If You Could Hear My Heart

Chapter 52 - 052: You Don ‘t Want Me Anymore, Right?
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Chapter 52: Chapter 052: You Don ‘t Want Me Anymore, Right?

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Their family lived in the most remote area in C City, extremely poor; how could her mother possibly know Shen Cexian and Zhou Ran?

It had to be someone with the same name, also called Mengxi.

“I won’t give you the photo! Just go back!” Shen Cexian was adamant.

“I’ve been asking you for so many years, and you refuse to give it to me. Fine, Shen Cexian, you win. I, Zhou Ran, have always been the wife you were forced to marry!”

There was a loud “clang,” as if a cup had shattered!

After that, Xu Chaomu heard Shen Cexian’s incessant coughing!

Thump, thump, thump, thump…

The sound of high heels striking the floor. Xu Chaomu hurriedly hid. Sure enough, before long, Zhou Ran came down from upstairs. Not much later, a car drove away from the Shen family’s villa.

Xu Chaomu took advantage of the darkness to slip back to her room, so frightened that her teeth stopped hurting.

That night, Xu Chaomu suffered from insomnia.

Such a rare event as insomnia actually happened to her.

She needed to calm down.

She stayed calm all night long, and it was only after five in the morning that she fell into a drowsy sleep.

Coincidentally, she even had a dream, a nightmare. In the dream, Shen Chi was getting married, and the bride was Bai Man.

Bai Man, in a white rhinestone strapless wedding dress, had a radiant smile. Meanwhile, Shen Chi was dressed in a black suit, elegant and mature. Shen Chi walked hand in hand with Bai Man through the happiness arch decorated with flowers and approached the priest.

Xu Chaomu sat below, just watching Shen Chi and Bai Man.

Anger, dissatisfaction, and discomfort all erupted at once!

She picked up her long dress and walked onto the stage, “Shen Chi, you don’t want me anymore, do you?”

Downstairs, Shen Chi was having breakfast; he was almost finished. He glanced at his watch; it was nearly seven o’clock. Why hadn’t Xu Chaomu come down yet?

“Butler Ling, Miss Xu probably threw her alarm clock again; should I go wake her up?” the butler suggested.

Xu Chaomu ruined several alarm clocks a month. At first, Butler Ling felt bad, but Shen Chi was always nonchalant, “Let her throw them. Can’t I afford a few alarm clocks?”

After that, Butler Ling never said anything more on the matter.

“No need, I’ll go,” Shen Chi rose from his seat.

Butler Ling was stunned; was the Fourth Young Master really going to personally wake up Xu Chaomu? It seemed… somewhat inappropriate!

Atter all, Xu Chaomu was eighteen this year…

But he didn’t dare to stop Shen Chi. In the Shen family, who wasn’t afraid of Shen Chi.

When Shen Chi pushed the door open, Xu Chaomu was angrily repeating that phrase “Shen Chi, you don’t want me anymore, do you”…

At first, it was anger. But by the time Shen Chi stood by her bed, it had turned into a sob.

Shen Chi grabbed her hand tightly, frowning deeply, “How could I not want you?”

Xu Chaomu was awakened by his cold grip, her eyes snapping open!

“Shen Chi, are you acting indecently again!” Xu Chaomu tugged her hand away, pulling and pulling!

Her voice was so loud that Butler Ling, who was downstairs cleaning the table, was completely startled!

Shen Chi, acting indecently?

She hadn’t misheard, had she? First, Xu Chaomu dared to call the Fourth Young Master by his name? Second, how could the Fourth Young Master act indecently towards Xu Chaomu?

Shen Chi held onto her hand, not letting her move, and leaned in, “You were calling my name even in your dream.”

Xu Chaomu was stunned. Right, she had had a dream, a dream where Shen Chi was marrying Bai Man!

“Did I call your name? I don’t remember that. Don’t make excuses to act indecently!” Xu Chaomu pouted.

