I'll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 412: Unlocking The First Affinity!
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Chapter 412: Unlocking The First Affinity!

Su Yang wanted to move the question mark to [Friendship] to check and see if there were any other effects.

However, he realized that there was no way to get a deeper explanation than what he already had.

‘I should be fine.

‘Even if there is a problem, I think it’s... worth trying it out.

‘After all, it’s 1.3 billion yuan! That’s a huge amount! The outrageous amount of zeros in the number!

‘As much as I’m not a greedy person, I honestly can’t help myself when faced with such a huge sum of money.

However, the only thing that worries me is Guo Xiaoying’s sharp tongue. Am I really able to roast her? I don’t want to be roasted back instead...’

As Su Yang was worried, he kept his [Unrestricted Driver’s License].

He slowly got over it. ‘Anyway, [Unlimited Driver’s License] will be refreshed in 2 days. I might as well use it first, it’ll be fine even if it gets wasted.’

With that in mind, he intended to return to the bus to look for Guo Xiaoying.

However, before he even left, he turned around and suddenly... he realized that Qu Xuan was squatting behind a tree with a dejected look.

Su Yang was confused.

‘How long has he been there

‘I’ve been using the [Unrestricted Driver’s License] for so long, could he have seen me?

[Should I kill him?’

Su Yang sized him up and realized that Qu Xuan was immersed in his own world.

‘Nice, forget seeing me, this guy probably doesn’t even realize that I’m here.’

As a friend, Su Yang felt that he should show his concern for the guy. Hence, he walked over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Qu Xuan looked up at Su Yang and sighed. “Su Yang, I screwed up.”

Su Yang was puzzled. “How so?”

He recalled Qu Xuan’s enthusiasm for Guo Xiaoying and Xue Ya. Then he looked at Qu Xuan’s pitiful face as he squatted on the ground and asked, “Could it be that you’ve been rejected when you tried to pursue those 2 girls?”

After saying that, Su Yang dismissed his own thoughts. “That can’t be right. You’ve always been placing your eggs into several baskets and focusing on the ones with profits. Hence, you wouldn’t end up like this because of some setback.”

Qu Xuan sighed and shook his head. “It’s different this time...”

As he spoke, he seemed to have thought of something as he looked at the bus. After a while, he returned to his senses and sighed again.

Su Yang was rendered speechless by his pretentious behavior. ‘Has this guy been watching too many idol dramas? What the hell is he playing at?

Qu Xuan sighed and looked at Su Yang as though he wanted to explain something.

However, just as he opened his mouth, his eyes suddenly lit up.

He seemed to have found hope. He stood up immediately and said to Su Yang excitedly, “Mr. President, could you do me a favor?”

Su Yang shook his head without hesitation. “No.”

Qu Xuan did not expect Su Yang to reject him so readily. He was stunned for a moment before asking, “Why?”

Su Yang shook his finger. “I’m very sure that you’re planning to do something which is related to those 2 girls. I don’t want to be a part of your schemes.”

Qu Xuan coughed. “It’s not exactly... a plan, I suppose.”

Then, he mustered his courage and looked into Su Yang’s eyes as he said with a very serious tone. “I think I’ve found my true love!”

Su Yang was dumbfounded.

‘Qu Xuan... stop fooling around. How could you possibly have found your true love when you’re a playboy? It sounds like... a new excuse for courting girls!’

Qu Xuan looked around and when he realized that no one was nearby, he hooked his arms around Su Yang’s neck and whispered, “It’s not a joke. I’m dead serious.”

Su Yang looked at the playboy with a constipated expression.

‘There’s no way I’m going to believe you.’

Initially, Su Yang did not intend to bother with this guy. However, he suddenly remembered that there were only 2 female students. ‘The spectacled girl in black doesn’t have any presence at all. Could Qu Xuan have taken a fancy for the girl that’s worth 1.3 billion yuan?

‘If that’s true, what am I going to do when he affects my plan to unlock her [Affinity]...’

At the thought of this, Su Yang felt that he had to find out more about the situation. He pointed at the bus and asked tentatively, “Have you taken a fancy for that girl with big eyes? Guo Xiaoying... was it?”

Qu Xuan shook his head. “No. It’s the spectacled girl in black with a book in her hands. Guo Xiaoying’s best friend.”

Su Yang was confused.

“Black clothes? Wearing glasses and holding a book?”

“If you hadn’t told me that she is Guo Xiaoying’s best friend, I wouldn’t even have remembered who she is!”

“Also, did the girl even talk to you? Yet you’ve fallen for her already?”

Sensing Su Yang’s confusion, Qu Xuan asked, “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

Su Yang had goosebumps when he heard the cliche words. He rubbed his arm and said, “Stop making me feel disgusted when it’s so early in the morning.”

Qu Xuan sighed. “Frankly, I don’t believe it either. But... I’ve really met one.”

He looked at the bus as though he had X-Ray vision, seeing right through the layers of steel. “When I first saw her, I could feel my heart racing, but I tried my best to hide it. After I was done sending them to the bus and I looked back at her, I was sure that she’s the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Why does it feel so fake...’

“I believe that you... you’re only interested in her body.”

Qu Xuan grabbed Su Yang’s hand and said with a serious expression “I’m begging you Su Yang, my brother-in-law, please get her Wechat account details for me! I’ve seriously fallen for her!”

Su Yang was speechless.

Su Yang was a little suspicious as he looked at the sincerity in Qu Xuan’s eyes. ‘Could he be telling the truth?’

However, when he recalled Qu Xuan’s past history, he still found it hard to believe him...

‘This guy is merely after the girl’s tender body...


Just as Su Yang was thinking about this, he heard a beep beside his ear. It was a new random mission.

‘Random mission?

‘What kind of random mission?

