I'll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 481: I’ll Take Care Of You!
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Chapter 481: I’ll Take Care Of You!

The power of habit was truly immense. Su Yang was already used to being able to see the world whenever he opened his eyes. Hence, when he suddenly woke up from his sleep, he was shocked when he could not see anything.

Su Yang shook his head to clear up his muddled brain. Then he remembered that he had upgraded [Heaven’s Eyes] last night, causing his eyes to go blind.

‘Why have my eyes not healed yet...

‘This is taking so long.

‘Is it really going to take 10 years?!’

Su Yang opened the system and clicked on his ability.

3 Silver Abilities were listed. Su Yang looked at [Heaven’s Eyes].

In the end, he found a progress bar next to [Heaven’s Eyes].

The progress bar clearly stated it was at 13%...


Su Yang calculated the time. ‘It’s been exactly 13 hours since I upgraded it last night!

‘So if it’s 13% now, that means it’s 1% per hour!

‘In that case, wouldn’t it take 87 hours to complete the 87%?

‘That means... I’ll be blind for another 3 days?!

‘That’s messed up!’

Just as he was going crazy, Little Deeny’s voice suddenly rang in his ears. “Master, Miss Chu Xia is calling.”

‘Chu Xia’s calling me?

‘Why is she looking for me?’

Su Yang said to Little Deeny, “Pick it up.”

“Yes, Master.”

Along with Little Deeny’s confirmation, Chu Xia’s voice rang in Su Yang’s ears. “You seem to have been very busy recently, Mr. President.”

Chu Xia’s voice dispelled Su Yang’s unhappiness. He smiled and said, “It’s not too bad.”

Chu Xia jokingly said, “‘It’s not too bad?’ You’re already on the Oriental News and even on Liu Ru’s Interview. In that case, wouldn’t you be on Xinwen Lianbo if it were to be ‘very good’ ?”

Su Yang was amused by Chu Xia. “Who knows? I might really end up on Xinwen Lianbo someday.”

Chu Xia laughed along and said, “Alright, enough of the jokes, I didn’t call you because of this. I wanted to ask when you’re coming back to class.”

Su Yang touched his eyes and thought for a while. “I’ll definitely go... This week.”

Chu Xia was speechless

“You promised me that you would come to class last week and the week before last. Now, you’re still saying that... Couldn’t you at least say something else?”

Su Yang coughed to hide his awkwardness. Then, the smile on his face disappeared and he put on a serious expression. “Frankly, I’m sick.”

Chu Xia was quick with her words. The moment Su Yang said that, she immediately replied. “You broke your leg again? Which one is it this time?”

It was Su Yang’s turn to feel awkward.

He smiled and said, “It’s not that... I just can’t see.”

In fact, if any other secretary other than Chu Xia heard Su Yang’s words, they would think that Su Yang had found another excuse. After all, Su Yang had appeared on television the night before. He had a high-spirited and vigorous attitude, paired with his bright eyes, hence he did not look sick at all.

However, Chu Xia and Su Yang had known each other for more than a year and had been close friends for more than half of that duration. She might not be the closest person to Su Yang, but there was definitely no problem to say that both of them understood each other.

Hence, she could sense a trace of helplessness in Su Yang’s tone.

Instead of questioning him, she asked, “Are you okay?”

At that moment, Su Yang, who had been in the “void”, seemed to be moved.

He had planned to spend the next 3 days quietly, so he had said it in a joking tone, just like how he had said that his leg had broken 3 times before.

However, the unexpected happened. During the previous few times when he said that his leg was broken, Chu Xia would always give him a look like she was telling Su Yang that he was definitely bluffing her. However, that time, she believed him instead...

At that moment, the void, fear, and grievance from being unable to see surged into his heart.

People who have not experienced that before might not be able to understand that feeling.

The feeling is akin to a person being in a completely dark room. After sleeping, you find that you aren’t able to see anything when you open your eyes. At that moment, you realize that you’ll be in this endless darkness over the next few days...

However, there might be the most beautiful flowers blooming beside you. There might be the cutest little animal beside you, and there might be the most interesting books around you.

You’ll be aware of all the things that are around you, but... none of it concerns you.

If a person hadn’t been able to see since birth, they might probably have felt that it was pitiful. However, it would be cruel to those that have become blind after birth.

Su Yang suppressed his emotions and said with a smile, “You actually believed me? Haha, after lying to you so many times, I’ve finally succeeded.”

“Ahem, actually, I’m fine. I just received an interview, so I’ve been busy recently. I really don’t have time at the moment.”

Chu Xia sounded doubtful. “Really?”

Su Yang said seriously, “Really!”

Chu Xia seemed to believe him. “All right then...”

She paused for a moment before adding, “You go ahead and continue with your work then. Actually, I know you’re busy, so I didn’t want to disturb you. However, the university’s director seems to have something to discuss with you and has asked me to contact you. I’ll talk to the form teacher later and say that you’re on leave.”

Su Yang didn’t show any courtesy towards Chu Xia, he didn’t even thank her. “Help me settle it then.”

Chu Xia said. “Fine.”

After hanging up the phone, Su Yang looked at the empty space before him and sighed. “When will these days end?”

Old Tungsten’s voice whispered in his ear, “In 3 days.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Did I need you to say that? I’m just sighing!

‘Oh, before I forget, come here! Let’s talk about the matter where you’ve been talking to yourself every night!’


Because he could not see anything, Su Yang was bored out of his mind. Hence, he laid on the bed and chatted with Old Tungsten for the entire morning. He only stopped chatting with Old Tungsten when Tang Xiaomi knocked on his door at noon.

“Su Yang, Su Yang, why aren’t you up yet?”