Shen Chi took another step closer, his warm breath brushing against her ear, “Do I need an excuse to be a hooligan?”

Xu Chaomu’s neck tingled from his teasing, sending a shiver through her body.

“If you don’t let go, I’ll scream, and then your reputation as the Young Master Shen will be ruined.” Xu Chaomu looked at him triumphantly, certain that he wouldn’t dare to behave indecently in the Shen Family home.

Shen Chi curled the corners of his lips. She had been acting petulant and resentful last night, but after a night’s sleep, she had forgotten all about it.

This girl really was adorably foolish.

“Do you really want me to let go?” Shen Chi looked at her.

“Let go!”

“Then I’ll let go…”

“Just do it… Ah! Jerk!”

As soon as Shen Chi released her, Xu Chaomu fell back onto the bed! She had forgotten that it was he who had pulled her up!

She cursed Shen Chi nine thousand nine hundred times in her heart, for how could there be such an utterly detestable man in this world!

She touched her head, grateful that it wasn’t too painful. But the man was unapologetically watching her as if he had done nothing wrong, completely at ease.

“Hurry up and come down for breakfast!” Shen Chi commanded sternly.

“I’m not eating, my tooth hurts!” Xu Chaomu only then remembered her toothache.

It was the kind of toothache that hurt whenever it pleased. She covered her cheek, furrowing her brows in a painful expression.

If Shen Chi hadn’t known about her toothache yesterday, he might have thought she was faking it!

He went downstairs helplessly, “Butler Ling, where is the pain medication?”

Butler Ling was still wondering what the young master and Xu Chaomu were up to so early in the morning, and was surprised to see him come down so quickly! She hurriedly responded, “Yes, I have it, I’ll go get it!”

In a moment, Butler Ling brought over a medical kit containing various medicines.

“Young Master, here’s the pain medication, just take one pill per meal,” Butler Ling handed the medicine to Shen Chi.

“Mhm,” Shen Chi’s face remained as indifferent as ever. He took the medicine and some boiled water and headed upstairs.

Butler Ling was stunned for a moment. The young master was such a cold person; could he even play the hooligan? She was quite curious what he would look like doing so.

This time, Shen Chi also closed Xu Chaomu’s door behind him as he entered. freewebnovel.co(m)f(r)eewebn(o)vel.com

“Take the medicine!” Shen Chi ordered.

“Ah? More medicine… I don’t want to take it…” This kind of medicine was very bitter!

“Want me to feed you?” Shen Chi raised an eyebrow at her.

“No, no, no, how could I trouble you to do such a trivial thing, no, no, no, I’ll do it myself, myself…”

Xu Chaomu was scared off by Shen Chi. When she was ten, she said, “I won’t take it, you feed me,” and to this day, eight years later, she could still remember the bitter taste of the pill in her throat!

This man really didn’t play by the rules!

“Then obediently take it yourself!” Shen Chi fixed his gaze on her, one hand holding the pill, the other a cup.

Xu Chaomu had no choice but to comply. There was no room for her to talk back, no room for resistance, even the air seemed saturated with Shen Chi’s dominating presence!

Swallowing the bitter pill with a sense of deep injustice, Xu Chaomu gulped down several mouthfuls of water, almost choking herself to death. “If it still hurts, tell me, I’ll take you to the hospital!” Shen Chi said nonchalantly.

“I don’t want to go to the hospital!” Xu Chaomu finally managed to utter a dissenting “no.”

The result was a piercing glance from Shen Chi, and Xu Chaomu quicklv corrected herself, “Oh… If it still hurts, I’ll tell you, you can take me to the hospital…”

“Hmm, ” was all Shen Chi voiced from his throat, before turning and heading downstairs.

Xu Chaomu was at a loss with him, who could blame her when his aura was stronger than hers; she didn’t dare say “no.” All she could do was kick the blankets in frustration, a small act of defiance..

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