I Transmigrated as the Antagonists' Mother!

I Transmigrated as the Antagonists' Mother!

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    Modern-day girl boss Vivian transmigrated into a modern romance novel as the male lead’s stepmother, the biological mother of the three antagonists… and the male lead’s father’s lover! She remembered that the fiancee of the male lead’s father almost died in a fire and had three sons, but all of them were killed because of the conflict against the male and female leads. Shivering from the creeps she felt, she decided to leave the male lead’s father.

    It was the nineties and five years before the novel’s plots began. The male lead was not a big shot, and the female lead was not yet reincarnated. Also, as the villain, her eldest son was just fourteen and not fully corrupted… The two supporting villains were not born, and there was still hope. To shake off the outcome of death and to gain the ability to protect herself, Vivian packed her bags and fled in the night, using the advantage of her transmigration to accumulate wealth, recruiting and building a financial empire using the economic crisis.

    When that was done, she did not forget her children’s education. Her eldest son was a mafia boss who is crazy and self-centered, her genius second daughter was anti-social, while her youngest son provoked problems everywhere… But she would straighten them out so that they became proper modern youths! Hence, her tempestuous eldest son with an inferiority complex became a networking specialist, her autistic and quiet second daughter became a pioneer in scientific research, and her provocateur youngest son became an international star!

    While she was shedding tears and rejoicing over her children’s successes, that selfish and crazy man found her:

    “Are they the children you had with me?”

    Vivian snorted, “The sun is still up, and you’re dreaming up fantasies already?” Did he want to take her children from her? Dream on!

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