I Transmigrated into a Book and Became the Real Rich Daughter's Pampered Cousin

Chapter 129 - 129 Discovered
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129 Discovered

Zhai Jing saw that her eyes were bright and the corners of her eyes were slightly red, but her expression had quickly turned cold. It was as if the kiss that had just happened was not a big deal to her.

He was disappointed for a moment, and then he laughed at himself. He was really getting greedier. From the beginning, he had looked at her from afar, slowly getting to know her, step by step walking to her side, then slowly approaching her and touching her. With every step he took, his ambition for her grew. He wanted to have her completely.

What about Le Wan? Would she like him when he was like this?

Little did he know that at this moment, Le Wan was screaming crazily in her heart. Initially, she had planned to wait until the college entrance examination was over before she made her feelings clear to Zhai Jing. At the same time, she wanted to improve their relationship.

At the end, when Zhai Jing came forward to bite the chocolate away, her head heated up and she subconsciously moved forward without thinking. Then, she was caught up.

He’s so beautiful!

The villain in Le Wan’s heart was madly knocking on her head!

The two of them sat at opposite ends of the table, each with their own sweet thoughts. They didn’t seem to interfere with each other, but there was an inexplicable connection. While they were happy and worried, there were still people on the other side who were going to cause trouble.

“This post was definitely deleted by Le Wan.”

Three girls were chatting in a group, all of whom were Fu Sui’s admirers.

“I’ve already taken a screenshot. As of 4:32 p.m., Fu Sui’s votes have surpassed Le Wan’s by almost 2000 votes.”

“Yes, Fu Sui’s victory is already in sight. Since he didn’t deal with this post in the first place, he couldn’t have waited until now to delete it. So, the person who deleted the post can only be Le Wan.”

“Fu Sui has always been in the top three of the year, and Le Wan is just a rising star. Comparing her with Fu Sui is like trying to cross the line. She’ll only get more excited if we talk to her.”

“In the end, seeing that she had lost too badly, she deleted the post and pretended that nothing had happened.”

“Then Fu Sui’s grievances these past few days have been in vain?”

“Since Le Wan is afraid of losing face and wants to pretend this never happened, we can’t let her do as she wishes.”

“Right, we can’t let her get her wish!”

“If she wants to hide, we’ll make her even more famous!”

So, without the knowledge of Le Wan and Fu Sui, a new post was posted, and it was constantly pushed to the front row with the big title “Who is the sore loser?!” It was constantly attracting people’s attention.

“Sister, what’s wrong with you today?” Little Brother Le looked at Le Wan suspiciously.

Today, Mama Le had accompanied Papa Le out to socialize, and the two brothers were busy with their careers, so only the two of them had dinner. Little Brother Le was originally happy and wanted to brag to his sister about the fun things that happened in school today. However, just as he was eating, he saw his dear sister frowning and laughing at him, not listening to what he was saying.

In the time it took to finish half a meal, she had only taken a few bites of the food, but the expression on her face had changed dozens of times. It was strange no matter how one looked at it.

Following her brother’s suspicious look, Le Wan turned her head away.

“You’re just a child. What does it have to do with you? Go and eat your food!”

Something was wrong, something was wrong! Seeing her like this, Little Brother Le’s sister-controlled radar quickly turned on and scanned his brain. In the end, he came to a pessimistic conclusion. His dear sister had fallen into the pit of “love” again.


This time, Little Brother Le could not eat anymore. He threw his bowl down and ran upstairs. Then, he removed Zhai Jing’s name from the blacklist and sent a voice message to him.

“Come to the grand canyon in ten minutes!”

He wanted to beat Zhai Jing up. Otherwise, he would be so angry that he would not be able to sleep tonight.

Zhai Jing was serving Mother Zhai. The operation was a success. After a period of observation, Mother Zhai didn’t show any obvious reaction, so she was smoothly transferred to the general ward. Now, she could be discharged as soon as her wound healed.

When he received the message from Little Brother Le, he was confused. ever since the last time at the police station, after being mocked by Little Brother Le, he had been blacklisted. Did he get him back?

This little Young Master was always thinking of something. Zhai Jing shook his head helplessly. He put his phone back into his pocket and ignored the other party.

Seeing him like this, his mother quickly snatched the spoon away.

“I can eat by myself. If you have something to do, you can go ahead.”

“It’s nothing important. We can deal with it later.” Zhai Jing said.

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