I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace

Chapter 1340 - Garden of Myriad Flowers ②
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Chapter 1340 - Garden of Myriad Flowers ②

The Garden of Myriad Flowers is located near Yggfresis and as its name suggests, it’s said to be a very beautiful garden with many flowers in bloom.

However, although the name is well-known, the location of the Garden of Myriad Flowers is almost unknown to the public, making it known as a Phantom Garden that can’t be reached by ordinary means.

The reason is simple. The Garden of Myriad Flowers, to put it simply, is the home and garden owned by Rosemary-san, who has an extreme case of stranger anxiety, and she has put up extremely strong barriers to prevent strangers from entering.

It is impossible for ordinary people to break through the barrier that Rosemary-san, one of the Six Kings’ executives and a Peak Count-rank, has put up quite seriously, and thus, making the place known as a phantom location.

[……Or so it was written in a gossipy magazine, but is that information true?]

[Unnn. Rosemary-chan is quite good at Barrier Magic. Recognition Inhibition so that people won’t notice the place even if they come close, Visual Obstruction so that people can’t see the place even if they realize what that place is, and Phase Shift so that people can’t enter. It was a place covered with many layers of barriers, so I think only a handful of people can find it on their own.]


When I asked Kuro, who had come to hang out with me as usual, it really seemed like a phantom location. I mean, she’s really going all out just not to meet strangers huh…… Well, with Rosemary-san’s personality, I guess it can’t be helped.

Understanding why those barriers are in place, I ate a baby castella. The ones today are safe and delicious baby castellas, and as usual, it’s served with a cup of coffee from a teapot.

[……Ahh, speaking of which, Nebula made some pottery with Illness-san, don’t you think they’re pretty good?]

[Ohh, it has a beautiful color. The fact that they can produce a white color this beautiful is evidence of their good skill. Nebula-chan is as multi-talented as always.]

[Right, right. They’re even making various plans to make it, like partitioning the magic formula itself or something.]

[……Sorry, what was that?]

[Eh? No, they’re apparently partitioning the magic formula itself……]

[Partitioning the magic formula? Rather than using Partitioning Magic to divide it into multiple magic formulas, they partitioned the magic formula? Did it activate?]

[……I heard it did? Those cups also have a Temperature Preservation Magic engraved into it……]

When I said that, Kuro started to look at the teacups made by Nebula with a very serious expression on her face. After staying silent in that unusual atmosphere for a while, Kuro muttered.

[……Amazing. The idea is not to insert the magic formula, but to knead it in…… There are so many divisions, but the magic formula is still activated without any problem? If they had made even the slightest mistake in the way they partitioned it, it wouldn’t have activated. Even if they did…… It would normally require dozens or hundreds of trials and errors to figure out how to divide a magic formula, which would normally have been impossible…… but it’s perfect. Amazing, even if the materials that can be used are limited to some extent, this makes it possible to make magic tools that couldn’t be made until now due to the size of the magic crystal.]


[Kaito-kun, can you call Nebula-chan for a moment? I’d like to ask her some questions.]


It seems that that technique was more outrageous than I had imagined, as Kuro’s eyes looked really serious. Come to think of it, I think Illness-san had also said that if that technique came true, it would revolutionize the production of magic tools……

Feeling surprised, I called for Nebula, and she immediately came to my room.

[Milord, you wanted to see me?]

[Unnn. Kuro wants to ask you about the technique Nebula used in the cup you made.]

[I’m sorry for calling you suddenly, Nebula-chan. It’s just, the idea of partitioning the magic formula for this cup is revolutionary, so I’d really like it if you could tell me more about it. Of course, you don’t have to tell me if you think it’s unreasonable, and since Nebula-chan has the rights to this technique, I will pay you royalty money for the magic tools we would use this technique on.]

[……I see! It’s no problem, and the money isn’t needed! I am Absolute. Compensation for the use of the knowledge and rights that this Absolute me possesses is unnecessary…… Well, if you insist, please give the money to Milord. I receive money from him every time I need it anyway……]

After saying this while puffing out her chest on her small body, Nebula began to explain to Kuro in detail about partitioning magic formulas.

Frankly speaking, their discussion is already on a level that was too high for me and I ended up finding myself not being able to keep up with the conversation along the way, but Kuro was quite engaged in the topic, so I knew that there was a pretty amazing discussion unfolding between them.

[……I see, it has been very informative. Nebula-chan’s idea is unconventional and amazing. I knew this would be revolutionary when I saw it like this, but the starting point for coming up with ideas is very difficult.]

[Hmmm. I’m still not familiar with the common sense of this world, so that may be the reason why I came up with a novel idea.]

[I see…… Anyhow, thank you for teaching me so much. Thanks to you, I’ve come up with a lot of new ideas for magic tools.]

[I’m glad I could be of help. I’m looking forward to the creation of new magic tools.]

Saying this with a smile, Nebula looks really cute. The fact that I have learned one more thing about Nebula’s amazingness somehow also makes me proud.

No, I know that the amazing one here isn’t me, but Nebula, so it’s strange for me to be proud…… but somehow, I can’t help but be happy when Nebula gets praised.


Serious-senpai : [“For even Kuro to be amazed by that idea, Nebula really is amazing~~” For Kaito to be reacting like that, he’s really bringing out his all to invoke the idiotic parent in him.]

? ? ? : [He’s the same around Bell and Lynn too, so it’s easy to tell when Kaito-san is demonstrating his parental idiocy.]

Serious-senpai : [And as for the Absolute, as expected, she really is quite a bundle of consideration…… While saying that there’s no need for compensation for providing the technique, she also presented a plan for cases for when the other party feels apologetic instead, and in order for Kaito to not feel aversed by having the money passed to him, she said she will just receive the money from Kaito whenever she needs it, making it look like he was just keeping the money for her……]

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