining? Is it because others won’t be able to see the death replay?!’

Qu Xuan was so angry that he was having a heartache.

However, after the pain subsided, he felt that something was wrong. ‘Even though I’m literally nothing compared to a pro player, I’m still a minor veteren player who was in Diamond. So, how could I possibly have died so easily?’

Just then, one of the enemy players sent a message through “All Chat”. ‘You guys are in trouble, our jungler is a pro player playing on his second account, haha. I’ve asked him and he said that he’s a Challenger with 50 stars.’

Qu Xuan was speechless.

‘F*ck, the pro player actually went to the other team?!

‘I’ve actually met a pro player playing on his second account?

‘But! As my opponent?

‘F*ck me, this is a nightmare.

‘How am I supposed to play then?

‘I’ve got a noob here, while the enemy team has a pro.

‘Fine... I’ll just treat it as training for my hero.

‘Anyway, it’s just a game, so it doesn’t matter whether I die or not. It’s only going to hurt a little when I die the first time, I’ll get used to it later on.’

After Qu Xuan was done lamenting, he wiped his tears silently. ‘Su Yang’s bad luck has rubbed off on me.’

Subsequently, what happened next came as no surprise to Qu Xuan. True enough, the opponent was indeed a god-level jungler who knew that marksmen were stronger in that patch, so he would constantly focus on the bottom lane.

As a result, Qu Xuan would always get caught the moment he got to his lane, again and again. In the end, he suffered from a mental breakdown after dying three times consecutively.

On the other hand, Qu Xuan’s middle lane was barely hanging on, the same goes to his top laner, who had already died once.

Therefore, within less than three minutes, Qu Xuan’s team was losing 4-0.

This caused the teammates who originally had high hopes for Qu Xuan to explode and bombard him with text messages.

‘Aren’t you a pro! Didn’t you say you were going to carry? Yet, look at your standards!’

‘He’s right! Where are your skills? Where’s that Diamond rank that you claimed to have? How are you so bad?’

‘Can you stop feeding the enemy team? Please!’

Qu Xuan desperately wanted to cry, but no tears would fall. ‘Guys, he’s a Challenger, not Diamond! Although it’s just one rank apart, there’s still a huge difference!’

Right at that moment, Su Yang typed something. ‘Stop being toxic! I’m going to carry you guys!’

Instantly, the chat went silent.

After a while, Qu Xuan asked Su Yang, “President, have you been practicing recently?”

Su Yang seemed to be busy with something and replied casually, “Huh? What?”

Qu Xuan said, “I said, have you been practicing how to endure being scolded... You weren’t like this before. Even if you’re a noob, you’ve always been a quiet noob. So, why are you so active today?”

Su Yang chuckled. “That’s because I have confidence now.”

Qu Xuan shook his head helplessly, feeling that Su Yang was dreaming.

However, since he was already dead, he decided to take advantage of the fact that his screen was grey to see what Su Yang was up to.

In the end... he saw Su Yang coming out from the jungle to the bottom lane and was now farming his minions.

Qu Xuan was speechless.

‘Great, just great!’

After he was done lamenting, Qu Xuan looked at Su Yang’s gameplay with a worried expression. It was fine if he did not look at him, but when he actually did, he could not help but let out a gasp.

That was because he realized that Su Yang was actually kiting as he farmed, auto-attacking once and then moving somewhere else before he auto-attacked again. Plus, Su Yang’s movements were very fluid.

Hence, Qu Xuan was a little surprised. ‘Su Yang didn’t have this much skill in the past, when did he learn this?’

However, even though he was surprised, he continued to watch and suddenly realized that Su Yang was not kiting for no reason. Instead, he was slowly approaching the enemy’s bottom lane.

Qu Xuan was a little confused. ‘Aren’t you standing a little too far in front? There are two of them!

‘Then again, I suppose it’s very easy to understand. After all, he’s a noob. Although I have no idea where he’s learned how to farm like this, but having skills doesn’t equal to being able to play. In fact, there are too many factors at play to be able to play well.’

Just as Qu Xuan was thinking about this, Su Yang suddenly did something even more unexpected. After accumulating 5 Discipline Values which strengthened him, he immediately took a step forward and pulled the marksman over to stand in front of him with his first Skill [Sage’s Discipline]!

This caused Qu Xuan to be shocked! ‘What’s he doing?! He’s going to fight against both of them on his own?! Is he crazy?!

