If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Chapter 93 - Side Story (2) - Gu Xi: Just Write… ‘All the Best, Ye Chen’.
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Chapter 93 - Side Story (2) – Gu Xi: Just Write… ‘All the Best, Ye Chen’.

Editor: Amaris

Gu Xi went inside the house and Qi Qi immediately pounced on him again. He patted the husky’s head, coaxing it for a while.

Qi Qi had always been with its owner for so many years, how could it not understand him? It acted in a silly manner like a spoiled puppy, it wouldn’t lose anything anyway, its owner would be overwhelmed and feed it three more pieces of chicken breast.

After Little Wang came, Gu Xi began his busy day. Even though «Dawn of Love» had finished shooting, he was still in charge of another moviemaking project which had just started. As a result, he was busy as a bee.

Around noon, Little Wang knocked on the door, went inside the room, then said, “Brother Xi, it’s a call from President Shen.”

Gu Xi knitted his brows as he said, “Give it to me.”

Shen Jiaze asked, “Are you free at noon?”

Gu Xi thought of saying no...but Shen Jiaze beat him to the punch before he even had the chance to reply, “I have booked a table. I’ll have to eat by myself if you don’t come...”

Gu Xi’s heart softened upon hearing his pitiful tone. Thus, he changed his words, “I won’t be free until twelve.”

Shen Jiaze immediately said, “I’ll pick you up.”

Gu Xi responded with a grunt before he hung up the call.

Little Wang took the cellphone. Noticing Gu Xi’s aura, he didn’t dare to make even a sound and immediately went out quietly.

He was one of the members of the assistant group, after all. They always knew a lot more about their bosses than others.

For instance, everyone in Ren Jing’s assistant group knew that their boss had a sweetheart. They also knew that their boss had always been secretly protecting his beloved, loving him, and being the lonely Sir 300 Bundles—the young aides had once tried to watch one of the movies Ye Chen starred in before. They could watch it for free, after all, they wouldn’t waste the opportunity. Afterwards, they turned so awkward they started to question their lives...

Gu Xi’s group of assistants also had their own WeChat group called ‘Mr. Wang From Next Door and His Kin’.

All of them knew a lot of what had happened, too.

For example, when the clock showed that it was 11.30 AM—half an hour before 12 AM—they began to wail in the group: [Sir Prosperous Shen is already here! He is waiting pitifully!]

[His Majesty has finished his work, yet he doesn’t seem to have any intention of going downstairs!]

[Old Wang, you should hurry, give His Majesty a sign. It’s too pitiful to let President Shen wait for half an hour!]

Old Wang pondered for a while and felt that he had to do the deed himself... Hence, he slowly went upstairs, knocked on the door, then stated, “Brother Xi... President Shen has arrived.”

Gu Xi asked, “What time is it?”

Little Wang didn’t dare to lie about the time, so he had no choice but to tell the truth, “11.31 AM.” I’ve added one extra minute to the time, President Shen, I could only help you this much.

Gu Xi replied, “Mhm.”

Little Wang immediately understood Gu Xi’s intention. He walked out and sent a message on the WeChat: [The Sacred Heart defies comprehension, we could only wait.]

The assistants’ WeChat group was suddenly filled with sobbing pictures. Of course, they shed tears for the pitiful Sir Prosperous Shen.

Gu Xi truly had nothing much to do anymore. Even if there were any, he wouldn’t be able to do them. He wanted to go downstairs, but he had agreed to meet at twelve. He would lose face if he went downstairs now...

Gu Xi leaned on the chair and closed his eyes.

There was a saying that went: ‘the person on the spot is baffled, the onlooker sees clear’.

In fact, it wasn’t that Gu Xi was unable to see clearly, it was useless even if he could see clearly. Some things couldn’t be walked past just by getting over it and moving on.

Some misunderstandings had happened to him and Shen Jiaze in the past, but they were still in love with each other. Gu Xi also believed that as long as he relented, their life would immediately return to the days filled with sweetness like before.

After all, Gu Xi loved Shen Jiaze so very much.

But that scar remained.

It had been healed, but could he be sure it wouldn’t happen again?

Shen Jiaze never trusted Gu Xi, after all.

They met at the best time—one was eighteen and the other was nineteen—the age when they were still the most innocent, willful, and sincere beings.

Thinking back on that day, everything that happened felt like they were still right in front of Gu Xi’s eyes.

When they were sophomores, Ren Jing—who was quite popular at that time—came to their university for an event. It was really hard to get a ticket back then because the university was very lively.

