I'll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 569: S-Rank Mission Rating
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Chapter 569: S-Rank Mission Rating

Subsequently, under the control of Su Yang, the master of the circus, Su Yang began to torture Feng Yonghui. He wanted to find out what else the Fengs could give Su Yang.

Feng Yonghui, on the other hand, was very sensible. When he realized that he could not escape from Su Yang even after his death, he gave in completely. Su Yang merely showed off his abilities and did not even have to go to “extreme lengths” to torture Feng Yonghui for him to start explaining obediently.

That was a little out of Su Yang’s expectations. Feng Yonghui had told him everything that he could because of the [Studying By The Cold Window Talisman]. Most of his assets in the country had been sealed off by the special investigation team.

His assets included some companies that were related to the Fengs, be it the big listed companies or smaller companies like [In] Company, they all had a special task force assigned.

Normally speaking, this kind of case would not have blown up so much without sufficient evidence. However, Feng Yonghui had practically gone to the extreme of “realizing his conscience” during his performance.

Over the past week, he had helped the special investigation team locate all the private agreements, voice recordings, video recordings, and so on. He was the head of the Fengs, so naturally all the Fengs’s secrets were in his hands.

All of a sudden, the Fengs and all the companies related to the Fengs were down on their luck. Both material evidence and witness were present, so none of them could escape.

Su Yang looked at Feng Yonghui who was on the stage and frowned. “You didn’t leave anything behind? You’ve already handed over everything?”

Feng Yonghui’s eyes flickered behind his glasses as he nodded steadily. “Yes.”

[Spatial Travel’s Eyes] judged it as. [False]...

Su Yang chuckled. ‘He’s holding something back indeed, no wonder he was so willing to compromise. It was all just an act.

Su Yang pointed at his own eyes and said to Feng Yonghui, “My eyes have the ability to see through lies and what you’ve said is a lie.”

Feng Yonghui was speechless.

“I’ll talk.”

Immediately after, Feng Yonghui told him about the Fengs’s overseas bank account and the person who controlled it. According to him, this was the Fengs’s last resort and also the family’s last asset. Furthermore, it was all earned through normal channels.

Perhaps it was because of this that Feng Yonghui did not reveal the account even while he confessed.

Following that, Su Yang opened an account overseas according to Feng Yonghui’s instructions. After verifying a few passwords, he transferred the money out, which was not much to begin with. There was only about 40 million USD, which was less than 300 million yuan.

Of course, this was not a huge amount of money in comparison to the Fengs’s total assets. However, to Su Yang, that was double the amount of cash he had! Furthermore, it was in USD.

Foreign exchange was too difficult to buy during those days. Hence, at the very least, Su Yang would have assets to be able to operate overseas in the future.

After everything was settled and it was confirmed that Feng Yonghui did not have any assets left in his hands, Su Yang submitted the Advanced Random Mission.

[Ding, Advanced Random Mission (Bronze-Ranked) completed. Reward settlement in progress. Please check the reward.]

After being busy for so many days, beating up Sun Hao, beating up the Fengs and all kinds of dangers, he finally completed his mission. Su Yang could not help but look forward to this reward.

Therefore, he rubbed his hands and quickly clicked the [Check Reward] button.

Suddenly, a pop-up window appeared in front of him. [Completed Advanced Random Mission (Bronze-Ranked), Completion Rating S, Rare Reward received, S-Ranked Prize Voucher.]


‘I’ve actually received an S rating!

‘I really didn’t expect to receive such a high evaluation. I thought that I was only going to receive an A at most since I only received 300 million yuan this time and nothing else.’

In the end, he soon understood why he was given such a high rating.

Before he could choose [Receive Reward], his phone rang and Little Deeny’s voice came from beside him. “Master, Young Master Ying is calling.”

‘Young Master Ying?

‘Why is he calling me at this time?’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang stopped clicking on [Receive Reward] and picked up the phone. “Hello? Young Master Ying, what’s the matter?”

Young Master Ying’s voice was rather soft. “Young Master Su, Feng Yonghui died just now. His heart stopped. The Fengs are finished.”

Su Yang pretended to be surprised. “Really? I didn’t know.”

It was obvious that Young Master Ying was calling to sound him out. He probed, “Young Master Su, do you really not know?”

Su Yang replied, “Of course. How would I know that Feng Yonghui would die? I’m planting vegetables at my home at the moment.”

He purposely sighed. “Life isn’t easy at the moment, I can only feel at ease when I’m growing my own vegetables to eat.”

Young Master Ying was speechless.

On the other end of the phone, Young Master Ying did not know whether Su Yang was pretending or not. ‘Could Su Yang really not care about Feng Yonghui’s death and the destruction of the Fengs?

‘That’s impossible.

‘A week ago, Su Yang almost ripped his brains off from fighting with the Fengs.’

Young Master Ying pondered carefully...

All of a sudden, he came to a realization. ‘Of course. Su Yang must’ve known about this earlier since he’s not bothered by it.

‘So who would have known about this earlier on? The culprit, of course...’

At the thought of this, Young Master Ying did not dare to continue the conversation. The Fengs was already one of the top forces in the country and Feng Yonghui was not a simple character. Yet, he was actually forced to stand in front of the stage because of Su Yang and admit his crime. Furthermore, he died without any reason...

‘Who exactly is Su Yang?’

Suppressing the shock in his heart, Young Master Ying exchanged a few more words with Su Yang before hanging up the phone. It was obvious that he was thinking too much.