Su Yang said, “Janet, open the door.”

“Yes, Master.” The ‘liquid’ on Su Yang’s hand replied before falling to the ground and turning into Janet.

Janet went to the door and opened it before Tang Xiaomi hopped in.

She jumped onto the bed and made the bed creak under her weight. “Su Yang, why aren’t you up in the afternoon? The sun is already shining brightly.”

Su Yang opened his eyes and said blankly, “It’s already noon? Time really flies.”

Tang Xiaomi’s eyes were filled with doubt. She could sense that something was amiss. She waved her hand in front of Su Yang’s unfocused eyes. Su Yang did not react.

Tang Xiaomi’s eyes widened as she covered her mouth with her hand. Her face was no longer lively as she whispered to Su Yang, “Su Yang... Have you gone blind?”

Su Yang replied, “It’s fine. It’ll be fine in a few days.”

However, Tang Xiaomi felt that Su Yang was comforting her. She quickly said, “Su Yang, don’t worry! I’ll take care of you if you’re blind!”

Su Yang’s heart warmed, but he was also amused. He smiled and said, “How can a child like you raise me?”

Tang Xiaomi couldn’t take it anymore. She waved her little fists and said, “I, why not? I’ll start taking care of you right now!”

As he spoke, Su Yang felt the bed shake slightly. He then heard the sound of Tang Xiaomi landing on the floor. Since he could not see her, he could only guess that she had jumped off the bed.

Then, Tang Xiaomi said, “Just you wait!” Then she ran away.

Su Yang shook his head with a smile on his face. Initially, he felt that it was painful to be “blind”. But now, even though he could no longer see, he could “see” people’s hearts clearer...

However, Su Yang did not want to use that opportunity to test anything. The human heart is like the sea, the human heart is like a prison. The human heart is the kindest, but it is also the most fragile...

Perhaps it was because he could not see, Su Yang realized that he had become more emotional and sentimental. He could not help but recite a poem, “Ahead, I see no ancestors, behind, I find no followers. Contemplating the vastness of the universe...”

Old Tungsten added, “So sad.”

“So wet, so wet.” Old Tungsten sighed with emotion in his hoarse voice. “I really look forward to those poets who could write such a poem. The talent and bold recital back then were dazzling even in the long river of time.”

Su Yang asked Old Tungsten curiously, “Old Tungsten, you said that you don’t have eyes. How do you read poems?”

Old Tungsten said, “I can’t help but weep, feeling sad and lonely.”

“Well said, well said,” said Old Tungsten with his hoarse voice as he exclaimed. “I really empathize with the poet who has been able to come up with such a wonderful poem. The emotions he felt while he was reciting such a glorious poem. It still shines so brightly after the river of time has passed.”

Su Yang asked Old Tungsten curiously. “Old Tungsten, how have you been able to read poems when you haven’t got any eyes?”

Old Tungsten said, “Who says I don’t have eyes? I do have it.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Fine, you have everything.

‘All of you have it, only me and Dagger Girl don’t. Happy now?’

Just as the 2 were chatting, footsteps came from outside the door. Along with the footsteps came the fragrance of noodles.

Moments later, Tang Xiaomi’s voice rang in Su Yang’s ears. “Get up, you lazy bum! I’m here to take care of you!”

Puzzled, Su Yang asked, “What are you giving me?”

Tang Xiaomi put down her food and patted the bed. “Noodles! Noodles are delicious! Hurry up, get up and eat it!”

Su Yang was urged to sit up. Just as he was about to ask a few more questions, he felt something warm touch his mouth. Shocked, he heard Tang Xiaomi’s voice. “Open your mouth. The noodles are about to fall onto your body.”

Su Yang quickly opened his mouth and felt Tang Xiaomi stuffing noodles into his mouth with chopsticks.

‘This little girl is actually feeding me...’

Su Yang felt that he did not dote on her for nothing...

As Tang Xiaomi fed Su Yang, she said to him, “Su Yang, don’t be sad. Even if you’re blind, you still have me and Mommy. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to get a wife. I’ll go back and tell Mommy to marry you tonight.”

“Cough, cough.” This time, Su Yang was not pretending to cough, he was really choking. As he patted his chest, he said, “Stop. You’re not allowed to say that. I’ll be fine in a few days.”

Tang Xiaomi’s mischievous voice rang in his ears. “Don’t be embarrassed. If you think my mommy is old, I can help you kidnap a young one on the streets. I’m so cute, someone will definitely be willing to come with me!”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘What is this brat thinking!’

Su Yang felt that all his emotions had been washed away by Tang Xiaomi’s innocent words. He was no longer in the mood to eat, so he knocked Tang Xiaomi on the head. “Put away all your weird thoughts! You’re only 6 years old and you’re already thinking of kidnapping people. Are you asking for trouble?!”

Su Yang said to Janet, “Janet, throw her out.”

“Yes, Master.”

Then, Su Yang heard Tang Xiaomi’s voice. “Eh? Eh? Don’t push me, the bowl is about to fall.” A moment later, the door closed with a bang. Everything was quiet.

After closing the door, Su Yang thought about Tang Xiaomi’s weird words and could not help but smile. “Kids nowadays hit puberty too early. They seem to know everything...”

Then, Su Yang wiped his mouth and lay on the bed. He hummed a song as he waited for time to pass.

He had decided to stay at home for the next few days.

Just as he was thinking about this, someone knocked on his door again. “Su Yang? Su Yang?”

Upon hearing Tang Xiaomi’s voice, Su Yang snapped, “What now?”

Tang Xiaomi said softly, “Let me tell you, I really kidnapped a girl for you. Would you like to meet her?”

Su Yang was confused.

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