Gu Xi was the student council president, so it was only natural that he had to take care of this type of thing from beginning to end.

Even though Ren Jing was only a newcomer in the entertainment circle, he was a big hit ‘teen idol’ who could attract fans stronger than a magnet. When he went to the university for the event, everyone was essentially very excited.

Gu Xi became extremely busy because of that. After bustling about for several days, the event had overall gone on smoothly and without a hitch.

When it was about the end of the event, Ye Chen came to see him. “Brother Xi, Brother Xi!”

This boy would address Gu Xi as ‘Brother Xi’ whenever something happened and he needed to ask Gu Xi a favor, but when he didn’t need to, he would address Gu Xi as ‘Fatty’. He really needed a good spanking.

Gu Xi glanced at him and asked, “What is it?”

Ye Chen initially had a babyface, so he still looked very delicate even at this age. Most people wouldn’t be able to endure it when he smiled. He said, “My mom urged me to see Ren Jing and get his autograph, but I don’t like him at all. It’s really troubling me a lot, so...I wonder if you could do me a favor...?”

Ye Chen only needed to look at Gu Xi eagerly and Gu Xi was already halfway to a compromise...

Ye Chen said again, “It’s just asking for his autograph, you’ll definitely be able to get it in no time!”

It wasn’t a big deal, indeed. Gu Xi was a staff member, after all. Getting an autograph was a trivial matter.

Now that Gu Xi thought about it, Ye Chen really disliked Ren Jing. He would refuse to come to today’s event even if he had the ticket. However, contrary to Ye Chen, Mother Ye was particularly very crazy about Ren Jing...

Gu Xi took the card and said, “Treat me to a meal.”

Ye Chen was bursting with joy at once. “No problem!”

Gu Xi responded with a grunt and went to find Ren Jing.

It was really easy for Gu Xi to get the autograph, indeed. Looking up close, Ren Jing was truly flawless all over, looking very stunning.

Gu Xi wasn’t straight by nature since the start, so Ren Jing’s beauty kind of took him by surprise.

Ren Jing asked him, “Is there anything you want me to write?”

Gu Xi thought about it for a bit, then decided to help Brother Chen keep his worth as a good child in front of Queen Mother, thus he said, “Just write... ‘All the best, Ye Chen’.”

Ren Jing suddenly stopped his hand which was holding the pen. All of sudden, he turned his head and looked at Gu Xi as he asked, “Ye...Ye Chen?”

Gu Xi didn’t think much about it. He replied, “It’s Chen, the one with Wang radical, the meaning is treasure.” Gu Xi thought that Ren Jing didn’t know how to write Ye Chen’s Chen part of the name.

But actually, how could Ren Jing not know? He had been writing that name for who knew how many times.

Ren Jing hadn’t started writing anything. He couldn’t help but ask, “If I remember correctly...your surname is Gu, right?” Gu Xi was a ‘staff member’, after all, so it was only natural that they had met before. And of course, Ren Jing had actually known Gu Xi since long ago. He was Ye Chen’s precious close friend, after all.

Gu Xi sighed for a bit. Ren Jing truly had a good memory.

Gu Xi, “I’m doing a favor for a friend.”

Ren Jing’s eyes brightened up. Earlier, he didn’t know whether Ye Chen had come or not because there were too many people in the audience to recognize only a single person, so he really couldn’t be sure. But now that Gu Xi had confirmed it with him, he could finally be sure that Ye Chen had come...

He asked again, “Why didn’t he come by himself?”

How could Gu Xi tell Ren Jing that Ye Chen was irked by him? He simply said, “He doesn’t have a staff member’s badge, so he can’t enter this area.”

So that’s how it is. Ren Jing felt a bit disappointed, but he understood. Besides, he was feeling tense now, so he felt a bit nervous when he thought of writing the words.

He wanted to write Ye Chen’s name well; very, very, very well.

Ren Jing wrote the words very carefully, making Gu Xi think that this young star was quite a nice person. He was modest and not arrogant. He also took his fans seriously.

It was only five words, yet Ren Jing took a while to write them out. In the end, he couldn’t help but draw a small heart at the end of the words.

Noticing that, Gu Xi laughed. “Ye Chen is a boy.”

Ren Jing knew about that, of course...but he pretended that he didn’t. He said, “I see, sorry about that. Do you want me to rewrite it?”

Gu Xi still had a lot on his plate. Moreover, the card was for Queen Mother, the small heart should be alright. Hence, Gu Xi replied, “Never mind.”

Ren Jing said as he smiled, “I hope the person will like it.”