‘What made Qu Xuan even crazier was that Su Yang seemed to have become a completely different person. After he released [Sage’s Discipline], he actually started to execute a series of dazzling maneuvers as he continuously walked, auto-attacked, walked again, auto-attacked again etc. and was like a spinning top as he surrounded the opponent’s marksman while attacking him!

The opposing marksman was dumbfounded and wanted to run. However, Su Yang was completely glued to him. Coupled with the speed reduction from [Sage’s Discipline], the enemy marksman was unable to escape at all!

In fact, even if the enemy marksman wanted to fight, Su Yang kept on kiting him, making him unable to keep up with Su Yang’s speed. Furthermore, he could not even use any skills!

Hence, a few seconds later... The enemy marksman died and Qu Xuan was stunned!

In fact, the enemy support was shocked as well. He seemed to have just reacted to what was happening and was running towards Su Yang anxiously!

However... It was already too late! The enemy marksman was already dead, so the support was just throwing his life away!

Sure enough, Su Yang used his first skill again and pulled the enemy support back. After that, he started to move around and auto-attack again! Su Yang’s skillful maneuvering was like a flashy show!

Qu Xuan slowly opened his mouth and rubbed his eyes as he suspected that his eyes had just failed him. ‘I’m definitely seeing things, aren’t I? Since when has he become this strong?’

Just as he was thinking about this, the situation suddenly changed as a [!] symbol appeared above Su Yang’s hero’s head. The opponent’s jungler, Prince Of Lan Ling, has arrived as reinforcements again!

At that moment, Su Yang had yet to kill the enemy support because he was too tanky!

Qu Xuan’s heart was furiously pounding. At that moment, he had forgotten that he was the one who was supposed to carry the team, while Su Yang was just a noob. Instead, he placed all his attention on Su Yang, hoping that Su Yang would run away quickly and not die there!

However, Su Yang did not do as he had expected. In fact, Su Yang acted as if he did not see the [!] symbol above his head as he continued to attack the enemy support until Su Yang had chipped away the last slither of his health!

“Double Kill!”

Even though he killed two people in a row, Su Yang was left with half HP!

As the support fell, the opposing jungler, Prince Of Lan Ling, finally appeared near Su Yang. With a flash, he used his first skill [Secret Technique – Clone]!

‘Prince Of Lan Ling’s first skill can instantly cause 215 (+85% physical value) physical damage. It’s a very powerful attack skill! With Su Yang’s current state of not having any physical defense equipment, if he gets hit, he’s most probably going to lose half of his HP!’

At that though, Qu Xuan did not dare to look anymore. He felt that Su Yang was definitely done for! After all, a low HP hero would literally just be food for Prince Of Lan Ling!

Moreover, the opponent’s jungler was a Challenger with 50 stars.

However, at that critical moment, Su Yang’s hero suddenly activated his second skills, [Raise One And Infer Three], which increases his movement speed and is highly immune to damage over two seconds, plus he would reflect any basic attacks received.

Once this second skill was activated, it actually directly reduced the effects of the opponent’s jungler’s skills by more than half. It was simply a stroke of genius!

Qu Xuan was stunned. In fact, even the opposing Prince Of Lan Ling did not expect this!

At that moment, Su Yang had become completely relentless as he unleashed his ultimate skill, [Sage’s Might] and trapped Prince Of Lan Ling!

Following that, it was once again the kiting attack, which Qu Xuan was already very familiar with!

‘Prince Of Lan Ling, who claimed to be a 50-star played in Diamond... Has actually died to Su Yang.’

“Triple Kill!”

A moment later, the “Triple Kill” sound effect appeared, causing everyone in the game to be completely silent...

Qu Xuan and Su Yang’s teammates were all dumbfounded.

Some of them were still online, while others had a gray screen like Qu Xuan. Therefore, they had been watching this 1v3 battle the entire time and were shocked!

‘Isn’t that movement of his too awesome? He literally feels like the strongest Lao Fu Zi on our server!’

‘His timing for his second and ultimate skill was absolutely superb, wasn’t it!’

‘How is he able to be so precognitive? How is he managing to attack and move like that at the same time?!’

‘Now this is what we call a pro, isn’t it!?’

Hence, Su Yang’s teammates began to shower him with praises.

‘You’re so awesome!’


‘As expected of the No. 1 King Of Junglers on the server! Impressive, absolutely impressive!’

‘That’s right. You’re absolutely awesome indeed! The only problem is this guy that you’re carrying loves to brag and isn’t that great.’