A few seconds after Young Master Ying hung up, Su Yang turned on the system and was about to receive his reward when another call came in.

Little Deeny said, “Master, it’s Jiang Yan.”

‘Jiang Yan?’

Su Yang looked at the [Receive Reward] option in front of him. ‘This S-Ranked Prize Voucher should be at odds with me today...’

Su Yang picked up the phone again. Jiang Yan’s cold voice came through the phone. “Feng Yonghui is dead.”

Su Yang replied, “Yes, I know.”

Jiang Yan asked, “How did you know?”

Su Yang replied, “Young Master Ying just called me.”

Jiang Yan was silent for a while before she asked, “Did you do it?”

Su Yang denied, “Of course not. I’m not that capable.”

Jiang Yan replied, “Yes.”

With that, she hung up. “Du... Du... Du...”

Su Yang rolled his eyes when he heard the busy tone. ‘This woman really is unlikeable.’

However, Su Yang seemed to have figured it out as well. ‘It seems like I was able to receive an S rating not only because of the 300 million yuan, but also because of the fall of the Fengs and Feng Yonghui’s death, causing many people to begin fearing me, suspect me and think that I have a powerful background. This potential impact has also increased my rating.’

After pondering over it, Su Yang shook his head and turned on the system again. He chuckled and prepared to receive his reward.

“Master... You’ve got another call.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Why is there another call!?

‘Am I even going to be able to receive this award!?

‘Is God sending me a hint? Is he asking me not to receive this reward now?’

Su Yang thought about it... ‘Aah, the cooldown time for [Lucky Disfiguring Brick] will be up tomorrow. Should I wait for that time then?’

Su Yang held the box in his hand and asked Little Deeny, “Who’s calling this time?”

“Master, it’s Wu Feng.”

‘Wu Feng’s call...’

A while ago, Su Yang was suppressed by the Fengs and the movie was being pressured. However, Wu Feng still stood on Su Yang’s side and was willing to take the risk of the movie being pressured long term to stand by Su Yang. Hence, Su Yang treated Wu Feng as one of his own.

Therefore, it was only a given that Su Yang would have to answer his own people’s phone call.

Su Yang picked up the phone. “Brother Wu, what brings you to call me today?”

Wu Feng’s voice was filled with joy. “Brother Su, I’ve got some news for you. Our movie’s issue has been resolved. My friend told me secretly that the Fengs was the one who hinted at putting pressure on our movie. Now that the Fengs have fallen, no one is targeting our movie anymore.”

Su Yang smiled. “That’s good, that’s good. I was just about to tell you that the post-production of the movie has been completed. Come over and take a look someday.”

On the other end of the line, Wu Feng was stunned. “Our movie’s... Post-production is done?”

Su Yang replied, “Yes, we’re done. The post-production itself isn’t too difficult, so it’s done rather quickly.”

Wu Feng was speechless.

His voice rose an octave. “But this is too quick...”

He did not know whether to laugh or cry as he said, “Also, the director has to be there for the editing, hasn’t he? I wasn’t there myself, so how did you finish the editing...”

Wu Feng thought about it and said, “How about this, Brother Su? I’ll book a ticket right now and make a trip over tomorrow afternoon to see how the movie is going. If we have any problems, we can talk on the spot.”

Su Yang agreed readily. “Sure, no problem, Brother Wu. We’ll talk about it after you watch the video tomorrow.”

Su Yang hung up the phone and shook his head. He knew what Wu Feng was worried about. ‘It’s obvious that he’s worried that I might not be able to keep up with the quality due to my fast editing. Or, he might be worried that my editing would not meet his requirements.

‘However, I’m confident in my special effects and editing skills.

‘I have my [Advanced Post-Production Ability] with me!

‘In China, even if I’m not the best, I’m definitely one of the top ten. If I can’t satisfy Wu Feng, then... I’ll beat him to death.

‘If I can’t resolve the problem, will I not be able to resolve the person who issued the problem? Humph.’

After complaining, Su Yang looked at the [Receive Reward] on the system interface. After some thought, he decided to collect it tomorrow. ‘A real man will be able to endure the loneliness.’

After making his decision, Su Yang no longer bothered about it. After all, his most important task at that moment was still the Platinum Mission.

‘If I can’t open the treasure chest, I’ll just work on the Platinum Mission then...’

With that thought, he used [Space Traversing Eyes] to arrive at Socot Island, where it was still in the evening.

The sea breeze was extremely comfortable.

Su Yang followed the direction that Janet had told him.

Very quickly, after going around a small hill, Su Yang found Janet in the southwest corner of the island.

Janet sat on the shore, staring out at the sea, thinking away to himself. On the other hand, a white shark and a couple of ordinary sharks swam around the beach.

‘The white shark should be the [Not So Lonely Basa Fish... Meat].’ Su Yang counted the normal sharks and there were already seven or eight of them. For most sharks that did not live in groups, this was not a small number.

Su Yang walked over and asked Janet, “Do you have any leads? How do we help them?”

Janet shook his head. “I’m not sure. I could only hear a few words, but I don’t really understand them.”

Su Yang asked, “What if you were added with another point? Would you be able to understand them then?”

If Su Yang was asking about Little Hus, Little Hus would probably say “yes” no matter what the actual situation was. But Janet was too honest, he just shook his head again. “I’m not sure.”

Su Yang thought for a while and opened the system shop. [Coins: 27,621].

After spending almost all his coins previously, which was about a month ago, it had increased by more than 20,000. ‘This is enough for Janet’s fourth point!’

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