Gu Xi, “Definitely.”

The smiling Ren Jing looked even more gorgeous than ever. His expression was being taken by someone and he immediately gained countless fans after it was published on the internet.

After getting the autograph, Gu Xi went to find Ye Chen. Because the activities were already over, everyone ran outside, trying to prevent Ren Jing from leaving. As a result, the meeting venue became empty.

Gu Xi immediately left the venue. Little did he know that he would come across this scene.

He was in university, after all. Confession scenes and things like that were actually pretty common.

The girl before Gu Xi’s eyes was very pretty. She had a great figure, delicate facial features, and a soft, long hair hanging to her waist. In short, she was absolutely stunning.

The boy in front of her had his back facing Gu Xi. Even though Gu Xi couldn’t see his face, his figure from behind was eye-catching enough for Gu Xi.

The boy was very tall, his legs were long and straight. His standing posture as he put his hands in the pocket was pretty slack, yet there was some kind of extra charm to it, like he was a bad boy.

Well, most girls wouldn’t be able to endure this kind of bad boy. They would be crazy about the boys as long as they were good-looking.

Gu Xi really didn’t want to eavesdrop, but the only way back was blocked by them. He had no choice but to hide in the shadow for a while.

He listened to the boy’s voice, it was actually very pleasant to hear. However, the words he said were so arrogant he needed a spanking, “No reason. Why would I need a reason to not like you?”

The beautiful girl had tears welling up in her eyes, but she was still quite brave. She said, “Can you give me a chance, please? If...If you don’t have anyone you like, I...I can...”

“You can’t.” His answer was truly a cruel rejection.

The girl’s face turned red. Still, she asked, “Why...?”

She had probably asked that question so many times that the boy became very annoyed now. He probably wanted to leave, but the girl blocked the way. Although he was bad-tempered, he wouldn’t just recklessly push a girl away.

But being deadlocked like this wasn’t a solution, either. Eventually, the boy said something astonishing, “I don’t like women.”

The girl wore a shocked look all over her face.

The boy was quite annoyed, thus he continued, “I like men, you get it?”

The girl answered, “N-No way...” She couldn’t believe what she had just heard at all!

The boy said irritably, “I like men, and I already have someone I like. So, can you please get out of the way now?”

However, the girl was the type who wouldn’t just give up. She asked again, “Who is it...who is it that you liked?”

The boy was so angry now, but he won’t hit girls, so he asked, “You’ll leave once I tell you who?”

The girl was flustered by his question.

Shen Jiaze pursed his lips. His smile was hateful and vicious as he said, “Do you know Gu Xi? He’s the student council president and our campus hunk.”

The girl, “!!!”

Shen Jiaze said again, “I like him, so could you leave now?”

The tears that the girl had been holding back finally streamed down her cheeks, making her delicate makeup turned to a complete mess.

Shen Jiaze added another stabbing words, “Considering that you liked me, please keep it a secret for my sake!”

After eavesdropping for quite a while in the corner, Gu Xi suddenly felt an itch.

This boy deserves a good spanking.

All of a sudden, Gu Xi felt that his bad nature had taken over him. At first, he thought of coming out only after the boy left. He could just stagger time for a while in order to avoid an awkward situation.

But he discarded that thought. He would come out now and take a look at what this guy looked like.

As a result, the moment Shen Jiaze finished being smug, the next thing he caught sight of was their well-known student council president.

Gu Xi wore a smile on his face as he asked, “You like me?”

The author has something to say:

Ahhh, thanks to the girls who have thrown bombs to me. In fact, I still want some nutrient fluid. Won’t you ‘irrigate’ me some more after I’m finished with this novel?

And um, seeing that Director Gu has a lot of gong energy, I’d like to point out that between them, Shen Jiaze is gong and Gu Xi is shou. They’re a power couple, which I think is the most interesting thing about them (can’t help but recall about President Chu after I said that).

T/N: Hm? What did u say? potats went missing without any notice? Hmmmmm~ I mean, would it matter between me posting an announcement or not abt my absence... In any case, I’m terribly sorry. I’m trying, okay? I really do! Consistent and regular updates so that I could finally retire– uh, I mean the story could finally be finished, actually talking to others, not being hard on myself... I’m trying!! It’s hard but I’m trying. So if u see me updating one (1) chapter and then went missing for months, pls do know that it always weighs my mind that I was late, and that I need to do better. Real life isn’t treating me any better, but again, I’m trying. So please tolerate me when you noticed that I’m struggling with anything. I’ll try my best, but no promises. Thank you in advance!

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