I Was Reborn With All Max-Leveled Classes of Mage, Warrior, Rogue, and Healer!

Chapter 16
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Chapter 16: Private Trade! Auction!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Chapter 16: Private Trade! Auction!

McRae closed the door and placed the note on the table.

After drinking a mouthful of water, he sat back in front of the computer.

Divine Domain was indeed a phenomenal game for everyone.

Even though it was already past 11 p.m. in the real world, there was still an endless stream of players in the Rookies Village. There was also an endless stream of new players who created characters.

The streets were filled with people, and the surging crowd made the spacious Rookies Square appear a little crowded.

On the chat screen, some were trading equipment, some were looking for team players, and a few were sightseeing.




McRae stood in front of the blacksmith and waited patiently.

He knew that he wasn’t the one who was anxious, but the future presidents of the large guilds.

Not long after, the teleportation point in the Rookie Village began to light up.

This surprised the nearby players.

The distance between these different Starter Villages was very far. One needed to use a teleportation array to teleport.

The teleportation price was ten copper coins per person.

A price like that was considered astronomical already.

“Holy sh*t, they are using the teleportation array now?”

“It must be some powerful big shot who’s here to deal with an emergency. Otherwise, who would use a teleportation array at a time like this?”

“Look, look! Another group of people has arrived!”

Instantly, figures appeared from the shimmering teleportation array.

From the moment the server was launched until now, the teleportation array that hadn’t lit up for seven to eight hours suddenly started working in full capacity. It couldn’t stop even for a moment.

These people had different classes and races.

However, without exception, each of them had five to six pieces of equipment!

Although they were all Whiteboard-grade equipment, almost no one had any equipment at this stage. At most, they only had one novice weapon, so they could gather five to six pieces of equipment. These people were either outstanding or powerful.

The teleportation array worked for about half an hour before gradually stopping.

The hundreds of people who had teleported over sized each other up warily.

They realized that many of them were people he knew.

Clearly, their goal was the same—a private transaction!

The group of heavily armed people rushed towards the blacksmith shop at the front of the square.

Instantly, many unaffiliated players made way for the aggressive big shots.

Some wanted to go forward and see what these awesome people looked like, while others wanted to stay far away from trouble. However, they were filled with a thought:

What happened?

The group walked in front of the blacksmith in an imposing manner. Some of the players who were wandering around immediately left, leaving behind McRae, who was wearing a novice’s linen robe.

The leader went forward and asked politely,

“Is this Mr. McRae?”

The moment that was said, the surrounding players revealed looks of realization.

So he was here to find the world’s first clearer of the dungeon, Guru McRae. That wasn’t surprising.

After all, of the billions of players in the world, only God McRae had cleared the dungeon in such a short period of time. Furthermore, it was an adventure-level dungeon!

McRae looked at the hundreds of people gathered in front of the blacksmith and nodded.

“Everyone should be here. Let’s begin.”

After McRae said that, the hundreds of people below the stage fell silent.

Instantly, the air seemed to freeze as the atmosphere turned awkward.

McRae thought to himself:

“A bunch of old foxes. You want to lower the price with me? No way.”

McRae looked up and said indifferently,

“From the looks of it, everyone doesn’t have any requests. I won’t waste your time. Return to where you came from.”

“I’ll hang this Silver-grade Lubbock’s Sword on the market’s exchange. The highest bidder will get it. Although I’ll lose some of the transaction fee, I can still afford it…”

When the word “bid” came out ofMcRae mouth,

The calm expressions on the faces of the hundreds of future presidents and representatives immediately vanished.

Replaced instead with…

An air of solemnity

They looked at each other.

There was no doubt that the value of Silver-grade equipment in the early stages would depreciate. It was only during the initial stages of the launch that Silver-grade equipment would cause such a stir.

Once most players reached around level 30 and could farm higher-level maps, the drop rate of Silver-grade equipment would increase slightly. The value of Silver-grade equipment would definitely drop. After reaching a higher level, the value would drop even lower. No one would even want it.

According to McRae’s memories, the value of Silver-grade equipment had probably begun to drop half a year after the server was launched. However, this was the first day of the server launch!

Ordinary players could wait for the Silver-grade to devalue, but these guilds couldn’t.

Judging from the System’s First Clear dungeon reward for McRae…

They also needed to clear some dungeons.

However, the requirement to obtain the first clear of a dungeon was sufficient strength.

This Silver-grade weapon could greatly increase a player’s strength.

From there, they could quickly obtain a team with strong combat strength and obtain gold coins, rare materials, and even high-quality equipment from the first clear.

Furthermore, they’d be able to leave their guild’s name on Divine Domain’s First Clear rankings.

They wanted to showcase their guild’s strength, expand their guild’s influence, and better recruit new members.

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