I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses

Chapter 880 - Master Pei Is Scheming And Is Just A Newcomer?
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Chapter 880: Master Pei Is Scheming And Is Just A Newcomer?

“Miss Inax, this is the higher-ups’ rule,” the old man said.

The corners of Inax’s lips curled up in a mocking smile, before her eyes landed on Pei Yunge, who was typing on the keyboard. A mocking look appeared in her eyes and she left quickly.

“Inax, Zhao Lanyue isn’t here,” another girl said softly as she glanced at the dozen people who had just sat in the corner.

“It’s most interesting that she has the cheek to come today.”

Inax raised her chin arrogantly and laughed coldly. “However, she’s already been eliminated anyway. She didn’t pass the assessment and is just like that group of useless people sitting in the corner. She’s only worthy of watching us come in.”

“Aiya, why are you paying attention to that b * tch? Do you know that Qin Youjiao is coming today?!” Another girl looked excited.

“Really? But didn’t she just get into Class E?” Inax asked.

“This time, she came to take the Class-D exam! She’s really a genius. She’s clearly the youngest in our International Musicians’ Association. Her speed of advancement is like a rocket! Teacher Arne really likes her!”

Hearing this, the corners of Inax’s lips curled up. “Let’s go. I’ll take you to get to know Youjiao.”


At the door.

The old man frowned. “Didn’t I say that if you don’t have a student ID…”

“I have it. 66.”

Pei Yunge interrupted him and said slowly.

The old man was speechless.

Did this little girl take him for a fool??

“You’ll know if you try.” Pei Yunge sat on the stool beside him, looking like she was not planning to leave.

The old man’s lips twitched. He knew that a difficult person had come and could only type ‘666666’ in the computer.

In the end, a student message appeared!?

“W-What’s going on?!”

The old man’s hand trembled and he almost dropped his cigar.

“Can you let me in now?”

Pei Yunge stood up and asked slowly.

After the old man regained his senses, he immediately printed a form for the assessment and handed her a card.

“You can go in.”

“Thank you.”

Pei Yunge replied and walked in naturally.

Seeing this, the rest of the people at the door were stunned!

Didn’t that person not pass the International Musicians’ Association’s member assessment either?! Why was she in??


After Pei Yunge entered, she saw that the hall was filled with people.

“Newcomer, come and submit the assessment form,” someone called from not far away.

Pei Yunge raised an eyebrow and glanced at the basic information. She filled it in and handed it to the staff.

However, when the staff saw this form, his first reaction was stunned.


Was this student ID real??

“Is that enough?” Pei Yunge’s lazy voice sounded slowly.

After the staff regained his senses, he entered his student number into the computer. However, very quickly, he really found such a person?

“Damn…” The staff could not help cursing.

Then, just as the staff accidentally saw Pei Yunge’s assessment information, he was stunned.

“What level are you taking?”


Pei Yunge hesitated for a moment. “Can I take the Class-A exam directly?”

She remembered that for the International Musicians’ Association’s Class A examination, three famous works were needed.

However, Pei Yunge only had two of them currently. The remaining six were still in Yu Manran’s new album.

“I don’t think so.”

The staff put on a fake smile and probed, “What’s your level?”

“I don’t have a level.”

The staff was speechless.

Good fellow, I thought she was some big boss. I didn’t expect her to be a newcomer.

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