It can’t be a coincidence, right?

‘Could it be related to Qu Xuan?’

Su Yang pretended that nothing had happened and opened the system.

[New Random Mission: Help Qu Xiaoming get his true love’s WeChat.]

‘True love...

‘It’s actually... true?

‘She truly is his true love?’

Su Yang was really shocked.

This guy was too good at hiding his true intentions. There was no sign of this ever since we met the girls! There was no way anyone could tell what he was thinking!

‘Also, is this guy changing his ways?

‘Is there actually such a thing as love at first sight?

‘Could a person really mend their ways after experiencing love at first sight?

Su Yang remembered that he had turned off [Heaven’s Eyes] when he was at the train station previously. Now that he was faced with such a strange situation, he quickly opened it. Then, he asked Qu Xuan slowly, word for word, “Have you really fallen for that girl?”

Qu Xuan nodded. “Yes.”

[Heaven’s Eyes] judged that he was telling the truth.

Su Yang asked, “Are you sure you’re not just fooling around?”

Qu Xuan shook his head. “No.”

[Heaven’s Eyes] judged that he was telling the truth again.

Su Yang asked, “You’re not just after her body?”

Qu Xuan looked determined. “No.”

[Heaven’s Eyes] still... judged that he was telling the truth.

Su Yang was dumbfounded.


‘Isn’t this too good to be true?

‘It’s verified to be true love again!

‘However, since Qu Xuan has seriously fallen in love with her and the system has given me the mission, I should help him. After all, I’d be able to spare millions of girls from having to be tarnished by this scumbag.

‘Furthermore, it would be considered to be a merit if these 2 truly loved each other and could be in a relationship together.’

At that thought, Su Yang stopped hesitating and said, “Alright! I’ll help you!”

Qu Xuan was so agitated that tears were about to fall from his eyes. He grabbed Su Yang’s hand. “Brother-in-law! From now on, I’ve decided that you’re my brother-in-law! I’ll help you to watch over my sister every day!”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘You’d better not! I don’t want you to make things worse instead!

‘Plus, I’m not doing this to expect anything in return from you!’

‘With Qu Xuan’s anticipation, Su Yang boarded the bus again.

On the way to the bus, Su Yang thought it through. ‘If I were to ask Xue Ya for her WeChat directly, it would easily cause her to misunderstand my intentions. Moreover, it would become troublesome if she were to fall for me and turn this into a love triangle.

‘Furthermore, It’s obvious that Guo Xiaoying is the alpha among the 2 of them. Therefore, I could just build up a good relationship with her and get Xue Ya’s WeChat from her indirectly before sending it to Qu Xuan.

‘That way, I would be able to complete both my random mission and the 1.3 billion yuan project!

‘I’ve got the best of both worlds!’

At that thought, Su Yang got into the car. He held the [Unrestricted Driver’s License] in his hand and used its ability for the first time on Guo Xiaoying without hesitation.

[Are you sure you want to use the Unrestricted Driver’s License on Guo Xiaoying?]

Su Yang clicked on [Yes].

[Affinity system successfully unlocked. Please choose between Kinship, Friendship, and Love.]

Note: You are only able to choose 1 of the 3 options per person. You will be able to check the value and also increase or decrease the values of the chosen option. Furthermore, there would still be values for the other options and would change correspondingly. However, you will not be able to check, increase or decrease the values.

Su Yang understood what had been shown in front of him.

‘In short, although I’ll only be able to see one option, the other two still exist. Furthermore, it’s value will change corresponding to the changes that happen between the 2 of us. It only means that I can’t use my special abilities to see or change its values.

‘However, this would be enough. I’m not planning to go around having lovers everywhere.’ With that thought, Su Yang chose [Friendship] without hesitation.

A notification appeared before him.

[Guo Xiaoying’s Affinity system (Friendship) successfully activated.]

With the [Affinity] system activated, Su Yang looked at Guo Xiaoying and saw a heart in front of her.

[Affinity (Friendship): 2 / 100 (Stranger)

[Comprehensive judgment: The other party sees you as a stranger. Try chatting with them first.]

‘So we really are strangers at the moment.

‘However, it makes sense. We’ve just met, so how could we be familiar with each other? It would seem that I still have a long way to go to complete the 1.3 billion yuan project.’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang walked forward and sat next to Guo Xiaoying. The two of them sat across from each other in the aisle.

Su Yang was a straightforward guy, hence he did not know how to communicate with her. Therefore, he merely smiled awkwardly and asked Guo Xiaoying, “Where are you from?”

[Affinity -1]

Su Yang was speechless as he looked at the heart that had turned from 2 to 1.

‘What have I done?

‘I merely asked a simple question, was there a need to deduct my value?’

He looked at the [Affinity] system.

[Affinity (Friendship): 1 / 100 (Passerby)]

[Comprehensive judgment: You’ve only met them once. Perhaps they’ve got an impression of you when they glanced at you.]

Su Yang was speechless.

‘I’ve gone from being strangers to a passerby just like that?’

Although Guo Xiaoying’s [Affinity] for Su Yang had dropped, there weren’t any changes on her face. She smiled happily and said to Su Yang, “I’m from Suzhou.”


‘I should probably carry on with the topic and talk about her hometown. Hang on... On second thought, I should be roasting her since I have [The Pork Shoulder That Can Roast] instead of following the flow of the conversation!

‘After all, I will only be able to increase her [Affinity] by roasting her!’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang said, “I heard that it rains so much in Suzhou that your clothes can’t dry up no matter how long it took? Do you feel that your clothes dry much better since you’ve arrived in Shanghai?”

Guo Xiaoying was confused

[The Pork Shoulder That Can Roast’s effect triggered, roast successful, Affinity+1]

‘Finally, it’s done.’

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