I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The Princess

Chapter 1056 - Xia Zheng’s true identity (2)
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Chapter 1056: Chapter 253-Xia Zheng’s true identity (2)

Translator: 549690339

With the fastest speed, he slashed again and again, reaping the lives of these beasts.

“You’re looking for death!” Feng Xiaoyao roared.

He couldn’t hold it in any longer. This old man actually didn’t care about martial virtue and didn’t play a one-on-one fight with him. Instead, he rushed into his clan.

He pushed his movement technique to the limit and rushed in front of him.

“Wind and clouds sweeping fist!”

He combined his spiritual power with his physical strength and shot out hundreds of fist lights. Each of the fist lights was amazing, especially the power contained in it. It seemed to be able to destroy the world.

He blocked all of Shi potian’s escape routes and ruthlessly attacked.

Shi potian couldn’t kill the wind barbarian race’s people anymore.

But it was enough. In that short time, at least a thousand people had been killed by him.

“Qi engulfing mountains and rivers blade technique!”

His fighting spirit burst out, and he poured spiritual energy into the blade like a god and Devil, slashing out domineeringly.

Heaven and earth shattered, and all the light was covered by this blade. It flashed and disappeared, and cut into Feng Xiaoyao’s fist radiance.

The dozens of fist radiances were instantly destroyed, but Feng Xiaoyao was no pushover. He blocked the blade with his martial arts and strong body.

He used his innate divine ability.

“Storm and Thunder!”

With him as the center, a violent Hurricane swept out crazily and spread out for hundreds of feet.

There were at least 10000 wind blades, or even more, and each of them was dozens of feet long.

When these tornadoes evolved to their limits, they would give birth to the power of lightning.

Lightning flashed and Thunder rumbled. It flickered amidst the tens of thousands of wind blades, forming a huge net of lightning that doubled its power.

“Have a taste of my tribe leader’s innate divine ability!”

With a wave of his hands, the power of wind and thunder merged and shot towards Shi potian at a destructive speed.

“Just this?” Shi potian mocked.

With a roll of the blade light, he used the mountain river Qi swallowing blade with all his might. A blade light that could cut the world was slashed out, wanting to swallow the mountains and rivers, and headed towards him.

The wind barbarian tribe members had already retreated under the lead of the high priest.

However, there were still a few unlucky ones who died from the collision of the Qi forces.

“Kill them!” The high priest ordered.

“Brother Xiao, that pole that’s as thin as a monkey is the high priest of the wind barbarian tribe. Leave him to me!” Zheng Qing took a step forward.

“Alright!” Xiao ran agreed.

After getting permission, Zheng Qing circulated his body technique to the limit. He patted the heaven and earth bag at his waist with one hand and took out his numinous treasure, the slaughtering heavenly saber.

The blade was blood-red in color, and the moment it appeared, a blood-red killing aura spread to the surroundings.

Bloodthirsty, dark, and crazy.

The slaughter saber intent burst forth, and his aura surged. Like a god or demon, he locked onto the high priest and rushed towards him.

Along the way.

The wind barbarian tribesmen exploded when they were touched by the blood mist that was spreading out from his body. Their blood rained down on the ground.

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The blood Qi was devoured by him, and his aura became stronger again.

He raised the slaughtering heavenly blade and pointed it at the high priest.”God slaying heavenly blade technique!”

The huge aura field was unstoppable. All the wind barbarian race members exploded. A murderous Saber Light descended from the sky, destroying everything. It slashed toward the high priest with the power to break all laws.

“You again!” The high priest’s face was cold.

He had fought with Zheng Qing more than once or twice.

If looks could kill, he would have swallowed Zheng Qing alive.

Seeing that the Supreme blade was getting closer and closer, he didn’t dare to delay any longer. He immediately used his innate divine ability,”storm and Thunder!”

It was the same sacred art, but it was not as powerful as Feng Xiaoyao ‘s.

The hurricane mixed with thunder and lightning turned into a giant sword under the control of his powerful soul power, slashing toward Zheng Qing’s Saber Light.


The surrounding wind barbarian Army roared with bloodshot eyes and charged toward Xiao ran.

There were too many people in the dark.

Xiao ran remained unmoved and watched this scene calmly.

“Great Xia isn’t a place you can meddle with!”

He raised his palm and attacked with all his might.”The wind blows, the crane is alarmed, and the grass is alarmed!”

Tens of thousands of golden lights shot out. The dense golden light spots floated in the air. There were a total of twenty thousand of them.

It swayed in the wind.

The 20,000 light spots turned into 20000 golden-armored burly men with long Spears in their hands. Their bodies, strength, and speed were comparable to that of a connate realm level ten martial artist.

“Not even a blade of grass will grow!”

Under his control, the twenty thousand golden-armored men ruthlessly rushed up.

They had blocked the wind barbarian Army.

The charge of 10000 cavalrymen was still unable to break through their defenses. The long Spears swept, stabbed, and jabbed. Every time they struck, countless people would be killed.

Other than that.

The burly man in golden armor was not afraid of death. Since he had just died, Xiao ran could be resurrected again as long as his pure spiritual energy could keep up with his supernatural power.

He was like a human-shaped bulldozer, sweeping everything in his path and having a huge advantage.

The nine Heavens spirit control technique circulated madly, absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth from the surrounding heaven and earth and void to make up for his own consumption.

At this moment.

The power of the celestial demon cultivation technique was once again displayed.

Even though casting this super power consumed a lot of energy, the pure spiritual energy in Xiao ran’s body was still abundant.

With a simple glance, he saw that the wind barbarian Army was being suppressed.

His eyes were cold as a monstrous killing intent rushed out.

Those who aren’t part of our clan must have different intentions!

“Heaven Earth fortune-telling!”

He transformed into a giant that was two thousand feet tall. Golden light swirled around him, and an unparalleled pressure spread out, pressing down on the wind barbarian race.

At the same time.

The purple-gold battle armor enveloped his entire body. Purple and gold spiritual light circulated and illuminated the night sky. He was like a demonic god.

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