Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer

Chapter 374 Planning
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As Ashton continues to watch over the sleeping finalists, he couldn't help but feel proud of their progress. He knew that this experience would be invaluable to them as they face even tougher challenges in the future.

He checked on each of them, making sure that they were alright, and then turned his attention to the clock. The three days were almost up. He had to prepare the finalists for their return to the waking world.

He sat cross-legged on a small cushion, observing the dream world that he had created for the finalists of the Mystic Guild Tournament. He watched as they fought against their clones, honing their skills and becoming stronger with each passing moment.

As he watched, he couldn't help but wonder if any of them had the potential to become his Beneficiary or at least his Disciple. He had been searching for a suitable candidate for quite some time now, someone who could carry on his legacy and pass on his knowledge to future generations.

He hadn't had the chance to do this back at Elstar. It would've been such a waste if he had taken someone from there knowing that he's gonna disappear anyway. Plus, he was determined to do everything by himself there so he hadn't really thought about it.

Now that he's here though, he's entertaining these thoughts again...

But as he looked closer, he saw that none of them quite met his standards. They were skilled, yes, but they lacked the creativity and intuition that he believed was necessary to truly excel in both Magic and Martial Arts.

Even if he did choose someone, Cassandra, for example, the rewards he'll receive from raising her would be minimal at best. Said rewards would be a nice addition to their strength, but not necessary at all.

Just a reminder, he's been gone from this world for a decade. Humanity had come farther than he initially expected them to. With that in mind, he also had to adjust his actions depending on what they truly needed right now.

Ashton sighed and leaned back against the wall, closing his eyes and letting his thoughts drift. 𝒇𝘳ee𝚠𝘦𝚋n૦𝐯el com

Perhaps he was being too picky, too exacting in his standards. But he knew that he could not compromise on what he believed was necessary for a true disciple. He needed someone who was not only skilled but also wise, compassionate, and dedicated.

For now, he would continue to observe and wait, hoping that one day he would find the one he had been seeking.

Ashton slowly withdrew from their dreams, gently easing them back to consciousness. One by one, they began to stir, groggily opening their eyes and taking in their surroundings. Ashton greeted them with a warm smile, explaining what had happened to them and how they had improved.

Most of them still knew him as Mr. Dreamer, and that works just fine with him.

The finalists were astonished at the amount of time they had spent in the dream world. It felt like only a few hours had passed, yet they had fought countless battles and gained an immeasurable amount of experience.

Ashton then handed each of them a small box, containing a token of the Mystic Guild's appreciation for their participation in the tournament. The finalists thanked him for everything he had done and left the headquarters feeling stronger, more confident, and ready to face any challenge that comes their way.


Ashton sat in a large room with Alice, Blake, and Mary, the Grand Commanders of the Mystic Guild. They were discussing the next plans for the world, and Ashton was there to offer his insight.

"Have you taken another Beneficiary yet?" Alice asked, looking at Ashton with a curious expression.

"No, I have not," Ashton replied calmly. "I have been observing the finalists of the Guild Tournament, but none of them have met my standards."

Blake raised an eyebrow. "Your standards are quite high, Ashton. Are you sure no one among them's worthy of your tutelage?"

Ashton shook his head. "None of them have the potential I'm looking for. But I have to say, they're all quite skilled. They've been improving their abilities in the dream world I've created for them."

"With what I've seen while I was with them, I do not doubt that they'll come far. They don't need my help at all." Ashton shrugged, relaxing on his chair.

Mary nodded in agreement. "Yes, it's impressive to see how much they've grown in such a short amount of time. Perhaps some of them will become powerful champions in the future."

"But for now," Alice interjected, "let's focus on the next steps for the world. We managed to buy some time for ourselves when we defeated their army last time. I was thinking of a few things we can do to take advantage of that."

The four of them delved into a deep discussion about the world's current state and how they could improve it. Ashton listened carefully, offering his own ideas and opinions when he deemed it necessary.

Alice and Blake sat in a meeting room, discussing their next move against the Celestial Race and the Hypogean Race. They proposed the idea of colonizing nearby planets and asteroids to gather more resources and speed up humanity's progress.

"We have to be prepared for their return. We can't just rely on the weapons we have now," Alice said, looking at Blake.

"I agree. But the only challenge we face is the unfavorable environment of those planets. We have to figure out how to make it work," Blake replied.

"I think we can make it work. We have advanced technology and smart scientists. We just need to put in the effort," Alice said confidently.

Blake nodded in agreement. "We can also use this time to train and strengthen our army. We can't afford to be weak when they come back."

The two of them continued to discuss their plan, weighing the pros and cons. They knew that this was their best chance to prepare for the inevitable war.

Ashton listened to Alice and Blake's proposal carefully, nodding occasionally to show his understanding. He was aware of the importance of resources in war and the significance of colonizing other planets to expand humanity's reach. However, he also had concerns about the possible repercussions of their actions.

"I understand the importance of resources, but we also have to consider the potential consequences of colonizing other planets. We might have developed a way to traverse the space but for most people, this kind of activity remains dangerous." Ashton said, his voice calm but firm.

Mary nodded in agreement, "We have to weigh the risks and benefits of our actions. We need to be strategic in our approach to this matter."

Alice and Blake looked at each other, then back at the others. They understood the concerns and risks that came with their proposal, but they believed that it was a necessary step to ensure humanity's survival.

"I understand your concerns, but we have to take risks if we want to win this war. We can't just wait for our enemies to come to us. We have to take the fight to them," Blake argued.

Alice added, "And besides, we have the technology and the means to defend ourselves. We can build our defenses and make sure that we're ready for whatever comes our way."

Ashton and Mary exchanged a look before nodding in agreement. They understood the urgency of the situation and the need to be proactive in their approach.

"Alright then, I guess we can make that work. But let's not rush it. First and foremost, I suggest that you hand-pick some people that we can send to survey the nearby asteroids and planets. They should be trained and disciplined first before they could even think about going out there." Mary said. "As for the rest, give me some time, I'll come up with some guidelines."

Alice and Blake look pleased with what Mary said. They then turned to Ashton and waited for his verdict.

Mary's opinion matters of course, but in all honesty, it's Ashton's acknowledgment that they waiting for.

Even though he hasn't been with them for more than a decade now, they still think of him as Humanity's true leader. They're just here to help him carry this burden.

They've done just as much as he did during the ten years that he went missing but in their minds, Ashton was still the one who's fit to lead humanity to success.

If he agrees with their proposal, then that means that they're doing something right.

Ashton pondered for quite some time and said:

"We can make it work," he said, which elated the two. "Just focus on training them, as for surveying the nearby planets, I'll do that instead. Me dreaming about it would be safer than sending people over without any prior knowledge. I'll cover this for you."

"As for the other developments, we can slowly discuss them. As Mary said earlier, there's no need to rush. Time is on our side."

The four of them then began discussing their plans, weighing the risks and benefits of each option, and strategizing their next move. They knew that their enemies were powerful and ruthless, but they were determined to protect humanity at all costs.

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