I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 125 - Being Bullied
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Chapter 125: Being Bullied

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Song He was talking to Lu Gan when they heard a commotion from afar. Song Ci was running towards them with tears in her eyes. Her clothes were wet and she looked terrified. Song Peihan was right behind her, looking like a madman. It was obvious that she wanted to bully Song Ci!

Upon seeing this scene, Song He almost died from anger. Was his daughter stupid or something? Why did she have to cause trouble publicly? He knew Song Peihan did not like Song Ci but if she were to try anything, she should have done it privately! Worse of all, this happened in front of Lu Gan, a man who was crazy for his wife!

Song He quickly stood up and shouted, “Song Peihan, what are you doing?! Your brother-in-law is still here! Look at yourself! Go back to your room and get changed immediately!”

Song Ci was ecstatic. She ran towards Lu Gan and acted pitifully. Her eyes were red and filled with grievance. There were also crystal tears falling.

“Hubby, let’s go home! We’ll never come again!”

Song Ci grabbed the handles of Lu Gan’s wheelchair and headed to the door.

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Song He really thought that Song Peihan had bullied Song Ci. He had been frustrated for the whole day but now, he was enraged! All his efforts to coax Song Ci and Lu Gan had gone down the drain. Everything was ruined!

Song Peihan was still loafing around. Her father really wanted to slap her.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? Go back to your room!”

Song Peihan’s face was filled with shock.

“Dad, Song Ci bullied me! Look what she did to me! Why are you helping her?”

Song He did not believe her words at all. After all, she was the one who would bully Song Ci all the time. Normally, he would just turn a blind eye to it. He did not like Song Ci because of Kong Chuyun. Song Ci’s face would remind him of her. It was a fact that he had to rely on a woman to be in his current position. Kong Chuyun even remarried and gave birth to a son! Song He felt really humiliated. Hence, he did not think highly of Song Ci.

However, things had changed. He needed Lu Gan’s assistance to ensure the Song family would prosper!

Even if Song Peihan was telling the truth, Song He needed to comfort Song Ci!

“How can you lie about your sister like this? Don’t you know her personality? You’re being insensible!”

Song Peihan felt wronged. She was threatened and beaten by Song Ci, the woman she hated most. Her head was hurting and her makeup was ruined. Worse of all, her own father did not trust her! In the past, he would side with her without any hesitation. It was fine if he did not help, but he even scolded her!

All Song Peihan could do was stand still. She had never been embarrassed like this before. At the moment, she desperately wanted to end Song Ci’s life!

Pang Xiaohui’s heart ached for her daughter. She tried to ease the atmosphere by saying, “They’re sisters. It’s normal for them to quarrel. There’s no harm done. After a while, they’ll reconcile. Peihan, just go back to your room first. We still have some matters to discuss with your sister and brother-in-law.”

Song Peihan could not believe what she was hearing and almost exploded from dissatisfaction.

Suddenly, Lu Gan asked, “What’s going on?”

Song Peihan looked at Lu Gan with a surprised expression.

‘He still cares about me, doesn’t he? Otherwise, he wouldn’t have agreed to marry me. Finally, he has realized his true feelings!’

Song Peihan was confident that Lu Gan had seen through Song Ci’s act.

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