Looking at the comments on the chat, Qu Xuan’s face alternated between red and white. However, in a moment, it turned into joy. ‘F*ck me! Isn’t it a good thing to be able to rely on a pro player? This is great!’

As he thought about this, Qu Xuan controlled his hero to come online and asked Su Yang, “President, when did you learn this skill? Why don’t I know about this?”

Su Yang was on his way to return to his base as he said, “Oh, just these past few days. I’ve gotten the hang of it after some practice.”

Qu Xuan grinned and asked, “How did you train? Come on, teach me.”

Su Yang thought about it and replied, “No, I’m practicing Tongzi Gong. So, you won’t be able to learn this since you’re no longer pure.”

Qu Xuan was speechless.

‘Tongzi Gong my *ss! I’ve only heard about how one has to be a child to be able to learn this martial art, but this is the first time I’m hearing about how this is also required for gaming!’

However, Qu Xuan did not dare to say it out loud and had already treated Su Yang as a Godly existence and could not wait to pounce onto Su Yang and wait to be carried by the latter!

As expected, Su Yang did not let him down as he transformed himself into the King Of Junglers on their server, masterfully showing off Lao Fu Zi’s skills. Wherever he went, there was not a single person who was able to survive without their heads rolling on the ground!

Initially, when they saw how Su Yang easily took down three people, Su Yang and his teammates, including Qu Xuan, suspected that the other party might have been too weak and the Challenger was definitely a fake.

However, after encountering him themselves, they realized that the Challenger player was really awesome as he ended up chasing after three of Su Yang’s teammates just like how Su Yang had done the first time, easily taking away 13 to 14 kills on his own.

In the end... The moment the Challenger player met Su Yang, it was as if he had met his natural enemy and was killed within a few moves. Then, Su Yang started chasing after the other enemies.

As a result, even though the Challenger had 14 kills, he still had eight deaths, thus making his battle record to be deemed as average.

However, this result was still considered to be decent because the other four opponents were completely killed by Su Yang, rewarding the latter with a score of 25-0.

In the end, under Su Yang’s lead, they won an easy victory!

After the game ended, Su Yang became the MVP of the match and everyone else added Su Yang as a friend.

This was the first time Su Yang experienced the joy of being able to carry his team...

After the game ended, Qu Xuan’s voice was filled with excitement as he said to Su Yang, “President! Are you cheating?!”

Su Yang quickly whispered, “Shh! Don’t tell anyone.”

Just when Qu Xuan thought that Su Yang was going to admit it, Su Yang said, “If someone else heard you praising me like that, I would feel embarrassed.”

Qu Xuan was speechless.

‘Fine, forget I said anything. This President of mine is well and truly shameless.’

However, Qu Xuan could only keep those words to himself and did not dare to say it out loud. After all, Su Yang was his God now!

After that, Su Yang did not let Qu Xuan down. Even though he would play as the jungler in every round and would still use Lao Fu Zi to fight, their chances of winning were really high... 100%!

In the end, the moment the two of them entered the Hero Selection interface, Qu Xuan typed on the public chat even without Su Yang’s help. ‘Let my brother play jungler! I won’t be able to rest easily if any one of you plays it instead!’

Very quickly, the night passed. As a result, Su Yang and Qu Xuan actually managed to achieve 50 consecutive victories, allowing them to rise from Gold to Diamond and even completed their missions.

Qu Xuan was elated. It was as if he had picked up a huge bargain. He kept pestering Su Yang to continue playing.

However, Su Yang, on the other hand, rejected him mercilessly. ‘What goes around, comes around!

‘Back then, I was the one who wanted to carry you, but you didn’t want to play with me, plus you were very adamant about it. Now, you’re going to kneel and beg for me to carry you?

‘Now, you’re going to coax me back with true love?

‘It’s already midnight, so I haven’t got the time to play with him.’ At that thought, Su Yang rejected him directly.

After washing away his shame, Su Yang looked at the mission status (1 / 4) and knew that he had completed his mission with Qu Xuan. All that was left for him to do was to do the same thing to Li Zijun, Lin Jiali, and Wu Feng.

‘Li Zijun and Lin Jiali are going to be easy to deal with, but Wu Feng has recently started preparing for “Wandering Planet”. So, I probably need to find some time to play two rounds with him on the spot.

‘As for now...

‘The most important thing I need to do now is to check up on the status of the [Cellphone Development Factory] and the [Satellite Launching Rocket Base]!’

At that time, it was past midnight and the two buildings should have been completely refreshed. So, Su Yang could go over and take a look now.

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