I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

Chapter 543 - Haoran, We’re Finally Married
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Chapter 543: Haoran, We’re Finally Married

Although the photo was still not satisfactory, Bai Weiyang really did not want any more changes. Moreover, she did not know why, but her heart was getting more and more flustered, so she forced a smile and said, “This one’s not bad. This one will do. Haoran, let’s go over there to get our marriage certificate.”

“… Okay.”

Lin Haoran realized that he was a little absent-minded today, and his mind had wandered seriously.

So when he finally pressed the handprint, he looked at the red ink on his finger, and his absent mindedness had reached its peak.

It seemed that things should not be like this.

But, what should it be like?

A hint of confusion flashed past Lin Haoran’s eyes, and he looked at his finger in a daze.

Bai Weiyang suddenly held his hand, and her eyes were concerned, and there was even a trace of pleading in them. “Haoran, what’s wrong?”

Today, Bai Weiyang had asked Lin Haoran this question many times.

It was so much so that her heart almost jumped out of her chest. So much so that… even if Lin Haoran was absent-minded, she was still a little sensitive.

He turned around and looked at Bai Weiyang seriously.

In fact, Bai Weiyang was indeed pretty. The Bai family’s genes had always been very good, and she was also outstanding enough to enter the Empire’s first academy one year earlier with excellent results.

Back then, she was the Galactic Alliance Exam’s top scorer. She was only thirty points away from full marks!

Moreover, Bai Weiyang still loved him so much that she had even given herself to him…

Lin Haoran thought that this Bai Weiyang was indeed enough to be his wife.

Therefore, he really did not need to hesitate anymore.

Although… Lin Haoran knew that there was another person living in his heart. That person was very beautiful and outstanding, and every time he faced her, she was like a thorny rose, stinging Lin Haoran very much. However, it was also unforgettable.

He lowered his eyes slightly and sighed softly.

Perhaps this was love.

But, what was the use of love?

At any moment, Lin Haoran still clearly knew what he wanted.

He raised his head again, and his eyes were clear. He looked at Bai Weiyang and slightly curled the corners of his lips, smiling gently.

“Weiyang, I’m fine. Perhaps I’ve been too busy these past few days and didn’t rest well.” As he spoke, he calmly pressed his fingerprint and signed.

When the two of them came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Bai Weiyang’s heart was completely at ease. She had finally become Haoran’s wife. With the marriage certificate, no matter what happened, she would no longer be afraid!

Thinking of this, Bai Weiyang directly hugged Lin Haoran’s arm and leaned against his body. Her face was filled with happiness.

“Haoran, we’re finally married.”

“Yes, that’s right.” Lin Haoran could not tell if his heart had settled down or if he felt a little empty. However, the smile on his face was flawless, and he was extremely gentle and considerate.

Coupled with his refined appearance, many of the females stopped in their tracks.

Lin Haoran patted Bai Weiyang’s hand and said gently, “Weiyang, you should go home early today to rest. There will definitely be a lot of things to do at the wedding tomorrow. I’m worried that you’ll be tired.”

Bai Weiyang listened to Lin Haoran’s gentle and considerate words and felt as if her heart was filled with honey. Although she really wanted to be with Lin Haoran today, especially since they had just received their marriage certificate, since Lin Haoran said so, she nodded obediently and said, “I’ll listen to you.”

Lin Haoran nodded in satisfaction. He indeed needed such a sensible and obedient wife.

In order to praise Bai Weiyang, Lin Haoran gently kissed Bai Weiyang’s forehead after they got into the jeep. Bai Weiyang was so happy that she lowered her eyes slightly. However, the corner of her mouth that was raised high revealed her current mood.

Just as Bai Weiyang and Lin Haoran had just gotten their certificates and left the civil affairs bureau, Gu Yan, accompanied by Lu Ye, went to the school to get her Galactic Alliance Examination report card.

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